Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman is under investigation for ‘Rape’ in Sweden; He’s Claimed Extortion

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joel- kinnaman-is-facing-court-investigation

Joel Kinnaman, Suicide Squad star, is under investigation by Swedish authorities for allegedly raping a woman. However, the famous actor has denied the allegations categorically. 

But, Kinnaman will have to prove his innocence now legally because he has become the subject of a criminal investigation. 

Joel Kinnaman has shared the other side of story on Instagram

Kinnaman claims that the woman named as Gabriella Magnusson, also known as Bella Davis has been threatening him and his loved ones for quite some time. Recently, he disclosed some astonishing facts regarding Davis’s rape accusations on Instagram.

Earlier this morning, I filed for a restraining order against a woman who has been threatening to physically harm me and my family and my loved ones, and attempting to extort money and other things of value from me.

Moreover, he added,

While it is mortifying and scary to come forward about all of this, what feels worse enduring the escalating daily threats of physical harm to me and my loved ones and threats to go to the press with fabricated, vile rumors unless I agree to a list of demands that includes money, Hollywood connections, helping to secure a work visa, a verified Instagram page, a Wikipedia page, a photoshoot with sports illustrated, an additional $400,000 USD for an apartment and more.



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Joel got a restraining order against Bella Davis in LA

On Friday, Joel obtained a restraining order against Bella Davis in LA. According to Joel’s legal team, Davis came forward with rape allegations when the actor went to the police himself to obtain a restraining order.

The probe is still in its initial phase, but Kinnaman has no objection in cooperating with the police as he wants to clear his name and save his reputation.

Bella Davis denied Joel Kinnaman’s claim

On the other hand, Davis has also denied the actor’s claim on her Instagram post. She revealed,

JOEL STOP BE OBSESSED WITH ME! It wasn’t me that SENT DICK picks [sic] and videos while u had a wife was it?

Furthermore, Davis has also shared her conversation with the actor’s agent on Instagram regarding the matter,


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Joel Kinnaman’s story looks like a clear case of the #MeToo campaign. But the sad part is, individuals are misusing the noble cause for all the wrong reasons and trying to defame the target people with false allegations.


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