The Best Movies On US Paramount+ To Watch In Australia [List of 2023]

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Best Movies on Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that replaced CBS’s old streaming platform CBS All Access. You may watch the Best movies on US Paramount+ on-demand and live sports and news from holding company Paramount Global brands.

These include CBS, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, and the Paramount Pictures movie studio. Not only this, but you can easily access the best TV shows on Paramount+ with easy guidance.

Over a dozen live channels also show handpicked material 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They’ve also promised a more comprehensive original lineup than at launch.

Note: Though Paramount Plus is available in Australia, most of its content is only available in the US due to geo-restrictions. Using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can access US Paramount Plus in Australia.

30 Best Movies to Watch on Paramount Plus

Paramount contains an extensive library of about 2500+ movies and works from the Miramax and MGM archives. So, choosing the best movies to watch on us paramount+ in Australia can be challenging.

Here we saved you from trouble and shortlisted the 30 Best movies on US Paramount+ you can watch in Australia today.

1. Jackass Forever (2022)


Director: Jeff Tremaine
Writer: Jason’ Wee Man’ Acuña, Derrick Beckles, J.P. Blackmon
Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Ehren McGhehey
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

2022 got off to a great start, thanks to Jackass Forever. You can now watch the entire series on Paramount Plus (Even the “alternative” ones, such as Jackass 3.5.)  Return to the days of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and the other hazardous idiots.

These films are frequently chastised for being stupid, but it’s a delightful, contagious type of stupidity that desires nothing but to make you laugh.

2. Shutter Island (2010)

shutter-island-Best movies-on-US-Paramount+

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Laeta Kalogridis, Dennis Lehane
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
Run Time: 2h 18m

In 1954, U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels was assigned to investigate the disappearance of a patient from Shutter Island Ashcliffe Hospital in Boston. He pushes his mission on the island for personal reasons.

However, he soon realized he had been brought there as part of a twisted conspiracy by the hospital’s doctors, whose treatments ranged from unethical to illegal to downright sinister.

Teddy’s shrewd investigative skills quickly lead to promising leads, but the hospital denies him access to records he suspects will help him solve the case.

3. The Lost City (2022)


Director: Adam Nee
Writer: Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe
IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
Run Time: 1h 52m

The Lost City is a 2022 American action-adventure comedy. A romance novelist Loretta Sage and her dashing cover model Alan go on tour to promote her new book.

Loretta has been kidnapped by an eccentric billionaire, hoping he can lead her to the lost treasure of an ancient city in her final story. Determined to prove that he can be a hero not only on the pages of her book but in her real life, Alan saves her.

4. Scream (2022)


Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Writer: James Vanderbilt, Guy Busick, Kevin Williamson
Cast: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette
IMDb Rating: 6.3/10
Run Time: 1h 54m

Scream 2022 will also serve as the fifth installment in the Scream franchise, hence the name Scream 5. Like the original film set 25 years ago, after a series of brutal murders rocked the sleepy town. In Woodsboro, California, a new killer has donned a Ghostface Mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to relive the secrets of the town’s murderous past.

Since its debut in 1996, the series has become known for its clever, super-funny social commentary on horror episodes and traditional twists and turns.

5. Infinite (2021)


Director: Antoine Fuqua
Writer: Ian Shorr, Todd Stein, D. Eric Maikranz
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson
IMDb Rating: 5.4/10
Run Time: 1h 46m

A sci-fi action adaptation of the novel The Reincarnationist Papers, infinite explores the concept of reincarnation. Evan McCauley mastered the skills he’s never learned and memories of places he’s never been.

When he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a secret group called Infinite comes to his aid and reveals that his memories are real.

6. Candyman (2021)


Director: Nia DaCosta
Writer: Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, Nia DaCosta
Cast: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
Run Time: 1h 31m

The film is a fresh take on the 1992 original and centered on Chicago’s Cabrini Green housing project thwarted by the terrifying myth of a crochet man, the Candyman. Anyone brave enough to say his name five times while looking in the mirror can summon him.

Eager to use these eerie details in the studio, Anthony and his partners open doors to complex pasts that turn minds upside down and unleash terrifying violence.

7. The Conversation (1974)

The Conversation

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola
Cast: Gene Hackman, Frederic Forrest, Allen Garfield, John Cazale, Cindy Williams
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
Run Time: 1h 53m

A single word can sometimes mean the difference between death and life. No one knows this more than surveillance specialist Harry Caul, recruited to record a couple’s chat as they walk through a San Francisco park.

Harry, a neurotic and lonely man by nature, gets fascinated with figuring out who these people are, what they just said, and what they meant by that.

