How To Watch Hulu On Xbox In Australia [Simple Guide]

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As you might know, Hulu is a geo-restricted online streaming service. Therefore, you cannot access its media content outside the US. If you want to watch Hulu in Australia, you will need to use a VPN service that has a US IP address. Similarly, you can stream Hulu on different devices, including Xbox accordingly.

Continue reading this guide to know how you can watch Hulu on Xbox in Australia.

How to watch Hulu on Xbox in Australia

To watch Hulu on Xbox in Australia, follow these simple steps all you need to do is follow these five steps:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service that supports Hulu. We recommend ExpressVPN as it offers 35+ servers in different cities in the US.
  • Set up the VPN on your Xbox console. You can set up a VPN on your Xbox by configuring it on your Wi-Fi router and then using the router device to protect your Xbox console. Moreover, you can install a VPN service on your Windows PC and share it with your gaming console through an Ethernet cable.
  • Fire up the VPN app and connect to a US server. This way, you can access Hulu in Australia.


  • Launch Hulu using the home screen of your Xbox, tap the Hulu icon and enter your Hulu credentials.
  • Once you sign in, you can start streaming your favorite US movies and shows in Australia

Setting up a VPN on Xbox

VPN providers have not started offering native apps for Xbox and other gaming consoles. Thus, you will have to install the VPN service on your Xbox manually. If you wish to use a VPN on your Xbox console, you can first set up a VPN on your router. By doing so, you can share your router with your Xbox.

Option #1: Configure the VPN on your router and then extend it to your Xbox

To configure the VPN on your router, you should go to settings>network> set up internet connection>use Wi-Fi>easy>preferred network name. Now, you should enter the password to successfully establish the connection. That said, your Wi-Fi must support your VPN provider. Otherwise, you cannot set up a VPN on your router device.

If you do not want to configure a VPN service on your router, you can buy pre-configured routers from VPN providers. For that reason, you will need to pay $150 to $400 to get a VPN-enable router depending on the model of the router.

Option #2: Configure the VPN on your Windows PC and then share it with your Xbox

Luckily, you can also set up a VPN service on your Windows PC and then share it with your Xbox hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to configure a VPN service on your Windows PC:

  • Install the VPN service on your computer (ExpressVPN is our preferred choice)
  • Open the ExpressVPN app on your device, login to your account, and connect to the US server from the list of servers
  • Through the Windows search bar, you can write the control panel and press enter.
  • Now you should choose network and internet>network and sharing center>change adapter settings.
  • Search for the ExpressVPN adapter, once you find it then you can right-click on it and select the properties
  • You should navigate to the Sharing tab and check ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection, press ok
  • Click on ‘select’, a private network connection drop-down
  • Select your Xbox ethernet connection and press the Xbox button from your console
  • Tap the ‘RB’ button thrice and select ‘settings’
  • Now open the network tab>network settings
  • Choose ‘test network connection’ to see if the VPN service is connected or not
  • At this point, you can open the Hulu app on your Xbox and start streaming a multitude of shows (for instance, Dollface Season 2) and movies straightaway

Why do you need a VPN to watch Hulu on Xbox in Australia?

A VPN masks your original IP address through another IP address. Hence, you can access numerous geo-restricted services from anywhere. For instance, you can use a VPN service that offers a US IP address. As a result, you can easily unblock Hulu on Xbox in Australia without any issues.

Why do we recommend ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services available out there. Apart from this, the service mainly works from a user-friendly jurisdiction, i.e. BVI (British Virgin Islands), and provides 3000+ servers in 90+ countries, including the US worldwide.

If you want to stream Hulu on Xbox while residing in Australia, you can easily connect to its US servers and unblock the popular video-on-demand service. This way, you can securely start watching exclusive Hulu media content, including movies and shows. This VPN lets you watch Foxtel Go on Chromecast and BT Sport on firestick with its impressible features.

If you want to use ExpressVPN, you can subscribe to its 12 months + 3 months free plan by paying AU$10.2/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)  alongside a 30-day money-back guarantee making it one of the best riskless trial VPNs in the market. Apart from Xbox, you can also stream Hulu on Discord.

Other VPNs for watching Hulu on Xbox in Australia

Apart from ExpressVPN, you can consider using other VPNs that let you stream Hulu on your desired gaming console i.e. Xbox. These VPN services are:



Surfshark also operates from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and provides 3200+ servers in 65 countries including the US across the globe. It means you can easily connect to your preferred US servers and unblock Hulu on Xbox while residing in Australia.

If you want to use Surfshark, you will pay AU$3.81/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)  to get its 2-yearn + 2 months free subscription plan along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.



NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service that provides 5000+ servers in 55+ countries including the US worldwide. Interestingly, you can connect to its US servers to unblock Hulu on Xbox in Australia hassle-free.

With the NordVPN features, you can get US Netflix on Mac as well as Netflix on Android in Australia easily.

If you are willing to use NordVPN, you should subscribe to its 2-year plan by paying AU$5.34/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) , along with a decent 30-day refund policy.

What can I watch on Hulu through Xbox in Australia?

Fortunately, you can watch various Hulu award-winning and hit TV shows and the best Hulu movies on Xbox within Australian territory. Here are these TV shows and movies:

  • The Great
  • Mandibles
  • Queens
  • Taste the Nation With Padma Lakshmi
  • Please Like Me
  • Castle
  • Casual
  • Superstore
  • Booksmart


In case you want to stream Hulu in Australia, you will need to use a VPN service that has a US IP address.

Yes, Xbox supports Hulu as you can download and install the Hulu app on your Xbox gaming console from Microsoft Store.

Wrapping Up

Through our exclusive guide, you can now watch Hulu on Xbox in Australia as per your streaming needs trouble-free. Moreover, you can watch popular Hulu shows and movies like Accused on Hulu in Australia or Deadly Women: Season 14 on Hulu in Australia.

Moreover, the cost of Hulu is quite minimal and you can easily subscribe to any of its bundles with ESPN and Disney to enjoy your favourites.

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