20 Best Shows On ITV Hub To Watch [Update – 2024]

Last updated: January 5, 2024

Looking for the best shows on ITV Hub to watch in Australia?

Then you’ve chosen the right article. We’ve compiled a list of the best shows to watch on ITV Hub from a wide range of genres so you can watch your favorites.

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So don’t miss our guide to have a great selection of the best shows, from real-life crime to psychological thrills. Below are the 20 best-recommended shows to watch on ITV Hub in Australia.

The Best Shows on ITV Hub to Watch in Australia

1. Holding (2022)


Writers: Dominic Treadwell-Collins Karen Cogan

Director: Kathy Burke

Cast: Conleth Hill, Pauline McLynn, Demi Isaac Oviawe

Genre: Crime,  Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.3/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Holding is the story of Sergeant PJ Collins, an Irish police officer who isolates from people and spends his days eating comfort food and doing haphazard police work.

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2. The Tower (2021–2023)


Writer: Patrick Harbinson

Director: Jim Loach

Cast: Gemma Whelan, Tahirah Sharif, Emmett J Scanian

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Number of Seasons: 2

The Tower is a drama that sees a cop and a teenage girl fall from the Tower block, leaving a 5-year-old boy and female cop wanted. This leaves the female cop wanting as she goes missing after the incident. Sarah Collins is appointed to oversee the case and find the missing cop. She aims to get to the root of the matter.

3. The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe (2022)



Writers: Chris Lang, David Leigh

Director: Richard Laxton

Cast: Eddie Marsan, Monica Dolan, Mark Stanley

Genre: Crime, Biography, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Number of Seasons: 1

This movie, inspired by true-life happenings, is based on how a prison officer faked his death to claim life insurance and escape bankruptcy. He planned with his wife to carry out this mission unknown to his sons. It is a 4-episode TV mini-series.

4. Tigger Point (2022)



Writers: Daniel Brierley

Director: Brad Turner

Cast: Vicky McClure, Warren Brown, Adrian more lost, and Kerry Godliman

Genre: Crime, Fiction

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Trigger Point is a British crime drama series with a focus on the Bomb Disposal Squad (also known as Expo), where the police officers regularly put their lives in danger and where passing away is never far away.

5. Hollington Drive (2021)



Writer: Sophie Petzal

Director: Carolina Giammetta

Cast: Ken Nwosu, Anna Maxwell Martin, Rhashan Stone, Rachael Stirling

Genre: Crime, Thriller

IMDb Rating: 5.6/10

Number of Season: 1

The plot details the lives of two sisters, Theresa and older headteacher sibling, Helen, and the disappearance of a child in suburbia. The police go on a journey to discover the disappearance’s mastermind. It is a 4-episode thriller movie.

6. Professor T (2021)



Writer: Matt Baker, Paul Piedfort, Malin-Sarah Gozin

Director: Dries Vos

Cast: Ben Miller, Emma Naomi, Barney White, Sarah Woodward

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Number of Seasons: 2

Professor T is a British Crime drama TV series about a professor of criminology with OCD who regularly calls for the help of a former professor as a consultant to help with undercover work and unravel some of the criminal activities. This is a 12-episode movie all about suspense, critical thinking, and genius stuff.

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7. The Long Call (2021)



Writers: Ann Cleeves, Kelly Jones

Director: Lee Haven Jones

Cast: Ben Aldridge, Declan Bennett, Siobhan Cullen, Julie Stevenson

Genre: Crime, Drama, Murder

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

Number of Seasons: 1

A British crime drama movie based on the 2019 novel of the same name detailing a detective’s return back home to attend his father’s funeral, where another criminal activity took place. He had to work with a partner as regards the investigation while they both battled with inner troubles. This 4-episode TV series reeks of murder, deception, and passion.

If you are a fan of the Drama genre, we recommend you also watch Hotel Portofino on ITV.

8. Finding Alice (2021)


Writers: Roger Goldby, Simon Nye, Keeley Hawes.

