Best Shows On Stan In Australia [Updated 2022]

Last updated: December 29, 2022

Stan was originally established as StreamCo Media, a collaboration between Nine EntertainmentCo. and Fairfax Media. In August 2014, each company invested $50 million in StreamCo. However, currently, the streaming service is solely owned by the Nine Digital Service and is among one of the most preferred platforms among Aussies. 

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List of the Best Shows on Stan



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The series focuses on a middle-class family, working every day to survive every day. Tai and Mana, two brilliant rugby players are being trained by their step-father and coach Vince. Head High is undoubtedly the best show on Stan.



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 This Way Up is included in the best shows of Stan. As an adult, the most we are concerned about is happiness, but how do you tackle things that keep getting in your way to a happy life? This way up is a show you can relate to as the protagonist of the show is going through similar obstacles as you and me. After having an episode of a panic attack, Aine tries her best to get her life together one day at a time. This is a popular sitcom amongst adults due to its relatable storyline.  



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Starring none other than everybody’s favourite Christopher Eccleston popularly known for his role in hit TV series, Doctor Who, Safe house is a thriller TV series that manages to keep you glued to the couch. Revolving around a couple, the story progresses as they decide to turn their guest house into a police safe house. Things soon start going south as the male lead starts questioning things. Being a former detective, Robert has a keen eye for suspicious things and his curious attitude is not fitting right with ones keeping an evil secret. Safe House is without a doubt a worthy mention in the list of shows on Stan.



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Brave and fearless Clarice is haunted by her family’s secret all her life and in a vain attempt at a peaceful life, she decides to move back to the sector. Clarice’s bravery is the reason she attracts trouble almost everywhere she goes and this time is no different. Her complex and twisted mind intertwined with her do-or-die attitude is a lethal combination and a treat to watch if you are looking for new shows on Stan.  



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The list of shows on Stan is very wide. The few best shows on Stan also contain The drowning. A mother who lost her son nine years ago accidentally spots a boy who looks just like her missing son. Her motherhood is in question when she sets on a journey to track the boy down and invites a world of trouble. 



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Bridge and Tunnel is a Tv Show on Stan that focuses on a group of enthusiastic college graduates all set to make something of their lives in the dream city of Manhattan. What’s the problem? Well, all of them can’t really seem to let go of their old town ways and frequently find themselves in trouble due to their humble roots. 

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The best tv shows on Stan contain Girls 5eva. A modern twist to the girl gang concept, Girls5eva revolves around a group of five women who were quite popular back in the ’90s. They get together once again to give their former pop dreams one more chance. Only difference? Their entire life! Restarting where they left off but with all sorts of adulting troubles, kids, loans, and health issues are not going to be easy. Join this girl gang on their journey to follow their passion.



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A funny yet heartwarming show about the paramedics and their tough lives, Blood is a great series to watch on Stan. We rarely get to see movies or series based on the lives of paramedics and this series sure is a treat to watch. Revolving around a tightly wound guy, Maleek, and an outspoken, very friendly divorced woman named Wendy. When paired together to manage the endless charade of emergency pleas, disregarding their safety to save other’s lives, the otherwise misfit pair seems to be each other’s only hope for survival. If you’re wondering what shows are on Stan, you must give this lighthearted and lovable show a try.



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The tv shows on Stan also include RuPaul’s drag race down under. Set in a reality TV-like plot, RuPaul himself hosts this series. Iconic drag queens from back in the days compete against each other to be crowned as the ultimate Down Under Drag Queen. Anticipate fabulous fashion, brassbound one-liners, and a little bit of drama from the competitions as they fight it out to be crowned the ultimate queen.



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A popular American sitcom loosely set around the novel of the same name, this series is not only hilarious but also quite heartwarming at times. The protagonist fakes her identity to seem younger and eventually gets the job she was eyeing for. But for how long will she be able to pull this life of deception?



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 After ten years in prison, Bumpy Johnson, the leader of this show is filled with vengeance when he sees his territory being ruled by someone else. Once the greatly feared gangster of that neighborhood, Bumpy is hardly in anybody’s memories anymore. But will he leave it at that or will he fight back and take what’s his? Join Forest Whitaker on this fascinating journey of crime and revenge in one of the top shows on Stan.                                  



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People often talk about how grand the Roman empire was but rarely any spotlight is shed on the empresses. Being born in an empire ruled solely by men and then going on to becoming the Roman empire’s one of the most renowned empresses, this series is the story of Livia Drusilla. The fascinating storyline and impeccable acting of this show will open your eyes to a brand new concept of feminism. Learn more about this influential leader and empress on this beautiful show on stan.  



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The first season stars Riley Kneough as Christine Reade, a law student intern who also works as a high-end escort. The very first season including 13 episodes premiered on the 10th of 2016, and all episodes were made available on Starz On public Demand. On 1st August 2016, Starz renewed the series for a second season including 14 episodes this time. The second season premiered on November 5, 2017. Focusing on the storyline and new characters, with the return of Seimetz and Kerrigan in July 2019. The 3rd season was renewed by Starz for a 10-episode series that premiered on May 2, 2021.



