How to Get BBC iPlayer on Android in Australia in 2022

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BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular video-on-demand streaming services that allow you to watch all your favorite media content in one place. The best thing about BBC iPlayer is that it offers an attractive Android app that enables you to stream TV channels, movies, and other content while traveling hassle-free.

One such example is BBC One’s police drama “The Responder” which can be streamed through BBC iPlayer. Read this post in detail if you want to discover how to get BBC iPlayer on Android in Australia in 2022.

How to get BBC iPlayer on Android in Australia – 5 easy steps

Luckily, watching BBC iPlayer on Android while residing in Australia is not a difficult task. If you want to get BBC iPlayer on your Android phones in Australia, follow these steps as described below:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service (Our recommended choice is ExpressVPN)
  2.  Download the VPN app on your Android device
  3. Sign into your ExpressVPN account using your credentials
  4. Connect to a UK server from the servers’ list
  5. Open the BBC iPlayer app, login to your account, and start watching all your favorite TV shows, movies, TV channels, and documentaries.

How a VPN unblocks BBC iPlayer on Android?

A VPN masks your actual Australian IP address with an alternate UK IP address. As a result, you can easily spoof your online location and access your favorite BBC TV channels and other media content on your Android smartphones in Australia without any hassle.

These BBC TV channels and other media content include BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, S4C, BBC Parliament, The Serpent, Pandemic 2020, Peaky Blinders, Informer, Pretty Little Liars, etc.

Best VPNs to Get BBC iPlayer on Android in Australia

When it comes to watching BBC iPlayer on Android in Australia as per your preferences, the role of a VPN comes in handy. However, not all VPNs allow you to unblock BBC iPlayer in Australia. Thus, we have curated a list of three (3) best VPN services that will help you access BBC iPlayer on your Android devices accordingly.

These VPN services include:

 1) ExpressVPN – Our #1 recommended VPN to watch BBC iPlayer on Android


ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services available in the market. The VPN provider mainly operates from the user-friendly jurisdiction, the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

If we discuss its presence in the UK, ExpressVPN offers 4 dedicated servers in different cities like London, Wembley, and Docklands. This way, you can watch famous shows on BBC iPlayer like Casualty, Call the Midwife, Silent Witness, This is My House, Between The Lines, The Terror, Doctors, Top Gears: Series 30, etc.

Apart from server locations, BVI (British Virgin Islands) based VPN service provides numerous security and privacy features to its users.

These features are network lock (internet kill switch), split tunneling, IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, 256-bit encryption, 5 simultaneous connections, etc.

If you want to use ExpressVPN in Australia, you will need to use its 12 months + 3 months free package by paying $6.67/mo  alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2) Surfshark – Cheapest VPN to watch BBC iPlayer on Android


Surfshark is another VPN service you can trust when it comes to watching BBC iPlayer in Australia. Interestingly, the service also operates from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) like ExpressVPN.

As far as Surfshark presence in the UK is concerned, it offers 3 exclusive servers in different cities. These cities are London, Manchester, and Glasgow. It means you can easily connect to any server of your choice from the servers’ list and unblock BBC iPlayer in Australia anonymously.

Consequently, you can watch some amazing TV shows such as Not Going Out, Pretty Little Liars, Normal People, Doctor Foster, Miranda, etc. on your Android devices instantly.

On the privacy and security front, Surfshark provides numerous features like an Internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, ad blocker, unlimited simultaneous connections, 256-bit encryption, whitelister, cleanweb, DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, IP leak protection, etc.

If you want to use Surfshark, you will need to pay $2.49/mo  along with a 30-day refund policy.

3) NordVPN – Reliable BBC iPlayer VPN with the highest number of UK servers


NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service that offers 440+ servers in the historic town of the UK i.e. Great Dunmow. As a result, you can connect to any UK server of NordVPN in Australia and watch a multitude of media content on your Android phones like Panorama, The Syndicate, EastEnders, Keeping Faith: Series 3, Line of Duty, Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line of Duty.

Apart from this, NordVPN offers a great mix of security and privacy features to its users like internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, 6 multi-logins, IP leak protection, OpenVPN protocol, 256- bit military-grade encryption, obfuscated servers, SmartPlay, etc.

In terms of pricing, the Panama-based VPN service provides its 2-year plan to its users at the cost of $3.49/mo along with a 30-day refund policy.

Can I watch BBC iPlayer on my Android without the app?

If you have not installed a BBC iPlayer app on your Android device, you can still watch BBC iPlayer accordingly. For that reason, you will have to visit the official website of BBC iPlayer through your Google Chrome or other web browsers.

Hence, you can watch some of the best movies of all time like The Accountant, Red Joan, I, Tonya, The Man Who Stare at Goats, True Story, etc. instantly.

BBC iPlayer app not working on Android phone – What to do?

When the BBC iPlayer app stops working on your Android phone, you should take different precautionary steps. Firstly, you should check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to see if it is working or not.

If the problem still persists, you should remove the existing app and install the app again from the UK Google Play Store. Similarly, you should enable cookies when signing into your BBC iPlayer account if you are facing issues during the sign-in process.

What Android OS version do I need to have to run BBC iPlayer?

If you want to stream BBC iPlayer on your desired Android devices, you should install the latest version of the BBC iPlayer app. That said, you must have installed the Android 5 version before downloading BBC iPlayer app. Otherwise, you will keep facing issues while using the app on your Android mobile phone.

Since August 2020, BBC iPlayer has stopped supporting the older versions of Android devices. Therefore, users who are trying to install the latest app of BBC iPlayer on their Android phones will not be able to do so.

How much mobile data does BBC iPlayer use?

As far as mobile data consumption of BBC iPlayer is concerned, it consumes 50 MB to 350 MB data per hour while watching media content including TV shows, movies, documentaries, and TV channels.

Based on the above statistics, your BBC iPlayer app will use more or less 1.5 GB of data if you watch media content on your Android mobile for up to four (4) hours.

If you want to conserve your mobile data, you should use your Wi-Fi network. This way, you can save hundreds of bucks and watch all your favorite content under your budget.

Wrapping Up

BBC iPlayer is one of the leading live and video-on-demand streaming services that help you watch a plethora of TV shows and other content. Besides, the service offers an impressive Android app that allows you to access your desired TV channels like BBC News, BBC One, BBC Three, S4C straightaway.

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