How to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from Anywhere

Last updated: November 7, 2022


Winter is coming to an end, which means spring racing will soon be here. Here is all the information you need to know about how to watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from anywhere. With a VPN, you can watch the 2022 Melbourne Cup from anywhere in the world.

The Melbourne Cup is the race that everyone talks about. It has a total prize pool of $8 million, and millions of people from all over Australia tune in to watch it. Read this guide in detail to discover how you can watch the Melbourne Cup 2022 on 10Play Outside Australia.

Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from Anywhere – Quick Steps

A Virtual Private Network is required to watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from anywhere on Channel 10. Here are a few quick steps:

  • Subscribe to VPN. (ExpressVPN is the top pick).
  • Download and log in to the VPN on your streaming device.
  • Connect to any Australian server.
  • Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 on TenPlay outside Australia.

Where to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 in Australia?

Channel 10 will broadcast the 2022 Melbourne Cup. The main event and the rest of the Melbourne Cup Carnival will be shown on Channel 10. Melbourne Cup 2022 coverage will be available on which is also available via Kayo Sports and Foxtel. The Foxtel racing channels are another great place to catch the Melbourne Cup 2022.

Channel 10’s ad-supported model means no required subscription fees or long-term obligations to watch any of their shows online. All you need is the right equipment, such as a phone or an antenna for a digital TV.

But if you’re outside Australia, you’ll need a VPN subscription to watch Channel 10 shows. For channel 10, experts advise using ExpressVPN.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 Outside Australia?

The nation pauses what they’re doing on the first Tuesday of every November to watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from anywhere. It’s Australia’s biggest race day every year. But you might miss it if you aren’t in Australia.

Because of geo-restrictions placed on their streams, viewers from outside the country cannot access the content. To get Australian TV shows online, you must pretend to be physically located in the country. A VPN lets you do just that.

A VPN connection allows you to select a server in a place of your choosing. Streaming services will assume you are also in Australia by connecting to an Australian server and removing any geoblocks. You can now watch anything you want.

A VPN lets you watch what you want, no matter where you are, but that’s not all it can do. Furthermore, they ensure your privacy and security online.

Using a virtual private network (VPN) prevents hackers and other snoopers from seeing your online activity by encrypting all your data. This way, hackers and governments protect your data from snooping, who would otherwise gain access to what you’re uploading, downloading, or streaming.

How to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 without Cable?

The Melbourne Cup Race is among the most exciting events for people who bet on sports and those who like sports. The good news is that streaming services will let you watch the Melbourne Cup 2022 live.

The VRC’s Channel 10 holds the exclusive rights to stream live content. You’re lucky to have a subscription to a provider that covers Channel 10 because you can keep using what you now have.

With Kayo Sports and Foxtel’s sports package, you can watch the 2022 Melbourne Cup from start to finish. The Channel is the other option.

Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 on Kayo Sports from Anywhere – Quick Steps

To access Kayo Sports for Melbourne Cup 2022 with a VPN, follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Subscribe to VPN i-e ExpressVPN.
  • Install and sign in to the VPN.
  • Choose an Australian server (preferably Melbourne).
  • Go to the site for Kayo Sports.
  • Sign in to Kayo from outside Australia to watch Melbourne Cup 2022.

Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 on Foxtel from Anywhere – Quick Steps

Just stick to these simple instructions, and you can access Foxtel from any country in the world.

  • Join an appropriate VPN, such as ExpressVPN.
  • Install a VPN app.
  • Join the VPN application.
  • Join a server in Australia.
  • Enjoy Foxtel streaming by going to the Foxtel Go website.

What day and date is the Melbourne Cup this year?

On Tuesday, November 1st, 2022, the Melbourne Cup will be held. Except during World War II, when it was run on Saturdays, the Melbourne Cup was always played on the first Tuesday of November.

The Melbourne Cup was originally held on a Thursday, from its inception in 1861 until 1875, when the date was changed.

Where is the Melbourne Cup held?