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Being married to a billionaire is all fun and games until you realize how violated you are in your own space. The lead of the show is married to a tech-savvy billionaire who is no less than obsessed with her. She frequently finds herself being suffocated and violated in this marriage and finally decides to make a run for it. Little did she know her brain is eternally bound to her husband as he has planted a chip in her. The man conveniently tracks her every move as she actively tries to gain some freedom. Made for love is definitely one of the most twisted yet good shows on stan.



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The best shows to watch on Stan include Everything’s Gonna Be Ok. Could you imagine a twenty-something guy sailing through parenthood? Of course not! Nicholas is a typical young adult whose life’s troubles are his biggest problems, little did he care about anything or anyone else. When he visits his father and his half-sisters, Nicholas is faced with a world of trouble with his father’s untimely death. Being the only adult in the family, will Nicholas rise to the occasion or be a runaway?



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This is a three-part documentary by Karam Gill that focuses on the sudden popularity of hip-hop legend Tekashi 6ix9ine. It is a popular saying in showbiz, any kind of publicity is good publicity. Apparently, this star took it too seriously and is actually profoundly known for his infamy. If you are interested in documentaries, this one is a must-watch. 



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This popular drama is based in the post world war II world. Set during the beginning of the Cold War, insight official Captain Callum Ferguson is entrusted with persuading a captured German researcher, Dieter, to share specialized data. With public safety in danger, the British RAF are enthused about fostering the stream motor as an issue of criticalness and just the adversary can help. The best shows of Stan also contain Close to the enemy.



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Do you know what happens when two people, brilliant in their respective fields, form an alliance to take down a mob? City on a hill is a series revolving around an unlikely alliance between an attorney and corruption accused CBI veteran. They vow to take down the well-armed gang of Charlestown responsible for all the car robberies in the neighborhood. City on a hill surely makes its way to the list of great TV shows on Stan.



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Loosely based on true events, this crime drama revolves around a newbie crime profiler, recently graduated from the FBI and a falsely accused security guard who apparently saved many lives but was later framed in the same scene as the bomber. In the event of a deadly terrorist attack during the Olympic games in Atlanta in the year 1996, the vigilant security guard discovers a bomb and by alerting the authorities in time, he saves many people from a horrible fate. He quickly became the nation’s hero but life has something entirely different for him in the store. He is wrongly framed in the attack and was labeled as the terrorist while the real attacker was out there carrying on many other bombings.                           



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Fantasy sports is a popular term these days and so a series based on it makes perfect sense. The first team is a series about three young boys, Benji, Mattie, and Jack who play as a team in a fictional soccer league. These three boys, who are otherwise a team, have three polar personalities and clashes are inevitable. The first team proves to be one of the best shows on Stan due to its immense popularity.

21. IT’S A SIN


Credit: BBC

It’s a sin is a worthy presence in the list of shows of Stan. The topic of homosexuality might be normal in today’s world but back in the 80s, it was no less than taboo. The world faced a boom of HIV AIDS cases during those times and gays were subjected to even more scrutiny than usual. The series is set in the harsh times of the 80s in the United Kingdom and revolves around a group of three gays who set out on a journey to survive and change the world’s perception about gays, one day at a time. 



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People often say bad things happen to good people and this TV series personifies that saying. Show’s protagonist, Joseph is a kind, ethical man whose life is in a complete disarray due to the recent events. He is already struggling with alcohol dependency when his ex-wife barges in and takes their only son away from him. When he sees his only hope of survival is taken away from him, Joseph breaks down much like the rest of his life. He somehow manages to move to Ireland to his sister’s house and seek comfort. Will Joseph continue to live the life of misery or will his life take a happy turn for a change? Find out more on the TV series, The virtues. 



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You’ll chortle and cry in the Aussie collection Diary Of An Uber Driver, so hold the tissues close. The plot is going like this: Against the ticking clock of drawing close fatherhood, Ben (performed via way of means of the hilarious Sam Cotton) ought to discern out what he needs to be doing even as supporting others get wherein they’re going—as yep, you guessed it, an uber driver. Fortunately for Ben, he has a revolving automobile door of quirky human behavior to trawl thru for clues.



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Search Party has had a great run so far and the newly released season four is no disappointment either. The third season ended with a visual of Dory getting kidnapped by a fan named Chip. In the latest season, it is disclosed that she was being held captive in Chip’s aunt’s basement. She is in a world of trouble as Chip tries to convince her that her friends are not good for her. While the rest of the friends have carried on with their individual lives, upon learning of Dory’s disappearance, the search party is once again back to work. Search party season four is also included in the best TV shows on Stan.

25. BUMP


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Oly, an overachiever, is met with a surprise, and not a very pleasant one. Her surprise pregnancy has her and everybody in her life in a lot of trouble. Surprise motherhood might be a trouble but it sure is a treat to watch. Watch this Aussie teenager tackle motherhood, adulthood, and family drama all by herself and of course her baby. The season has already been confirmed and Bump has been included in new shows on Stan.



