How to Watch UFC 266 in Australia

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The UFC 266 in Australia is one of the best competitions you will never wish to miss in Australia. This year, there will be a fight between Aussie Alexander Volkanovski and an American Brian Ortega, regarded as the best fight of the year.

We are sure you will not want to miss this fight in Australia. What do you need to do? This blog post discusses everything on how to watch UFC 266 in Australia and anything related to it.

By the end, you will know how to watch this game and enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Without wasting further time, let’s get to the details.

What is UFC 266?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an American mixed martial arts promotion company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 1993 by Art Davie and Bruce Buffer, the organization currently holds events at various venues across the United States.

It broadcasts fights primarily on pay per view or broadcast television. Currently, UFC has over a thousand million paid subscribers throughout its linear channels and digital outlets.

How to Watch UFC 266 in Australia?

There is no need of paying or using sophisticated streaming services to enjoy UFC 266 in Australia. As a pay per view event, you can watch the UFC 266 in Australia via Kayo Sports or Foxtel.  You need to note that pay per view event doesn’t fall under standard or existing subscription but has to be purchased separately.  

Now let us look at how and where you can watch UFC 266 live streaming in Australia. There are two main ways, as detailed below.

Foxtel – Watch the Main Event

You can watch the UFC 266 on Foxtel or Foxtel Now in Australia. What do you need for this? You only require your Foxtel ID. Start by logging into your Foxtel account, head to the store and purchase the UFC 266 event.  

For residential Foxtel users, the main event is available on channel 521.  You can also use your Foxtel Now account to watch the UFC 266 Fight.  As it is with Foxtel, you only need to log in with your account and purchase the event using your Foxtel ID. It is as simple as it looks!

Stream Main Event on Kayo Sports

You already watch your favourite sports on Kayo Sports Main Event. If so, you can easily stream the UFC 266 on kayo Sports Main Event. How do you do it? If having an account on Kayo Sports, you can purchase the one-off pay per view through the Kayo app and watch the UFC 266 Fight.  

You don’t have to worry about watching the UFC Fight Night for those who don’t have a subscription to Kayo Sports. You can directly buy the event without even subscribing to Kayo Sports.  You only need to create your streaming account on Kayo Sports, pay and enjoy watching the fight. What’s more?  You can undercard the fights, enjoy the fight ads-free and live.

Also, purchasing the UFC Fight Night on Kayo Sports gives you other goodies, including access to all their channels and features for a whopping four days. That’s such a great deal for someone who only wants to watch the UFC fight Night.  You will have a chance to enjoy other sports the channel offer.

Depending on your preference and mode of subscription, Kayo Sports and Foxtel offer you the above to watch the UFC266 Fight in Australia without hustles or needing a VPN. Therefore, don’t hesitate to subscribe to any of the mentioned channels for excellent coverage.

How to Watch UFC 266 in Australia on Android and iOS devices

If you have an Android TV or any other device, you will want to watch the UFC 266 in Australia. While the above options are the best in watching the fight, you can also watch it on Android and IOS mobile devices.

Watching UFC 266 on your Android and IOS devices can be done using an app called Live TV or Kodi. Both are free apps, but they require some setup before use.

If you can’t manage to stream the main event, we will highlight some mobile apps you can use to watch the fight on your IOS or Android device.

Below are the apps you can use to watch the UFC 266 fight in Australia

Do you want to watch the fight in your mobile device? Here are some ways you can do so. 

LiveTV App Setup

To watch UFC 266 on your mobile device, download the LiveTV app from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes store. Once installed, open the app and sign in with your credentials.

You should get the screen showing all the channels currently broadcasting. Select UFC266 and press play. The stream will start playing automatically.

If you want to change the language used during playback, tap the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the player window. Choose English US and then select OK.

Press back again to return to the main menu. Now go back to UFC266 and press play. Your live streaming experience is ready!

Kodi Setup

If you already know about Kodi, then you can follow these steps to start watching UFC 266 on Kodi:

  • Download the latest version of Kodi 17 Krypton from here
  • Install the software onto your computer’s hard drive or mobile device
  • Open Kodi and log into your account
  • Browse to the folder containing the file ufc_266.mp4, select the video and click “Open”
  • Wait until the video starts playing.

Probably you had come across the details of the UFC night 266 somewhere before you got interested in watching it. This UFC 266 fight has been there for some time now, but this year seems to be the greatest of them all.

If you have been wondering how to watch this, this blog post has laid bare everything for you. 

You can stream and watch the fight on the Main event on Foxtel or Kayo Sports or stream it on mobile devices, regardless of their operating system.

Please follow the laid procedures above to avoid getting it wrong and missing the fight. It is also advisable to share the article with your friends and families to enjoy the fight. 

What’s better than catching up and talking about the fight? We hope this blog post came in handy at this time when we are waiting to watch the fight.

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