Best Paramount Plus Australia Movies in 2022 [April Updated List]

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Paramount Plus is a streaming service that replaced CBS’s old streaming platform CBS All Access which began in 2014.

On Paramount Plus, you may watch live sports and news as well as on-demand series and movies, including originals, from holding company Paramount Global brands such as CBS, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and Paramount Network, as well as the Paramount Pictures movie studio. Not only this, but you can easily access US Paramount Plus in Australia with easy guidance.

There are also over a dozen live channels that show handpicked material 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The name Paramount contains a large library of about 2500+ movies, and it also contains works from the Miramax and MGM archives. They’ve also promised a more comprehensive original lineup than at launch.

Note: Though Paramount Plus is available in Australia, most of its content is only available in the US due to geo-restrictions. By using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can access any regional content library you want from Australia.

30 Best Movies to Watch on Paramount Plus

Following are the best 30 movies Paramount Plus Australia movies that you can watch today.

Black Rain

Black Rain

Ridley Scott directed Michael Douglas in this drama about two NYPD cops who become pulled further into the Japanese criminal underworld after arresting a famous Yakuza member.

Despite conflicting reviews at the time, Scott’s skill has allowed for a reconsideration of this beautifully photographed film, shot by the legendary Jan de Bont. It also boasts fantastic Hans Zimmer music.

Director: Ridley Scott

Production House: Craig Bolotin, Warren Lewis

Cast: Michael Douglas, Ken Takakura, Andy Garcia, Kate Capshaw


Black Rain is an action movie. Let’s have a look at its plot.

Casualties of War

Casualties of War

Brian De Palma’s 1989 dramatization of a brutal actual episode from the Vietnam War, in which a lady was kidnapped, sexually abused, and killed by US forces, was among the most controversial and largest pictures.

Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn starred in the film, which depicted the atrocities that humanity may commit in conflict.

Director: Brian De Palma

Production House: Daniel Lang, David Rabe

Cast: Michael J. Fox, Don Harvey, Sean Penn, John C. Reilly


Casualties of War is a crime drama movie. Let’s have a glimpse at its plot.

Devil in Blue Dress

Devil in Blue Dress

Denzel Washington plays a WWII veteran that relocates to Los Angeles to establish a new profession as a private investigator in Devil in a Blue Dress. As is typical of PIs in this type, the guy becomes engaged in a convoluted murder case.

Carl Franklin utilizes his film’s detective tale as a launching pad to investigate the racial environment of 1940s America, adding his own twist to very well noir plotlines.

Philip Marlowe undoubtedly had his share of adversity, but he had the advantage of never being evaluated solely because of his skin tone. With a scene-stealing performance from Don Cheadle, Devil in a Blue Dress is a fascinating spin on the film noir formula.

You can also check out our list of best shows on Paramount Plus Australia.

Director: Carl Franklin

Production House: Walter Mosley, Carl Franklin

Cast: Denzel Washington, Jennifer Beals, Don Cheadle, Tom Sizemore


Devil in Blue Dress is a crime movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton’s most personal movie, a magnificent 1990 fairytale starring Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp, came as the greatest success of his career (Batman). Depp plays the title character, a take on the Frankenstein myth of an outcast with a golden heart. Edward Scissorhands is among the movies that really established the Burton style (and the type of movie his admirers wish he’d produce again), with a huge heart to balance its darker themes.

Director: Tim Burton

Production House: Tim Burton, Caroline Thompson

Cast: Johnny Depp, Dianne Wiest, Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall


Let’s have a look at the trailer of Edward Scissorhands.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Anyone who has ever driven through traffic on their drive home on holidays for Thanksgiving may relate to this John Hughes story—though hopefully, you haven’t had to deal with the overwhelming amount of transportation disasters (not to mention some inadvertent spooning) that  Del Griffith and Neal Page go through.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles place a petulant Steve Martin against the usually witty John Candy on their way home for the holidays. Because of the effects of weather and time, they find up travelling together, which has terrible consequences. Of usual, nothing goes as expected as Thanksgiving approaches.