8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)


Director: Don Siegel
Writer: Daniel Mainwaring, Jack Finney, Richard Collins
Cast: Kevin McCarthy, Dana Wynter, Larry Gates
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
Run Time: 1h 20m

Small-town family physician Kevin McCarthy returns from a trip to the suburbs to his small coastal community in California and finds things a little out of the way. Some patients suffer from paranoid delusions that their friends and relatives are impostors.

At first, he was skeptical. However, he eventually believes that something strange has happened and is determined to find out what causes the phenomenon. The movie is profoundly philosophical and frightening on a fundamental level.

9. World War Z (2013)


Director: Marc Forster
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola
Cast: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz
IMDb Rating: 7.0/10
Run Time: 1h 56m

Former United Nations field worker Jerry Lane (Brad Pitt) has retired to spend time with his family. Suddenly, a mysterious infection swept the world, turning the entire human population into aggressive zombies.

After narrowly escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to embark on a mission to investigate the disease and find answers before human civilization collapses.

10. Interstellar (2014)


Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Jonathan Nolan
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway
IMDb Rating: 8.6/10
Run Time: 2h 49m

Interstellar is a film about explorers who risk their lives to save civilization by journeying through a heated hole. With the world ravaged by droughts, famines, and natural calamities, a crew of astronauts is humanity’s final chance.

11. Jack Reacher (2012)


Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Lee Child, Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins
IMDb Rating: 7.0/10
Run Time: 2h 49m

In an ordinary town, an experienced sniper shoots five people dead in a seemingly random attack. The police quickly identified and arrested the culprit, causing a slam dunk incident. The man’s interrogation yielded a statement: Get Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise).

Reacher saw the news on his own and showed up in town. The defense was relieved, but Reacher had come to bury the guy. Shocked by the defendant’s request, Reacher set out to confirm the man’s guilt with absolute certainty but delivered more than he had anticipated.

12. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Terence Winter, Jordan Belfort
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
Run Time: 3h

The Wolf of Wall Street is an epic biographical black crime comedy based on Jordan Belfort’s 2007 memoir of the same name. It conveys Belfort’s take on his career as a stockbroker in New York City.

In the early 1990s, still in his 20s, Belfort was in Stratton, where he founded a company called Oakmont. Along with a trusty lieutenant (Jonah Hill) and a group of hilarious brokers, Belfort amasses a fortune by deceiving millions of wealthy investors. Along with his trusty lieutenant (Jonah Hill) and a fun team of brokers, Belfort made a fortune defrauding millions of wealthy investors.

However, when Belfort and his friends are in an indulgent concoction of sex, drugs, and thrills, the SEC and his FBI are closing in on his empire of excess.

13. Fences’ (2016)


Director: Denzel Washington
Writer: Terence Winter, Jordan Belfort
Cast: Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen McKinley
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
Run Time: 2h 19m

Troy Maxon lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and sons, Rose and Carrie. He earns his living as a cleaner along with his friend Jim Bono. Troy’s younger brother, Gabriel, is mentally ill after being injured during World War II.

Maxon once dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. However, he was considered too old when the major leagues started allowing black players. Now he’s taking out his frustrations on someone he loves.

14. Top Gun (1986)


Director: Tony Scott
Writer: Jim Cash, Jack Epps, Jr.Ehud Yonay
Cast: Tom Cruise, Tim Robbins, Kelly McGillis
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10
Run Time: 1h 49m

The U.S. Naval Elite Combat Weapons School students compete to be the best in their class. But there, an impulsive young pilot, Maverick, faces the best players, including his fellow student Iceman, who is brilliant and fiercely competitive. He learned a few things from a civilian instructor that were not taught in class.

The film catapulted Tom Cruise into a true movie star and became his first in a series of 25 films to gross over $200 million at the global box office (a record that remains unbroken).

15. Orphan (2009)


Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Writer: David Leslie, Johnson-McGoldrick, Alex Mace
Cast: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman
IMDb Rating: 7.0/10
Run Time: 2h 3m

The plot revolves around a couple, Kate and John Coleman, rebuilding their troubled marriage after losing their baby. They decided to adopt a 9-year-old girl. Eventually, Kate began to feel that Esther was manipulating her and possibly even traumatizing her.

She delves deeper into Esther’s story and discovers she’s not what she seems. After the list of the best movies on US Paramount+, if you want more horror movies, check out this list of the best horror movies on Netflix.

16. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (2021)


Director: Tim Hill
Writer: Tim Hill, Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger
Voice Over: Tim Hill, Clancy Brown, Bill Fagerbakke
IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
Run Time: 1h 31m

Movie the SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run” is the third feature film in the long-running TV series. It’s as silly, goofy, ridiculous, nonsensical, and downright fun as the rest of the catalog.

After Bob’s beloved snail – Gary, is killed by a slug, he and Patrick embarks on an epic adventure to the lost city of Atlantic City and brings Gary home.

17. Bumblebee (2018)


Director: Travis Knight
Writer: Christina Hodson
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Drucker, John Cena, Jorge Lendeborg Jr
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
Run Time: 1h 54m

Bumblebee is a Transformers film. However, it is a condensed version of Michael Bay’s five previous films. Bumblebee, directed by Travis Knight, is an 80s spin-off and precursor to Bay’s movie that follows the narrative of a young adolescent and a guardian robot.

B-127 (Bumblebee) is battle-scarred and damaged in a junkyard in a tiny California beach town, Charlie Watson. The film has been hailed as one of the finest Transformers flicks, with excellent humor and characters.

18. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Director: John Hughes
Writer: John Hughes
Cast: Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10
Run Time: 1h 43m

Ferris Bueller, a high schooler, wanted to take an off from school and devised an incredibly sophisticated plan to make it happen. He convinced his friend Cameron to take his father’s precious Ferrari to Chicago, along with his girlfriend, Sloan.

Meanwhile, the principal of his high school is confident that this isn’t the first-time Ferris is truant of the day and is determined to catch him.

19. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Star Trek Into Darkness

Director: J.J. Abrams
Writer: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof
Cast: Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, John Cho, Alice Eve
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
Run Time: 2h 12m

The crew of the USS Enterprise discovers an unstoppable threat within the organization that is sending our world into crisis. Needing to resolve a matter, Captain Kirk leads a search into a war-torn world.

As the heroes of our universe are drawn into an epic game of chess of life and death, love will be tested, friendships torn apart, and sacrifices must be made.

20. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Director: Jeff Fowler
Writer: Pat Casey, Josh Miller, John Whittington
Cast: Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Ben Schwartz
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
Run Time: 2h 2m

After settling in Greenhills, Sonic is ready to have more freedom, so Tom and Maddie agree to leave him home while they vacation. However, shortly after they leave, Dr. Robotnik reappears.

This time, he is accompanied by Knuckles in search of an Emerald capable of creating and destroying civilizations. Sonic teams up with his companion, Tails, to begin his journey to retrieve the Emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.

21. The Little Hours (2013)


Director: Jeff Baena
Writer: Giovanni Boccaccio, Jeff Baena
Cast: Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Kate Micucci
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Run Time: 1h 30m

A young servant fleeing from his enslaver found refuge in the sanctuary of his monastery on one condition. Pretend to be deaf. But his seductive presence inevitably upset the group of nuns who were already bored with their monotonous lives.

This is one of the Best movies on US Paramount+, which is raw and vulgar but also funny and sweet. It’s definitely not for everyone.

22. Annihilation (2018)


Director: Alex Garland
Writer: Alex Garland
Cast: Natalie Portman, Sonoya Mizuno, Benedict Wong, David Gyasi
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10
Run Time: 1h 30m

Alex Garland is a fantastic director, and Annihilation is among his most significant releases. It’s about an expedition team of linguists, biologists, psychiatrists, and surveyors who go on a rescue mission to an environmental catastrophe zone.

What they discover, however, astounds them all since the rules of nature do not apply in the strange zone. Annihilation is a fantastic sci-fi film with a unique twist that expertly explores new territory.

23. Clerks (1994)


Director: Kevin Smith
Writer: Kevin Smith
Cast: Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Marilyn Ghigliotti
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10
Run Time: 1h 32m

Dante and his buddy Randall are clerks who hate their job. When they are told to work on their day off, the two prepare for another ordinary day by immersing themselves in a tedious job. They annoyed customers, always discussing movies, goofing around, and playing hockey on the shop roof.

24. Zoolander (2001)


Director: Ben Stiller
Writer: Alex Garland
Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Christine Taylor
IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
Run Time: 1h 30m

When fellow model Hansel wins an award, Derek Zoolander’s world is turned upside down. However, the evil fashion master Mugatu hired Zoolander to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

He only has a few days to uncover the plot with the help of model Hansel and journalist Matilda Jeffries before Mugatu turns him into a murderer.

Zoolander is one of the enjoyable best movies to watch on US paramount+ in Australia. It’s funny but too superficial, like the title character.

