How Much Does SonyLIV Cost In Australia [2023 – Update]

Last updated: September 15, 2023

Wondering how much does SonyLIV cost in Australia?

SonlyLiv offers 4 subscription plans starting from AUD 3.71/month or (INR 199/mo), we have collected all the information that you might need.

SonyLIV is an Indian streaming platform and implies geo-restrictions on users accessing from outside the Indian region. Therefore you must use a ExpressVPN to access SonyLIV in Australia.

Apart from that, the SonyLIV subscription cost varies with the user’s choice of subscription. Australian users can easily watch all mega sports events, blockbuster films, and Live TV high-rated shows under these plans. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Venues and Stadiums will host thrilling matches and unforgettable experiences for football fans worldwide. The matches will take place in New Zealand and Australia.

What is SonyLiv Cost in Australia?

SonyLIV subscription cost depends directly on which out of three subscription options one chooses. Apart from that, SonyLIV also offers an alternative special plan called WWE Network, which has live series, events, and old WWE content for die-hard fans.

Let’s take a look at SonyLIV cost in Australia.

SonyLIV Plan Sony liv Price in Australia Ads
LIV Special AUD 3.71/mo

(INR 199/mo)

include Ads
LIV Special+ AUD 7.45/mo

(INR 399/mo)

only in Live tv
WWE Network AUD 5.58/mo

(INR 299/mo)

only in Live events and Free Preview
SonyLIV Premium AUD 18.64/year

(INR 999/year)

only in Live Sports and TV channel

Note: the amazing platform also offers a SonyLIV Subscription free availability of content to all users, including Australians. The only drawback is that it has no backup security & shows frequent ads during the streaming.

What are the Different SonyLIV Subscription Plans?

Australian & users worldwide have to choose from different subscription plans to watch hundreds of amazing content on the SonyLIV platform.

You must be wondering which is best SonyLIV subscription? don’t worry we have got you, here is a quick summary of SonyLIV subscription plans,

LIV Premium

SonyLIV Premium has monthly, semi-yearly & yearly subscription choices. It grants complete access to all content titles on the platform. From mega-successful films, live & recorded sports streaming, TV Channels, and original web series to documentaries & biographies, LIV premium provides everything.

Also, LIV premium gives the benefits of offline download & having five profiles at a time.


The plan offers content, especially for WWE fans. It provides every documentary, UEFA Champions League, past & Live WWE streamings, biographies & PPVs.

SonyLIV Premium (Mobile-Only)

The name of the plan is relatively self-explanatory. SonyLIV introduced the ‘SonyLIV Premium Mobile-Only’ subscription plan for binging content on mobile phones. It does not need any connectivity with a laptop or TV Screen.

What are the Benefits of SonyLIV Premium Subscription?


SonyLIV Premium Subscription allows users to access all the content titles available on the platform and even the chance to watch Live streams & sports matches. That too in the most feasible monthly subscription plan starting from Rs299 only. The users can also opt for a semi-yearly plan of Rs699 & yearly Rs999 payment plan.

Other benefits include original web series of best shows & trending Movies along with foreign shows that are watched & applauded worldwide. In addition, there are live WWE shows, the UEFA Champions League, impeccable kids‘ entertainment shows & a million more content choices under the premium version.

Another prime benefit also allows the users to download offline. Apart from that, one single premium subscription lets Australian users create up to 5 profiles.

Moreover, the premium version of SonyLiv is entirely ad-free except during live-streaming matches and you also get a SonyLIV free trial before getting charged for the SonyLIV cost in Australia.

Similar to SonlyLIV, there is also a premium cost for ITV Hub which you can get on multiple devices by just Signing-in.

Can I Upgrade my SonyLIV Plan?

Yes absolutely! You can upgrade the SonyLIV premium plan from the WWE network, special Liv, LIV+ to LIV Premium. You can do it by visiting the My Account or homepage. Not to forget that app store users can upgrade their ‘Mobile only’ subscription pack through web or android phones.

Apart from that, the users will have to pay the added SonyLIV subscription cost of the upgraded LIV premium plan.

Users can also upgrade to SonyLIV premium by choosing the option ‘ add-on pack’ for just AUS 1.93 or Rs100 & that too is postpaid.

What Else is Worth Watching on SonyLIV?

Here is the most popular best shows and best trending movies list that is available on SonyLIV.


Yes! You can get a SonyLIV subscription for free with a Paytm First Membership. Their subscription costs AUS 17.36/6 months and includes SonyLIV.

LIV premium offers a range of high-end benefits in just an AUS 5.77 or Rs299 monthly Subscription. You will get unlimited content, offline download & multiple screen side options.

Unfortunately No! SonyLIV does not refund the subscription amount at all. However, it does give the leverage of accessing content until the month’s end, regardless of your quitting time.

Wrapping Up!

The blog above includes all information about the SonyLIV cost in Australia. Get a better idea of the best subscription plan based on the content choices & financial exposure. If you want an uninterrupted experience you can always go for the premium plans through a VPN in Australia.

Along with this guide, we have also compiled the guide for Sling TV cost and PBS cost in Australia so that you can easily enjoy your favorites without searching too much for the price.  Remember that you can Cancel your SonyLiv Subscription if you do not wish to continue with SonyLiv. However, most subscribers end up keeping the subscriptions so you must use a ExpressVPN to access SonyLIV in Australia.

If you’re interested in sports, check out our guide for the Optus Sport cost outside Australia to enjoy your favorites at low rates.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick any premium plan & enjoy the unending content on the SonyLIV app Now!

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