How to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV

Last updated: July 14, 2023

Hey Ozzies! Are you ready for a scorching summer filled with love, drama, and sizzling romance? Look no further and Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV! But here is a catch how? Don’t worry ! Let us guide you on how you can watch this show by using a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Love Island is a popular reality dating show that takes a group of attractive, single individuals and places them in a luxurious villa in a picturesque location. The contestants, known as “Islanders,” must couple up and navigate a series of challenges, games, and dramatic twists as they compete for love and a cash prize.

Plus, we’ll spill the beans on the exact airing date: mark your calendars for Monday, June 5th, 2023, at 8 pm. Don’t miss out on the hottest summer yet – it’s time to immerse yourself in the love and Watch ITV in Australia!

How to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV [Easy steps for Free]

To Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV, just follow these easy step:

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN to unlock access to ITV and other exclusive content like BritBox.
  2. Launch a VPN service on your own choice of device.
  3. Connect to a UK server (Dockland Yard recommended).
  4. Visit the ITV website or use the ITV Hub app to sign up
  5. You can pay for ITV and get ITV free trial. This will help you to avoid ads at no cost.
  6. Enjoy streaming Love Island UK reunion 2023 Season 10.

Note that ITV Hub subscription cost is very affordable, so you can enjoy your favorite shows. But, remember to cancel ITV Hub Subscription before the billing date if you don’t wish to continue.

When and Where can I watch Love Island UK Season 10?

The highly anticipated premiere of Love Island UK Season 10 is set to air on ITV2 at 9 pm on 5th June and will be available for streaming on the ITVX platform. The opening episode will run until 10:35 pm, introducing viewers to the new batch of Islanders and setting the stage for an exciting season ahead.

Based on the previous summer series, Love Island UK Season 10 stream is expected to span across 49 episodes, taking fans on a rollercoaster journey of love, friendships, and unexpected twists.

The season will culminate with a live final, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 30. So mark your calendars and get ready to indulge in the drama and excitement of Love Island UK Season 10, right from the comfort of your own screen.

What is the Love Island UK Season 10?

Get ready for another thrilling season of Love Island UK as it returns for its milestone tenth season. Following the winter installment, the summer season is back with a bang, bringing together a fresh group of tanned and toned twenty-somethings on a quest for love and potential fame. You don’t need to worry about finding your own date because you can join the nightly excitement as the islanders embark on their romantic journeys.

The launch show is set to premiere on June 5, and the ten contestants for Season 10 Love Island UK have already been unveiled, including Molly Marsh, daughter of a renowned soap actress, and Mitchel, a spark-seeking gas engineer from Sheffield. With the audience having a say in coupling decisions, get ready to immerse yourself in the drama, twists, and turns of Love Island UK Season 10. It’s time to light up the firepit and settle in for an unforgettable season.

Who are the Islander of Love Island Summer 2023?

Here is the information about the Summer Love Island 2023 cast or love island 2023 line up:

Ruchee Gurung (1)

  • Ruchee Gurung
  • Age: 24
  • From: Sutton
  • Occupation: Beautician
  • Instagram: @rucheewawo
  • Ruchee describes herself as a caring person and a giver in relationships. She dislikes guys with no ambition and those who wear white jeans and red trainers.

George Fensom (1)

  • George Fensom
  • Age: 24
  • From: Bedford
  • Occupation: Business development executive
  • George brings dad jokes and dad dancing to the villa. He loves meeting people who can match his banter and enjoys dancing and going out.

Catherine Agbaje (1)

  • Catherine Agbaje
  • Age: 22
  • From: Dublin
  • Occupation: Commercial real estate agent
  • Catherine is known for being chatty, always smiling, happy, and laughing. She emphasizes that her teeth are real and holds degrees in Psychology and Sociology as well as Real Estate.

Mehdi Edno (1)

  • Mehdi Edno
  • Age: 26
  • From: Bordeaux/London
  • Occupation: Communications manager
  • Mehdi woos girls by speaking French. He values a good sense of humor, someone outgoing, and up for adventures, not solely based on looks.

Molly Marsh

  • Molly Marsh
  • Age: 21
  • From: Doncaster
  • Occupation: Musical theater performer and social media creator
  • Molly prefers meeting someone in the villa rather than using dating apps. She lives on a farm with her family and loves spending time with them.

Tyrique Hyde (1)

  • Tyrique Hyde
  • Age: 24
  • From: Essex
  • Occupation: Semi-professional footballer
  • Tyrique is not afraid to go after what he wants. He is deaf in his right ear and has a tattoo symbolizing strength and power in his left ear.

Ella Thomas (1)

  • Ella Thomas
  • Age: 23
  • From: Glasgow
  • Occupation: Model
  • Ella describes herself as wifey material and has been featured in a Headie One and Burna Boy music video. She once had a small role as an extra in the movie “World War Z” and got to meet Brad Pitt.