Director: John Hughes

Production House: John Hughes

Cast: Steve Martin, Laila Robins, John Candy, Michael McKean


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is a comedy-drama movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

Finding Yingying

Finding Yingying

Jiayan Shi created and produced this devastating documentary about Yingying Zhang’s abduction and death in 2017. Shi had unique access to the narrative since she knew Yingying, and as a result, her film has an astonishing you-are-there aspect as Shi shows the investigation and sadness that would result from this heinous act. Other large streamers could overlook smaller productions like this, so kudos goes to Paramount Plus for presenting them to its customers.

Director: Jiayan ‘Jenny’ Shi

Production House: Kartemquin Films

Cast: Diane Moy Quon, Sheila Nevins, Mark Mitten, Jolene Pinder


Finding Yingying is a documentary. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

The Foot Fist Way

The Foot Fist Way

Danny McBride made his impact with The Foot Fist Way before The Righteous Gemstones, Kenny Powers, and even his appearance in Hot Rod.  McBride introduced us to a Taekwondo teacher in a small Southern town with a tremendous ego and an anger problem, Fred Simmons, along with his long-time colleague Jody Hill and co-writer Ben Best.

Consider Fred to be the proto-Kenny Powers, with McBride dipping into the same well of toxic masculinity and tremendous confidence, offset by insecurity and an undiagnosed melancholy. The Foot Fist Way isn’t as sophisticated or strong as McBride and Hill’s later HBO programs, but it’s nonetheless a humorous character study with a sharp eye for location and a grasp of the modern South infrequently seen in movies.

Director: Jody Hill

Production House: Ben Best, Danny McBride, Jody Hill

Cast: Danny McBride, Ben Best, Mary Jane Bostic, Spencer Moreno


Let’s have a look at the trailer of The Foot Fist Way to see what it has got to offer.



2022 got off to a great start thanks to Jackass Forever. You can now go ahead and watch the entire series on Paramount Plus (Even the “alternative” ones, such as Jackass 3.5.)  Return to the days of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and the other hazardous idiots.

These films are frequently chastised for being stupid, but it’s a delightful, contagious type of stupid that desires nothing but to make you laugh.

Director: Jeff Tremaine

Production House: Eric André, Spike Jonze, Colton Dunn, Bam Margera

Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey


Jackass is a comedy movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

Ordinary People

Ordinary People

This 1980 drama has been unfairly maligned by history since it won Best Movie but it is a finer film than its reputation suggests, a sympathetic family epic about pain and sadness. Judd Hirsch, Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland, and Timothy Hutton feature in this axe picture, which also earned Robert Redford an Oscar for Best Director.

Director: Robert Redford

Production House: Judith Guest, Nancy Dowd, Alvin Sargent

Cast: Donald Sutherland, Judd Hirsch, Mary Tyler Moore, M. Emmet Walsh


Let’s have a look at the trailer of Ordinary People.

The Ring

The Ring

The Ring, perhaps the greatest entry in Hollywood’s drive to remake every major Japanese horror film for American audiences in the 2000s, remains a disturbing and unnerving piece of entertainment.

The narrative, which revolves on a cursed VHS tape, is already fairly antiquated, but Naomi Watts’ lead performance and Samara the ghost’s fear factor remain. It also demonstrates that a PG-13 rating does not mean the end of terror.

The Ring Two, a mediocre 2005 sequel, is also available on Paramount Plus.

Director: Gore Verbinski

Production House: Ehren Kruger, Hiroshi Takahashi, Kôji Suzuki

Cast: Naomi Watts, David Dorfman, Martin Henderson, Brian Cox


The Ring is a horror movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity

The Paranormal Activity series may not have the finest reputation, but the first film is nevertheless a powerful and innovative limited-budget thriller that touches on modern technology’s pervasive voyeurism. The 2009 film had a major impact, launching a wave of “found footage” fear as well as a younger generation of horror films themed on demonic possession.

Seven sequels and spin-offs of Paranormal Activity are also accessible on Paramount Plus.

Director: Tod Williams

Production House: Michael R. Perry, Tom Pabst, Christopher Landon

Cast: David Bierend, Molly Ephraim, Brian Boland, Katie Featherston


Let’s have a look at the trailer of Paranormal Activity.



When his jet experiences a technical problem that threatens to end the flight, pilot William “Whip” Whitaker pulls off a remarkable landing that saves everyone on board. Initially lauded as a hero, his gallantry is put into doubt as an inquiry following the incident discloses fresh circumstances.

