How to Watch EPL (English Premier League in Australia)

Last updated: September 2, 2021

The fun has already begun. Yes, you have guessed it correctly. The EPL (English Premier League) has kicked off in grand style on August 13, 2021.

Continue reading this guide to know how you can watch the Premier League (EPL) in Australia on multiple devices.

How to Watch the English Premier League 2021 in Australia?

Interestingly, you can rely on Optus Sport while residing in Australia to start watching all your favorite EPL teams live in action competing against each other.

If you want to subscribe to Optus Sport’s monthly package, you will pay $14.99 per month. Likewise, you can obtain its yearly plan by paying $99 per year.

Furthermore, you can subscribe to its 3-month plan at the cost of $29.99 accordingly.

However, you cannot enjoy simultaneous streams feature on the famous Australian sports streaming service.

How to subscribe to Optus Sport in Australia?

As already explained, Optus Sport is a paid streaming service. Therefore, you will have to subscribe to its monthly or yearly package depending on your budget and streaming preferences.

If you want to subscribe to Optus Sport, here is what you should do:

  • Visit the official website of Optus Sport, create an account by providing required information including email address, mobile number, and other details


This is how you can create your official account on Optus Sport and begin streaming EPL coverage on a wide range of devices straightaway.

Watch EPL in Australia through FuboTV

FuboTV is another way of Streaming EPL in Australia on a wide range of devices without any hassle. That said, the US-based cord-cutting option is an expensive one.

This is because you will have to spend $64.99 per month to obtain its monthly base plan. By doing so, you can stream all the nail-biting matches of EPL on your screens.

That said, you will again use a VPN that provides a US IP address. This way, you can watch EPL’s live broadcasts within Australian territory easily.

Watch the Premier League’s coverage via Amazon Prime Video in Australia

Apart from FuboTV, you can use your Amazon Prime Video subscription to access EPL’s broadcast in Australia instantly. Furthermore, Prime Video looks like a much cheaper option because you only have to pay £7.99 a month or £79 per year depending on your choice.

However, you can watch only 20 matches out of 380 matches of the EPL 2021 season. Therefore, Prime Video is not the right choice if you want to access the whole coverage of EPL on your preferred devices.

Watch EPL in Australia on Star Sports (Our Preferred Choice)

Luckily, you can also watch all the exciting matches of the EPL  2021 season on your preferred screens via Star Sports hassle-free. For that reason, you will need to subscribe to the Disney Plus Hotstar premium package under your budget.

This is because Star Sports is included in the list of channels offered by Disney+ Hotstar. It means you can access Star Sports via Disney + Hotstar on your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other devices accordingly and watch EPL live or on-demand straightaway.

Furthermore, the good thing about the famous Indian online streaming service is that it allows you to stream EPL’s broadcast on various devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.

Likewise, you can watch pre and post-match analysis, highlights, and players’ interviews straightaway. If you go by our logic, Disney Plus Hotstar seems to be a reliable choice when it comes to watching the Premier League 2021 season broadcast without any trouble.

That said, Disney Plus Hostar is a geo-restricted streaming service like other streaming platforms. It means you cannot access its coverage outside India.

In this situation, you will need to use a VPN within Australian territory that helps you to bypass geo-restriction hassles imposed on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Thus, you will have to subscribe to a VPN service first that offers an Indian IP address. This way, you can watch EPL in Australia on multiple devices without any difficulty.

Why is Star Sports a better option than Optus Sport in Australia?

Compared to Optus Sport, Star Sports seems to be a better option since it enables users to access live or on-demand coverage of EPL on different devices appropriately.

As discussed earlier, you will depend quite largely on Disney Plus Hotstar to stream EPL’s coverage on Star Sports. As a result, you can fulfill your EPL streaming desires a great deal.

As far as Disney+ Hotstar packages are concerned, you will need to get its premium package by paying 299 Indian rupees a month.

It means you will pay only Australian $5.50 per month to watch the Premier League on your desired devices in Australia. But again, you will need to use a VPN to overcome Disney Plus Hotstar geo-restriction issues successfully.

Similarly, you will pay 1499 Indian rupees per year to get its Premium package on yearly basis. In that case, you will spend Australian $27.50 per year.

Pricing aside, you can avail other exciting features like offline viewing and simultaneous streams accordingly. Hence, you can watch selected matches of EPL on your mobile devices via the Disney Plus Hotstar app stress-free.

Furthermore, you can access Disney Plus Hotstar live or on-demand content on two different devices at the same time. Thus, we would recommend you to go with the Disney Plus Premium package to watch all the breathtaking matches of EPL under your budget.

How to subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar in Australia?

You can follow these simple steps provided below to subscribe to Disney Plus Hotstar in Australia securely:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service (our recommended choice is ExpressVPN)
  • Choose your desired pricing package, we recommend you to go with its 12 months + 3 months free plan
  • Download the VPN app on your devices (Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS)
  • Login to your ExpressVPN account through your credentials
  • Connect to an Indian server from the list of servers
  • Open the official website of Disney Plus Hotstar, select your desired plan


  • Enter your Indian mobile number or Facebook to continue the subscription process


  • At this point, you should mention your credit card details alongside a local address to successfully complete the account creation process

How to download Disney Plus Hotstar app on Android and iOS?

Before downloading the apps on both these platforms, you will have to change your online first. As a result, you can install Disney Plus Hotstar app on Android and iOS devices accordingly.

To download and install the app on your Android device, follow these simple steps as given below:

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the app on your Android device
  • Login to your ExpressVPN account and connect to an Indian server
  • Create a new Google account and sign-in
  • Go to the official Google Play Store, search for Disney Plus Hotstar app
  • Download and install the app by completing the signup process to start watching EPL

If you want to download and install the app on your iOS device, follow these simple steps as mentioned below:

  • Change your Apple ID region to India
  • Go to Settings > Apple ID > Media and Purchases
  • Choose Country/Region and change it to India
  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN, select your desired pricing plan
  • Download the VPN app on your iOS device
  • Login to your account and connect to an Indian server
  • Go to the App Store, search for the Disney+ Hotstar app
  • Download and install the app, complete the subscription process and you are good to go

Teams participating in the Premier League 2021 season

Here is the list that includes all the teams participating in the Premier League 2021 season:

  • Chelsea
  • Crystal Palace
  • Everton
  • Fulham
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • Arsenal
  • Aston Villa
  • Brighton
  • Burnley
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield United
  • Southampton
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • West Brom
  • West Ham
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers


Through Kayo, you can watch numerous famous soccer leagues like LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and many more. However, the service only offers up to six (6) EPL replays every week.

The Premier league mainly works as an organization since it is owned and governed by 20 member clubs.

Yes EPL can be Watched on ITV.

Manchester United have won EPL 20 times, the most by any member club representing one of the greatest soccer leagues in the world. Likewise, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC, and other teams are also the proud winners of EPL.

Wrapping Up

Through our extensive guide, you can easily watch the Premier League (EPL) in Australia using your preferred online streaming option accordingly.

However, you will depend on a VPN to access EPL live or on-demand coverage within Australian territory to save a handsome amount of money.

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