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The tv shows of Stan also include Izombie. Liv, formerly a medical worker, is turned into a zombie with compelling needs for fresh human blood. To avoid causing chaos among the living, Liv takes up a job at the mortuary. She feeds on dead bodies coming in without harming the living world. This might look like an ideal setup, but soon Liv realizes that she ends up sucking in the memories of those dead bodies she chooses to feed on. Things soon started to go bad for her as she is haunted by daunting memories of the dead. 



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If you enjoyed A Knight’s Tale then you may most likely just like the nice. The design blends trendy and era-specific parts to form an unusual interpretation of the increase of Catherine the nice. stress on the word ‘interpretation,’ this retelling isn’t precisely traditionally correct however it’s diverting.

Take everything you’d expect from eighteenth Century Russian aristocracy, add further John Barleycorn, and stir during a sensible ole fashion coup



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A woman is found murdered and the links to this mishap are being traced back to 20 years. Molly, a deeply disturbed police officer is in charge of this case and she learns a little too much of her disturbing past as she dives deeper into this 20 years old mystery case. This show shoots right up on the list of top shows on Stan.

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A Tv series about two friends bound for life but hitting a crossroad upon meeting a conflict of interest. Nathan and Reagan have always been close pals but Reagan must choose between her friend and her loyalty to her own people when an awakening hits their small town. 



Credit: the Guardian

Deadwood is also included in the list of shows on Stan. The story revolves around the small town of Dakota, Deadwood, which became a famous attraction for people. People from all over moved to Deadwood in the hopes of turning their miserable lives around but are soon met with an unpleasant surprise. They soon realize that the town lacks any sort of law enforcement whatsoever leading to complete chaos and meltdown. Can everyone with a dream to change their lives sustain this chaos?

31. 30 ROCK


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Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This TV series revolves around the makers of another TV series. Liz Lemon is the Writing head of a sketch comedy TV series and has to deal with her pain-in-the-bottom boss every day. If that wasn’t enough, the snooty stars make her life even harder. But as they say, the show must go on, and so Liz has to bear through it all and keep the show going.  



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What’s new on Stan? The answer is The Handmaid’s tale. The plot of the story is quite heartbreaking as it is focused on a totalitarian society named Gilead. Society treats its women in unethical ways and considers them a state’s property. Soon the population starts declining and in a desperate attempt to restore the population, the women who were fertile were forced into enslavement. The protagonist of the series is a woman who is forced into sexual slavery but she is determined to break free from this oppressive society. 



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The shows on Stan include Twin peaks. This is another series revolving around a CBI investigator transferred to the small town called Twin Peaks. He’s heading the investigation of a murder case. But he soon realizes that this case is not as regular as it seems. Things start to unravel as he makes shocking discoveries and realizes nothing is how it seems to be. 



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What’s new on Stan? The Community. Before Rick and Morty had the web going off the deep end for Szechuan sauce, Dan Harmon made Community. At the point when disbarred attorney Jeff Winger is compelled to get back to junior college, he hesitantly falls in with a maverick report bunch. The arrangement began little, following the intricate details of everyday life at school, in any case, got known for its high-idea scenes that included grounds wide paintball, substitute real factors, and innumerable film references.



Credit: Women in Hollywood

Unreal is included in the best shows on Stan for a reason. While most people love to watch reality TV, not many know what goes on behind the camera. The world changes as soon as the director says cut and Unreal is the series that focuses on the afterlife of reality TV. From steamy scandals to pretentious casts, the series seems to be the unfiltered truth of reality television. 



Credit: Wired

The series focuses on a group of five individuals with nothing in common finding themselves stuck with each other for community service. With widely different personalities, they find it hard to stand each other but little did they know, they are bound for life. After an aggressive electric storm, the five of them find themselves developing superpowers. They have a hard time dealing with this sudden change in their life and an even harder time dealing with each other.  



Credit: Indie Wire

The best shows on Stan include No Activity. This series puts a fun twist on a serious drug cartel. Revolving around two cops who cannot see eye to eye on anything, two drug cartel criminals, and two drug peddlers who cannot get along even for their lives. This imbalanced pairing puts light-hearted humor into the series. 

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The best shows on Stan include Spaced. This British TV show is funny and light-hearted in every way. If you are looking for a show to binge-watch, this could be perfect. Revolving around a recently broken-up, artist, Tim, and an aspiring writer, Daisy. Things start getting real when both pair up and decide to fake a relationship so as to live in a cheap flat. But the question is, how long can they fake this relationship?



Credit: US Magazine

Hannibal Lector, a character originally written by Thomas Harris’ is now back in the limelight– and it’s not made for everyone. The plot of the show revolves around a CBI profiler, Will Graham, who is transferred to Minnesota to investigate a serial killer case. During his course of the investigation, he closely works with a forensic psychiatrist, Mr. Hannibal Lecter. He quickly befriends him as he realizes Hannibal is the only person who actually understands him. Little did he know that the man he considers his dear friend is a Cannibal. 

40. RAKE


Credit: IMDB

Rake is also included in the best shows of Stan. Revolving around a lawyer with strong, self-destructive tendencies, this series is definitely unsettling to watch at times. Cleaver is a lawyer based in Sydney and in spite of his tendencies, he fixates on taking up the most twisted cases sending him into a world of pain and self-realization. 

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