Denzel Washington was nominated for an Academy Award for his outstanding performance as a flawed and multifaceted guy in this drama. Flight is a satisfying and fascinating film. Just don’t watch it on a plane, please. That would be a foolish thing to do.

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Production House: John Gatins

Cast: Nadine Velazquez, Carter Cabassa, Denzel Washington, Adam C. Edwards


Let’s have a look at the trailer of  Flight.

Fight Club

Fight Club

Another very significant film featured on Paramount Plus is David Fincher’s thriller Fight Club. Fight Club stars, Edward Norton, as a disgruntled guy who gets drawn into an undercover fighting circle by Brad Pitt’s charismatic Tyler Durden.

Fight Club’s convoluted meaning and profound story twists keep it a contentious and much-discussed picture over 20 years later, and one of the greatest films on Paramount Plus.

Director: David Fincher

Production House: Chuck Palahniuk, Jim Uhls

Cast: Edward Norton, Meat Loaf, Brad Pitt, Zach Grenier


Let’s have a look at the trailer of Fight Club.

Revolutionary Road

Revolutionary Road

This adaptation of Richard Yates’ 1961 novel of the exact same title by Sam Mendes reunited Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in a totally different type of drama. The two Oscar recipients play a couple in the mid-1950s who are going through a divorce.

It received three nominations for Oscar, including one for Michael Shannon’s outstanding supporting performance.

Director: Sam Mendes

Production House: Justin Haythe, Richard Yates

Cast: Kate Winslet, Christopher Fitzgerald, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonathan Roumie


Revolutionary Road is a romance drama movie. Let’s have a look at its plot.



Ava DuVernay made the finest picture ever of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, which is performed beautifully by David Oyelowo. Selma centers on the 1965 walk from Selma to Montgomery to fight voting rights concerns. Who could have predicted how relevant this conflict would be in the 2020s?

The film by Ava DuVernay is much better now than it was when it was first released.

Director: Ava DuVernay

Production House: Paul Webb

Cast: David Oyelowo, Jim France, Carmen Ejogo, Oprah Winfrey


Let’s have a look at the trailer of Selma.



This isn’t your typical extraterrestrial movie. Arrival is a gloomy, complicated science fiction movie in which 12 alien ships arrive across the world… and then wait Countries race to establish contact and extract significance from the presence of aliens.

Amy Adams plays Louise Banks, a linguist tasked with studying the alien’s language from their United States parking spot in Montana. The more she learns about the visitors’ goals, the more her vision of the world around her shifts.

Arrival is a beautiful and existential film that juxtaposes high-concept philosophical concerns with panoramic vistas of the Montana plains. It’s tense, provocative, and atmospheric – a successful formula for science fiction. And, it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Amy Adams is on top of her game in this film.

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Production House: Eric Heisserer, Ted Chiang

Cast: Amy Adams, Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner, Michael Stuhlbarg


Arrival is a science fiction movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.



Election, Alexander Payne’s second feature film, is about a shockingly vicious election for president of the student council at a Nebraska high school. Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) appears to be the most probable candidate.

But civics instructor Jim McAllister learns to loathe her superficially kind but covertly devious conduct and sets out to drag her down, resorting to immoral measures in the process.

Election is a pretty dark comedy, but it’s also amusing and thought-provoking, and it’s one of the finest movies on PBS.

Director: Alexander Payne

Production House:  Tom Perrotta, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor

Cast: Matthew Broderick, Chris Klein, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Campbell


Election is a comedy movie. Let’s have a look at its plot.

Terms of Endearment

terms of endearment

It’s difficult to overestimate the impact of James L. Brooks’ drama in 1983.  After a December release, not only would it earn a fortune (nearly $100 million on a budget of less than 10% of that), but it would also go on to receive five Oscars, including Best Picture and Director, for Jack Nicholson and Shirley MacLaine.

It’s one of the most celebrated films of the 1980s in many respects, a picture that touched into something visceral and real, owing in large part to a wonderfully brilliant cast.

Director: James L. Brooks

Production House: Larry McMurtry, James L. Brooks

Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Debra Winger,


Terms of Endearment is a comedy-drama. Let’s have a look at its trailer to see what it has got to offer.