Director: Roger Goldby, Julie May.

Cast: Keeley Hawes, Nigel Havers, Rhashan Stone, Isabella Pappas

Genre: Comedy Drama.

IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Alice’s husband of 20 years slumps and dies after the couple moves into their dream home. Alice’s journey of grief and life after her husband’s death is shattered amidst the storm of secrets and suspicion she has been forced to leave with after her husband’s death. The 6-episode TV series reeks of comedy and drama.

You can also watch ITV popular drama such as Nolly 2023 Series.

9. Flesh and Blood (2020)



Writer: Sarah Williams.

Director: Louise Hooper

Cast: Imelda Staunton, Francesca Annis, Claudie Blakley, Russell Tovey

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

Number of Season: 1

The Plot features the story of three siblings who become disturbed when their recently widowed mother confesses her love to a new man. That wriggled scenario evolves into a web of secrets, betrayal, envy, lies, and rivalries that eventually leads to a cataclysmic murder.

10. The Larkins (2021)



Writers: H.E. Bates, Simon Nye, Abigail Wilson

Directors: Robin Sheppard, Andy De Emmony

Cast: Bradley Walsh, Tok Stephen, Sabrina Bartlett, Davina Coleman

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.

IMDb Rating: N/A

Number of Seasons: 2

Based on HF Bates’ novel, ‘The Darling Buds of May’, this TV series plots scenes solely infused with real-time love, family, delight, joy, and adventure, creating memories together.

11. No Return (2022)



Writer: Daniel Brocklehurst

Director: John Alexander

Cast: Sheridan Smith, Sian Brooke LIly Sutcliffe Murat Seven, David Mumeni

Genre: Crime, Drama.

IMDb Rating: 6.1/10

Number of Seasons: 1

A young boy, Noah on a holiday with his mum and dad went to a beach party which turned into a living hell as he was accused of sexually assaulting a boy. He was arrested and his parents, absolutely convinced that the allegations are false, tried to prove his innocence.

12. The Emily Atack Show (2020)



Writers: Emily Atack, Ben Clark, Steve Dunne, James Farmer, Hannah George

Directors: Tommy Forbes, Jeanette Goulburn

Cast: Cole Anderson-James, Holli Dempsey, Colin Hoult, Emily Atack, Amy Gledhill

Genre: Comedy

IMDb Rating: 2.7/10

Number of Seasons: 3

The Emily Attack show features Emily performing relatable comedy and humor-infused sketches and skits about life as a young woman stands up to regain control of her life. It also inspires content around hilarious reactions and impressions of well-loved celebrities. Themed in different episodes are dating, relationships, friends, family, and adulting.

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13. Stephen (2021)



Writers: Frank Cottrell Boyce, Joe Cottrell Boyce, Clive Driscoll

Director: Alick Riley

Cast: Sharlene Whyte, Steve Coogan, Jonjo O’Neil, Jay Simpson, Sian Brooke

Genre: Crime, Drama, History

IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Based on the true story of Black British teenager Stephen Lawrence, who was brutally murdered in 1993 in a racially-motivated attack while waiting at a bus stop. His family squarely focus on campaigning for justice as regards the murder of the child, but all efforts proved abortive; it looked like an effort down the drain until the conviction of the perpetrators years after.

14. Manhunt (2019)



Writer: Ed Whitmore

Director: Marc Evans

Cast: Martin Clunes, Claudie Blakley, and Stephen Wight

Genre: Politics, Drama.

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

Number of Seasons: 2

Manhunt is a British crime real-life drama where Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton is tasked with resolving the rapist case in Southeast London and later investigate the murder case of French student Amelie Delagrange.

15. Our House (2022)



Writers: Simon Ashdown , Louise Candlish

Director: Sheree Folkson

Cast: Tuppence Middleton, Martin Compston, Rupert Penry-Jones and Buket Komur

Genre: Mystery, Drama.

