How Much Does Sling TV Cost In Australia? [2023 Updated]

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You may wonder, How much Does Sling TV cost in Australia?This blog will cover Sling TV costs and all plans that you can access from Australia.

Additionally, this traditional Cable substitute provides exposure to well-known satellite TV channels including CNN, Bravo TV, and Univision.

One of the best streaming platforms is Sling, which enables users to access popular TV episodes, movies, and live sports events. The deal-breaker for Sling TV is its reasonable prices and adaptable plans.

Sling TV live coverage is blocked in Australia. However, you can use ExpressVPN (the best Sling TV VPN) to get around this restriction to access Sling TV in Australia.

How much is Sling TV’s monthly subscription in Australia?


Sling TV is extremely affordable in contrast to US cable companies. It offers three different plans, each with special advantages. The cost of Sling TV is the same whether you choose the Blue or Orange plan, even if the benefits of each will vary.

You may have up to three streams running at once with Sling TV Blue along with a ton of information and entertainment channels, all for A$ 59.80/month (US$ 40/month). Fox News, CNN, NBC, FX, NFL Network, TLC, and more stations are among them.

Sling TV Orange, which has mostly athletics and family networks like ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3, as well as the Disney Channel, is similarly A$ 59.80/month (US$ 40/month) but only allows you to watch solely on a single device at a time. You can also review Optus Sport’s cost to get another perspective on prices.

What does a Sling TV subscription include?


With Sling TV, you can stream live Channels and a huge collection of TV episodes and movies. BBC America, CNN, Comedy Central, NBC, and ESPN are all included in its subscription packages.

With 45+ live TV channels and 80,000+ Sling TV shows and movies, it offers something for everyone to watch. Additionally, you should also look at the Eurosport cost as its packages can also fulfill the need.

What is the cheapest package on Sling TV?

The cheapest package available on Sling TV costs A$ 59.80/month (US$ 40/month) and new subscribers can get it for the first month at A$ 29.90/month (US$ 20/month) only.

The best part is you can cancel Sling TV subscription any time you want.

What channels do you get on Sling TV for $35 a month?

The Sling TV channels you can get are split into two packages: Sling Blue and Sling Orange.

With an Orange subscription, you receive access to more sports and family-friendly content while the Blue package focuses mostly on entertainment and news.

Compared to the finest cable Television alternatives and all broadband and satellite bundles combined, Sling TV offers live TV streaming at a significantly reduced cost. This is your chance to cut the cord and still receive many of the channels you enjoy while also saving a significant amount of money. You can also compare the Sling TV cost with the cost of US Paramount+ to get a better idea of amount before making any decision.

Some TV stations (in specific markets) are available with Sling TV subscriptions, along with ESPN (recently, though, ESPN got ripped from Sling TV in a Disney dispute). Although it came about suddenly, it barely lasted for 48 hours.

The Disney Channel, Food Network, AMC, Lifetime, HGTV, Bloomberg Television, TBS, TNT, BBC America, and a host of other featured favorites are also available. Even extras like NFL Network, RedZone and Discovery Plus are available as add-ons.

For its users, Sling TV offers movies, series, documentaries, and a ton more entertainment options.

Does Sling TV offer free trials?

Previously, Sling TV was offering a free trial for the new subscribers for 7 days to use either of its plans before parting with their money.

This gave you the chance to decide whether the service and its content collection were right for you or not. Recently, a 3-day free trial was also available but right now, neither Sling TV’s Sling Orange nor Sling Blue service currently offers a free trial.

Despite the fact that a free trial is still not offered since March 2022. However, new subscribers can currently receive 50% off their first month with single plans dropping from A$ 59.80/month (US$ 40/month) to A$ 29.90/month (US$ 20/month) and Orange and Blue taken together from A$ 82.23/month (US$ 55/month) to A$ 41.12/month (US$ 27.50/month)

While the Sling TV free trial can be hit or miss, new and potential repeat customers are frequently offered some sort of discount. Keep a sharp eye out, for sure! You should also check the BT sports subscription cost as it offers a free package with a BT SIM card.

Despite the fact, PBS does not offer a free trial, PBS’s cost is quite cheap in comparison to other streaming services.


You can get it with Sling Free. Users of Sling Free have access to thousands of shows and films, some even from channels available through found in the paid Sling service, but it is ad-supported. Watch as much and as frequently as you like. However, you will see advertisements as you watch, just like you would on conventional cable TV.

Other than the 3-Day Free Trial, Sling TV is not Free on Roku, after that, you will have to subscribe to Sling TV’s regular or discounted monthly packages.

Yes, it is. On your Amazon Firestick, enjoying Sling TV is easy and hassle-free. Simply use the search option to discover the Sling TV App and click the download button to Install it on your Amazon Firestick. You can start enjoying all of Sling’s live and on-demand programming as soon as you download the app.

The combined Sling Orange & Blue plan costs AUD80.16 or $55 per month whereas you can get them separately for AUD58.30 or $40 per month.

Yes, you can pay for an annual subscription.

AMC, IFC, Discovery, ABC News Live, CBSN, SHOWTIME, and hundreds of other less well-known channels are among them. While some networks exclusively stream certain shows, others offer complete episodes of shows.


As we have discussed Sling TV cost in Australia, continues to be one of the cheapest streaming services available. The inexpensive service is a formidable challenger for your living room with a choice of add-ons, three different membership levels, and access to live TV broadcasts.

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