Hugo Cabret lives alone at a Paris railway station, attempting to unravel secrets left behind by his deceased father, including a robot that is capable of writing with a pen.

Hugo befriends Isabelle through their mutual hunger for adventure, which leads them to her godfather’s background and love of movies — slowly but steadily putting out what binds them all together. Nothing like getting the kids into Martin Scorsese!

Director: Martin Scorsese

Production House: John Logan, Brian Selznick

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chloë Grace Moretz


Hugo is an adventure drama film. Let’s have a glimpse at its trailer.

Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World

It’s hard to think Garth and Wayne and Garth left their cellar and made the leap to the big screen three decades ago. The sequel is often streamed, while the more adored 1992 original is more difficult to find. To determine if you’re worthy of watching it while you still can.

Director: Penelope Spheeris

Production House: Mike Myers, Terry Turner, Bonnie Turner

Cast: Mike Myers, Rob Lowe, Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere


Wayne’s World is a comedy movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer to see what it has got to show.


Daniel Craig

The 23rd James Bond film is also regarded as one of the greatest. This is Daniel Craig’s third picture as the world’s most renowned spy, and it plays as a much more complicated film than other 007 action films, owing to serious directing from Sam Mendes and stunning photography from Richard Deakins.

Watch it before concluding Craig’s journey with No Time for Die.

Director: Sam Mendes

Production House: Neal Purvis, John Logan, Robert Wade

Cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes


Skyfall is an action thriller movie. Let’s have a look at its plot.

Minority Report

Minority Report

All of the finest science-fiction films are based on writings by Philip K. Dick. The mind-bending thriller Minority Report was released in 2002, following Blade Runner and Total Recall.

The year is 2054, and USA has won the fight on crime by introducing the “Precrime” program, which uses predictive technology to catch offenders before they do their predicted crime. Officer John Anderton is a firm believer in the authority of his unit, till his name comes on a list of suspects in an anticipated murder.

Minority Report, directed by Steven Spielberg, is a complicated science fiction narrative, a riveting action thriller, and a thrilling mystery film all rolled into one.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Production House: Philip K. Dick, Scott Frank, Jon Cohen

Cast: Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Samantha Morton, Colin Farrell


It is a crime mystery movie filled with action. Let’s have a look at its trailer.



We get to watch the emergence of a contemporary capitalist economy from the ground up in Ascension. The MTV documentary film 2021 follows the quest for the Chinese dream through a society of 3 billion members that bursts into a riot of social stratification after allowing controlled capitalism that promotes innovation and productivity over everything.

This encompasses civic liberties such as freedom of expression, press, and others.

Director: Jessica Kingdon

Production House: Jessica Kingdon, Nathan Truesdell

Cast: N/A


Ascension is an MTV documentary film. Let’s have a glimpse at its trailer.



Bumblebee is a Transformers film, however, it is a condensed version of Michael Bay’s five previous films. Bumblebee, directed by Travis Knight, is an 80s spin-off and precursor to Bay’s movie that follows the narrative of a young adolescent and a guardian robot.

B-127 (Bumblebee) is found battle-scarred and damaged in a junkyard in a tiny California beach town by Charlie Watson. The film has been hailed as one of the finest Transformers flicks, with excellent humor and characters.

Director: Travis Knight

Production House: Christina Hodson

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Drucker, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr.


Bumblebee is an adventure Sci-fi movie. Let’s have a glimpse at its trailer.



Interstellar is a film about a group of explorers who risk their lives to save civilization by journeying through a heated hole. With the world ravaged by droughts, famines, and natural calamities, a crew of astronauts is humanity’s final chance.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Production House: Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway


Let’s have a look at this Sci-fi movie.



Alex Garland is an amazing director and Annihilation is among his greatest releases. It’s about an expedition team of linguists, biologists, psychiatrists, and surveyors who go on a rescue mission to an environmental catastrophe zone.

What they discover, however, astounds them all since the rules of nature do not apply in the strange zone. Annihilation is a fantastic sci-fi film with a unique twist that expertly explores new territory.

Director: Alex Garland

Production House: Alex Garland, Jeff VanderMeer

Cast: Natalie Portman, Sonoya Mizuno, Benedict Wong, David Gyasi


Let’s have a look at the plot of this amazing horror movie.