As in years past, this year’s Melbourne Cup will run at 3 p.m. at Flemington Racecourse, roughly 6 kilometers northwest of Melbourne’s central business district.

Flemington’s most notable features are the Straight Six, a six-furlong (1,200 m) stretch that has been used since the track’s opening in 1840. Anti-clockwise races are held on a 450-meter home straight.

What is the prize money for the Melbourne Cup 2022?

There has been no sign of a change to the $8 million prize pool for the Melbourne Cup in 2022. The grand prize is $4.45 million.

You’ll collect a whopping $4.4 million if your horse wins the Melbourne Cup. One of the most coveted and illustrious sporting trophies is the Melbourne Cup trophy. The winner’s owner of the first-placed horse will get an 18-karat gold trophy.

Who won the Melbourne Cup last year in 2021?

The 2021 Melbourne Cup was achieved by Verry Elleegant, trained by Chris Waller and ridden by James McDonald. The distance of the Melbourne Cup is 3,200 yards. It is a race with handicaps for horses at least three years old, and the minimum weight for the handicap is fifty kilograms.

How do you get tickets for the Melbourne Cup?

Melbourne Cup ticket prices are flexible and may rise or fall based on the activities you choose to attend. Visit the review’s table of contents or the official Flemington Racecourse website for more specifics.

You won’t be able to buy tickets at the door on the day of the event. Visit their webpage to learn where to get tickets in your area. Melbourne Cup ticket information will be available at the gate.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from Anywhere?

If you want to watch the 2022 Melbourne Cup from anywhere, ExpressVPN is your best option. It works perfectly with Channel 10 in countries around the world. In addition, VPN traffic moves at lightning speed.

ExpressVPN has top-tier features and never stores user information. Its speed-optimized servers service more than 90 countries, so you can enjoy a consistent streaming experience no matter where you are.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from Anywhere

It works without a hitch from anywhere, making it perfect for use with streaming services like Foxtel and Channel 10. It’s quite effective in evading geographical barriers and granting access. ExpressVPN offers access to 30 servers in the United States, along with over 3000+ servers in 105 countries.


You can watch as many sports events, movies, and television shows as possible, including the Melbourne Cup 2022 when using ExpressVPN.

It is possible to hide your IP address using the IP masking function. The MediaStreamer DNS service allows you to access restricted content even if your device does not have a VPN client installed. Additionally, it deblocks TCM, give access to Ion Television, can watch IFC TV, stream Treehouse and many other additional streaming services.

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, many matches, including South Africa vs. India and England vs. Australia, will be unavailable to viewers in certain regions.

ExpressVPN has three different packages available. The first month is only $12.95. The secondary package costs $9.99 monthly. The most common subscription plan is a 12-month commitment at AU$ 10.18/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free. You may save 49% on a yearly plan and receive 3 additional months at no cost.

Melbourne Cup 2022


Channel 10, Foxtel, and Tenplay offer free live horse racing streaming of the Melbourne Cup.

The Melbourne Cup 2022 will be broadcast on Channel 10, Foxtel, and Sky channel.

Yes, Amanda Swafford is legally blind due to the condition of retinitis pigmentosa.

Sr. No. Horses Weight
1. Grand Promenade (Gb) 53 kg
2. Lunar Flare 51.5 kg
3. Daqiansweet Junior (Nz) 53 kg
4. Deauville Legend (Ire) 55 kg
5. Crystal Pegasus (Gb) 52 kg
6. Duais 55.5 kg
7. Emissary (Gb) 51.5 kg
8. Hoo Ya Mal (Gb) 53.5 kg
9. Interpretation (Ire) 50 kg
10. Loft (Ger) 55.5 kg


The most straightforward instructions on how to watch Melbourne Cup 2022 from anywhere can be found in this article. Keep in mind that using a virtual private network (VPN) will assist you in evading geo-restrictions on Channel 10, Foxtel, and Tenplay.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended because of its lightning-fast speeds and rock-solid dependability. To get started, follow our instructions.

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