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Our house is a mysterious drama when Fi Lawson returns home one day and discovers that a family of strangers has moved into her home and that her husband, Bram, has vanished. As the nightmare sets in, Fi and Bram work to understand how a terrible crime came to be committed and how they will both endure the horrifying reality

16. Gordon, Gino & Fred’s Road Trip (2018)



Writers: Tom Farrelly, Ed Whitmore, Harry Bradbear.

Director: Ben Archard, Sam Campbel, Dionne Bromfield

Cast: Gordon Ramsay, Frederick Sirieix, Joel Dupuch, Luke Campbell

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Reality-TV

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Number of Seasons: 2

Gordon, Gino, and Fred packed up their camper van, and baggage and set out on an adventure journey, they visited each person’s cherished homelands. From island hopping on a catamaran to jet ski racing and shipwreck diving, there will be bromance and bickering in equal measure. It features a real-time feeling as the connection and chemistry are all visible and valid.

17. Deep Water (2019)


Writers: Paula Daly, Anna Symon

Directors: Jim Loach, Al Mackay, Harry Wootliff

Cast: Anna Friel, Rosalind Eleazar, Leo Ashton, Faye Marsay, Leo Ashton

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Deep Water is a drama TV series about 3 women who strive to make ends meet and balance life expectations detailing motherhood and family ties. Kate (Rosalind Eleazar), Roz (Sinead Keenan), and Lisa (Anna Friel) are three friends living the small-town dream: driving through rolling green hills, worrying if their children have enough possessions, and shagging each other’s husbands. The women are clearly delineated so that the viewer doesn’t get confused.

18. Butterfly (2018)


Writers: Tony Marchant

Director: Anthony Bryne

Cast: Anna Friel, Emmett J. Scanian, Callum Booth-Ford, Millie Gibson.

Genre: Drama

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Number of Seasons: 1

The Butterfly is an empathetic drama about the distorted relationship between separated parents, Vicky and Stephen, and the separation in respect to how to groom their youngest child. Max identified himself as a girl and this desire surprisingly keeps increasing. Stephen seized this opportunity to return home and probably reunite with Vicky and also create a male bond with Max but he is faced a lot of challenges.

19. Zomboat! (2019)



Writers: Adam Miller, William Hartley, Liz Doran

Director: Adam Miller

Cast: Callum Kerr, Maja Bloom, Ryan Mcken, Hamza Jeetoa, Cara Theobold, Leah Brotherhead.

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating: 7.0/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Sisters Kat and Jo embarked on a journey, and the unexpected happened, a Zombie apocalypse breakout in Birmingham, and now they must look for a way to survive. Together with unknown travel mates Sunny and Mar, they try to flee for their lives using a Canal boat. It was an intense, suspense-filled 6-episode TV series.

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20. Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure (2019)


Writers: Glen Reynolds

Director: Harvey Lilley

Cast: Judi Dench, Tony Bishop, Andrew Bryant, Matt Majors, Rod Barry, Erik Rhodes

Genre: Documentary

IMDb Rating: 8/10

Number of Seasons: 1

Judi Dench needed a perfect way to tell her story, and a series of real-time documentaries like this just fit her fiddle the best. In this movie, you will find Judi touring the Northeast of Sabah with her partner/friend. It is safe to say she is in love with nature and chooses to connect and reconnect with it. The fresh vegetation and wild adventure through the lush rainforest are the highlights of this series.

Once you are down with all the show’s recommendations, you can check out ITV movies.

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Wrapping Up!

Has been outlined in this article some of the best shows on ITV Hub to watch in Australia. ITV Hub is one of the most significant streaming platforms providing access to several shows, series, documentaries, biographies, and thrillers. However, it is not available in Australia, but you can enjoy it in Australia by following simple guidelines.

Subscribe to a premium VPN, as we recommend ExpressVPN to cross the boundaries of your location and connect to the UK server where it is available. Enjoy watching the shows we listed for you.

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