Mitchel Taylor (1)

  • Mitchel Taylor
  • Age: 26
  • From: Sheffield
  • Occupation: Gas engineer
  • Mitchel is a gentleman who enjoys showering his partner with flowers and surprises. However, he is picky and dislikes seeing food in someone’s teeth or counting coins at the bar.

Jess Harding (1)

  • Jess Harding
  • Age: 22
  • From: London
  • Occupation: Aesthetics Practitioner
  • Jess dislikes guys who show off their money and designer clothes, and she finds it an “ick” when a boy misses the train. She believes she is a good girlfriend with a big personality and a heart of gold.

André Furtado

  • André Furtado
  • Age: 21
  • From: Dudley
  • Occupation: Business owner
  • André falls in love quickly and envisions weddings with beautiful ladies even before saying hello to them.

Who will host Love Island 2023?

Following the conclusion of the 2022 series, the highly popular TV personality Maya Jama was revealed as the host for the interim series of Love Island at the start of 2023. With her captivating presence and infectious energy, Maya is all set to make a grand return as the host of the show in June.

Where is Love Island 2023 being filmed?

Love Island 2023 is being filmed near Sant Llorenc des Cardassar, which is the location of the villa built for last year’s season of the reality dating show. This villa marks the fourth one constructed specifically for Love Island. Because of its exotic location and cast it is considered one of the best shows on ITV.

Is Anyone from Love Island UK 2022 Series 9 Still Together?

After their split, Samie and Tom became the fourth couple from Love Island’s winter 2023 season to part ways. This leaves only Kai Fagan & Sanam Harrinanan, Ron Hall & Lana Jenkins, Shaq Muhammad & Tanya Manhenga, and Will Young & Jessie Wynter are the love island uk couples still together.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for ITV to watch Love Island UK Season 10 free in Australia on ITV. With its top-notch features and unrivaled performance, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless streaming experience that bypasses geographical restrictions. Its extensive server network allows you to connect to UK servers, granting you access to ITV’s content library.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV


The Best VPN to Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV

ExpressVPN is widely regarded as the best VPN option for those wanting to watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV. Users can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, thanks to ExpressVPN’s impressive download speeds of up to 89.42 Mbps, eliminating any buffering or lag.

With an extensive server over 3000+ servers spanning 105 countries countries, including optimized servers for video streaming in the UK, ExpressVPN ensures a reliable and fast connection to access ITV’s content. With the added advantage of MediaStreamer, streaming on ITV becomes even more effortless, eliminating the requirement of installing any additional applications.

The VPN is compatible with various devices, This means you watch ITV on Roku and other devices including PS4, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and routers, providing flexibility and convenience for viewers and easily watching movies on ITV. With robust security features such as military-grade encryption and a strict no-logs policy.

ExpressVPN prioritizes user privacy and protection. By subscribing to ExpressVPN for AU$ 10/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, users can take advantage of potential savings of up to 49% on the monthly plan and an additional three months of service bundled in with a full-year sign-up.

With 24/7 live customer support available, users can rely on ExpressVPN for a seamless streaming experience of Love Island UK Season 10 on ITV.

How are fans reacting to Love Island season 10?

Fans have shown mixed reviews regarding the newest season of Love Island UK. Some were excited to binge-watch the show and see all the drama and coupling of new contestants, however, others were worried regarding the mental and physical health of the cast considering what has happened to the previous Love Island cast.

What duty of care protocols are there for Islanders in Love Island UK Summer 2023?

The mental well-being of Love Island contestants has gained significant attention due to the impact of trolling and criticism both during and after the show. These protocols entail providing access to a welfare team throughout and after the show, offering a minimum of eight therapy sessions to each contestant upon leaving, and maintaining contact with Islanders for 14 months following the series.

In response to tragic incidents, such as the suicides of former Love Islanders Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon, as well as the death of presenter Caroline Flack, ITV has implemented the duty of care protocols.

Is There a Trailer for Love Island UK Season 10?

Unfortunately, an official trailer for Love Island UK Summer Season 10 is currently unavailable. However, you can still catch a glimpse of the excitement and anticipation through the teaser on Instagram


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Love Island UK Season 10

FAQs – Watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV

Episodes of Love Island UK Season 10, typically airing on ITV2 at 9pm, will be promptly uploaded to ITV Hub once the show concludes. This means that viewers can easily catch up on the latest episodes and enjoy the drama, romance, and excitement of Love Island at their convenience, ensuring they never miss a moment of the highly anticipated reality dating series.

ExpressVPN is the top VPN for ITVX, providing fast speeds, a wide server network in the U.K., and unrivaled unblocking capabilities.

ITV is a free platform where you can enjoy a range of shows, including the Summer Season of Love Island UK, premiering on Monday 5th June 2023 at 8pm on ITVX.

Wrapping UP!

To watch Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia on ITV, the best option is to use ExpressVPN. With its extensive server network in the UK, fast speeds, and exceptional unblocking ability, ExpressVPN allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and access ITV content from anywhere in Australia.

Unlock the love and drama of Love Island UK Season 10 in Australia with ExpressVPN and dive into the captivating world of romance and excitement.

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