25. Grease (1978)


Director: Randal Kleiser
Writer: Alex Garland
Cast: John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
Run Time: 1h 50m

In the summer of 1958, local Danny Zuko and Australian Sandy Olson met and fell in love while on a beach vacation. Sandy worries that she will never see him again as the summer draws to a close, but she unexpectedly discovers that they are in the same high school.

Danny is the leader of her T-Bars, a group of greasers in black leather jackets, and Sandy hangs out with a group of pink-clad girls. When they go head to head at Rydell’s first rally, Danny is no longer the Danny of the beach. Will they be able to rekindle their romance?

26. A Quiet Place (2018)


Director: John Krasinski
Writer: Bryan Woods, Scott Beck, John Krasinski
Cast: Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Millicent Simmonds
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10
Run Time: 1h 30m

A family compelled to live in silence while hiding from monsters with super-sensitive hearing. To avoid being attacked by predators, the family must find a way to communicate with each other and protect themselves from those creatures.

The movie is full of scary thrillers that will leave you restless. It has been praised for its innovative storytelling and engaging suspense.

27. A League of Their Own (1992)

A League of Their Own

Director: Penny Marshall
Writer: Kim Wilson, Kelly Candaele, Lowell Ganz
Cast: Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
Run Time: 2h 8m

A film about women’s baseball during World War II. During World War II, when all men were in the war, most of the vacancies were filled by women. Not wanting baseball to be suspended indefinitely, baseball team owners decide to make the team with women, so scouts are sent across the country in search of female players.

A scout found a fantastic woman named Hinson. He approached her and asked her to try. She wasn’t interested, but her sister Kit agreed to go with him. The scout offered that she would only come on the condition that she could bring her sister.

28. The Saint (1997)


Director: Phillip Noyce
Writer: Leslie Charteris, Jonathan Hensleigh, Wesley Strick
Cast: Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue, Rade Serbedzija
IMDb Rating: 6.2/10
Run Time: 1h 56m

Simon Templar has no real family, no home, and no name. However, he is known as a saint because he created a false identity using the name of a Catholic saint. Skilled, elegant, and a master of disguise, Simon can always outsmart the police.

In his next job, he was hired by the Russian mafia to steal the energy formula for cold fusion from scientist Emma Russell. However, the mission backfired when he fell in love with a beautiful, intelligent scientist.

29. If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

If Beale Street Could Talk

Director: Barry Jenkins
Writer: Barry Jenkins
Cast: KiKi Layne. Stephan James, Regina King
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10
Run Time: 1h 59m

In Harlem in the early 1970s, Tish vividly recalls the passion, respect, and trust that bound her to her artist fiancée, Alonzo Hunt, nicknamed Fonny.

The devoted couple were childhood friends and dreamed of a future together, but their plans fell through when Fonny was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

30. Through Black Spruce (2018)


Director: Don McKellar
Writer: Barbara Samuels
Cast: Tanaya Beatty, Brandon Oakes, Kiowa Gordon
IMDb Rating: 5.8/10
Run Time: 1h 51m

A Cree woman who works as a model disappears. Her disappearance traumatized her family in northern Ontario, and they sent her twin sister on a journey to the south to find her.

How to Watch the Best Movies on US Paramount Plus in Australia

Although Paramount Pus is available in Australia, you cannot access the best movies on US Paramount+ catalog. This discrepancy is due to differences in distribution licenses and streaming rights.

Furthermore, Paramount Plus cost varies from the country due to currency exchange rates. Indeed, this is bad news for Australians!

But we have a solution to turn your misery 0f how to watch US Paramount+ in Australia into utter ecstasy. All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined below.

This way, you will get a Paramount Plus 7-day free trial to binge-watch the listed best movies on US Paramount+ in Australia.

  • Get yourself subscribed to a premium VPN service. ExpressVPN is highly recommended.
  • After downloading the VPN, install it on your streaming device.
  • Log in and connect to the server in the United States.
  • Go to the Paramount Plus website and sign in using your US credentials.
  • Now you can watch US Paramount Plus in Australia. Have fun streaming!
Watch US Paramount Plus in AustraliaRisk-free 30 days money-back guarantee

Using the best VPN for Australia, you can also access other popular geo-restricted streaming services. For example, you can stream the best movies on Hulu in Australia.


We hope this article will help you decide the best movies to watch on us paramount+ in Australia and how to watch US Paramount+ in Australia.

All you need is a premium Paramount+ VPN such as ExpressVPN, which is highly recommended for its ultra-fast speed and incredible features. Connect to the US server to watch the Best movies on US Paramount+. And when you feel done, you can easily cancel your Paramount+  subscription, as there are no hidden terms and conditions.

Happy Streaming!

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