The Conversation

The Conversation

A single word can sometimes mean the difference between death and life.

No one knows this more than surveillance specialist Harry Caul, who has been recruited to record a couple’s chat as they walk through a San Francisco park. Harry, a neurotic and lonely man by nature, gets fascinated with figuring out who these person are, what they just said, and what they meant by that.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Production House: Francis Ford Coppola

Cast: Gene Hackman, Frederic Forrest, Allen Garfield, John Cazale, Cindy Williams


The Conversation is a mystery drama movie. Let’s see what it holds.

Saint Maud

Saint Maud

Rose Glass, the director, started her career as a director with this fascinating psychological horror-thriller in 2020. Maud is a religious young nurse that is obsessively committed to God in a run-down beach town. Maud is appointed as a personal hospice nurse for dying artist Amanda, and she discovers a dark fascination for her patient’s thirst for life, drink, and Sapphic sex.

Their turbulent friendship is charged with temptation and dispute, which erupts as Maud intensifies her efforts to preserve Amanda’s soul. A struggle of wills becomes surreal as visual effects and audio reflect the world through Maud’s eyes. Saint Maud is a truly addictive and unsettling experience that will leave you in frightened amazement.

It is punctuated with goosebumps-inducing violence, swaddled in a refined color palette of warmth and decay, and linked with inky sexual tension.

Director: Rose Glass

Production House: Rose Glass

Cast: Morfydd Clark, Caoilfhionn Dunne, Marcus Hutton, Jennifer Ehle


Saint Maud is a Horror movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer to see what it has to offer.

Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s Baby

Everyone who talks about the birth of heightened fear as though Midsommar and The Lighthouse were the first ones to be treated seriously must have forgotten the 1970s when films as dark and savage as Rosemary’s Baby won Oscars and made millions.

Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Ira Levin’s novel retains all of its horrifying intensity, thanks in large part to Mia Farrow’s outstanding performance, which makes Rosemary’s dilemma visceral.

Director: Roman Polanski

Production House: Roman Polanski, Ira Levin

Cast: Mia Farrow, Ruth Gordon, John Cassavetes, Sidney Blackmer, Ralph Bellamy


Rosemary’s Baby is a horror drama movie. Let’s have a glimpse at its plot.

To Catch a Thief

To Catch A Thief

To Catch a Thief, an Alfred Hitchcock classic, is a half-romance, half-suspense, whodunit set against a glittering Mediterranean setting. Cary Grant plays John Robie, a rehabilitated jewel thief who now lives a tranquil life on the French Riviera. However, when a new run of robberies places him under suspicion, he’ll have to identify the true perpetrator before accepting responsibility.

You can also check out our list of best HBO Max shows to watch in 2022.

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Production House: John Michael Hayes, David Dodge, Alec Coppel

Cast: Cary Grant, Jessie Royce Landis, Grace Kelly, John Williams, Brigitte Auber, Charles Vanel, Georgette Anys, Jean Martinelli


To Catch a Thief is a romantic thriller movie. Let’s have a look at its trailer.

How to Watch the Best Movies on US Paramount Plus in Australia

Although Paramount Pus is available in Australia, you cannot access its whole catalogue of TV series and movies.

This discrepancy is due to differences in distribution licenses and streaming rights. Furthermore, due to geo-restrictions, you are unable to watch US Paramount Plus from a different country. Indeed, this is bad news for Australians!

But we have a solution to turn your misery into utter ecstasy. All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined below and you will be able to binge-watch the entire content library of US Paramount Plus in Australia.

  • Get yourself subscribed to a premium VPN service. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  • After downloading the VPN, install it on your streaming device.
  • Log in and connect to the server in the United States.
  • Go to the Paramount Plus website and sign in using your US credentials.
  • Now you can watch US Paramount Plus in Australia. Have fun streaming!

By using a VPN, you can also access other popular streaming services that are unavailable in Australia. For example, you can watch American Netflix in Australia, HBO Max, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more.


We hope this article will help you in deciding what to watch from the vast content library of Paramount Plus and how to access US Paramount Plus in Australia.

All you need is a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN which is highly recommended for its ultra-fast speed and incredible features. Connect your server to the one in the US and enjoy watching the US Paramount Plus in Australia. Happy Streaming!

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