Best Horror Movies On Netflix Australia [Updated April 2022]

Last updated: December 15, 2022

Most people like to watch horror movies but very rarely do you find a movie that checks all the boxes. If you enjoy a legit horror movie and understand the difference between horror and jump scare, this list might have some surprise entries for you.

Netflix Australia offers you plenty of horror movies to binge through. Which you can access anywhere with the help of the best Netflix VPN.

Here is the list of the top 25 best horror movies on Netflix Australia.

25 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Australia

1. Annabelle Comes Home- (2019)


Credit: HBO

Annabelle Comes Home is amongst the most-watched and best horror movies on Netflix Australia. Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren locked the ‘haunted doll’ Annabelle in the ancient artifact to stop her from making trouble. They made sure of consecrated glass and got a priest to bless it. But evil never dies, does it? On one cursed night, Annabelle, the possessed doll awakens the evil spirit inside the room and wreaks havoc on the couple.  

2. Apostle- (2018)


Credit: Game Spot

The protagonist, Thomas Richardson goes to a distant island in 1905 to rescue his sister after she’s abducted by a strange cult. His suspicion escalates inch by inch as he uncovers what lies in the deep woods. Came to protect his sister, Thomas soon finds himself in the presence of something much evil than his mind could ever comprehend. 

3. The Babysitter- (2017)


Credit: Final Guys

This movie is about Cole and his babysitter. Like any other little boy, Cole to develops feelings for his hot babysitter. One night, he stays up way past his bedtime to make a move on her but things didn’t exactly go as planned. Cole bore witness to an evil and discovers that the woman his heart fluttered for was part of a satanic cult. Now it is on Cole to endure this night of evil as they are coming for him. The Babysitter (2017) turned quite many heads and is undoubtedly one of the best movies on Netflix Australia.

4. Bone Tomahawk- (2015)


Credit: IMDB

After a fugitive accidentally drives a band of primitive Troglodytes into the tranquil western town of Bright Hope, the beasts grab a few pioneers, including the spouse of a neighborhood farmer. Notwithstanding his injured leg, the farmer joins a little salvage gathering with the policeman, his representative, and a strong-minded gunfighter. What follows is an excursion into terrible as the force comes to recognition. It is confronting an opponent whose barbarity knows no boundaries. The film happens around the edge of what is presently Texas and New Mexico when the new century rolled over.

5. 1922- (2017)


Credit: IndieWire

Bringing out shades of Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell-story Heart” and “The Black Cat”, 1922, with a Bonny and Clyde sub-plot. In light of the Stephen King novella, focuses on the simple however pleased shepherd, Wilfred James, who decides to murder his wife. This evil deed costs him his son, farm, sanity, and his life. Soon after, weird and extraordinary events start to torment.

6. Cargo- (2017)


Credit: Cargo

Another entry to the list of best horror movies on Netflix Australia is cargo (2017). In the middle of zombie tragedy, Martin Freeman looks for a safe place for his child to protect her from his own changing evil nature. The little child rubs her blood on the tree for her father to protect her and other people. This is a beautiful yet cringe-worthy journey of a father’s love and evil possessions. 

7. Carrie- (2013)


Credit: SSP Thinks Film

Carrie is a worthwhile entrant in the list of the best movies on Netflix Australia. It is a story of a girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) who is gifted with supernatural powers. She is a modest little girl who has a tough time making friends. After her schoolmates bullied her about her response to her surprising first period, Chloe lets her powers get the best of her. 

8. Doctor Sleep- (2019)


Credit: The Guardian

Coping with alcoholism, Dan Torrance remains traumatized by the horrible things that he witnessed at the Overlook inn when he was young. His expectations for a tranquil existence become a far-fetched dream when he encounters Abra, a youngster who shares his paranormal strength of the “shine.” Together, they form an alliance to fight the True Knot, a religion whose individuals attempt to take care of the shine of blameless people to become eternal. Doctor Sleep is surely amongst the best horror movies on Netflix Australia.

9. Don’t Breathe- (2016)


Credit: Global News

In Detroit, three notorious thieves Money, Rocky, and Alex plot a burglary at a Blind Man’s place when they learn he’s been sitting on a huge pile of cash. They plan on moving to California and start a new life with the pity cash. The heist begins, they tranquilize the canine with a sedating candy and put the blind man to deep sleep with a stink bomb, all’s clear while they look for the hidden treasure. But life’s not so easy is it? Soon they discover that the Blind man was not helpless after all. 

10. Eli- (2019)


Credit: Pop Buzz

This movie focuses on a sick boy who has been diagnosed with a rare condition due to which he lacks an immune system. Due to his condition, Eli is always in his bio bubble, away from anything that could make him sick. His parents decide to take him to a safe house cum hospital. Eli soon starts noticing some spooky things around and learns about the dark history of the place from a girl he befriends. How does a guy with no immunity escape a haunted safe house? 

11. The Ritual- (2017)


Credit: IndieWire

The ritual definitely passes the bar of becoming one of the best horror movies on Netflix Australia. Four British friends plan a trip to Sweden. At the point when one of them is harmed, they choose the option to cut through the woods and take shelter in a gatehouse. With the plot set on a dark rainy night, the group makes some spooky discoveries. Things started to go south when they realize they are being haunted by a stranger force. 

12. The Invitation- (2015)


Credit: Black Horror Movies

Will (Logan Marshall-Green) goes to an evening gathering at a far-off lodge owned by his ex (Tammy Blanchard) and her new partner (Michiel Huisman). Under the grave course of Karyn Kusama, what starts as a friendly dinner party changes into paranoia and at last fierce dread as the night unfolds. 

13. Fright Night- (1985)


Credit: Bloody Disgusting


Fright Night holds its name high on the list of best horror movies on Netflix Australia. Teen Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) is a horror movie enthusiast. Brewster becomes convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire. He tries convincing people but for the obvious reason, nobody seems to believe his story. When bizarre inexplicable things start happening in the neighborhood, Charlie must choose the option to pursue his theory all by himself. 

14. Creep- (2014)


Credit: Admitone Film Addict

A man goes to a house to make a video in response to an advertisement. He wanted to film for a child who is not born yet. The video takes a bizarre turn and gets hazier and obscure. The videographer doesn’t get rid of the video and continues owning it. However, when the time has come to leave he can’t discover his keys. He then gets a peculiar call when he discovers his customer isn’t at all what he at first appeared to be. Creep is another worthy entrant on the list of best horror movies on Netflix Australia that’ll work up your goosebumps.

15. Interview with the Vampire- (1994)


Credit: Bright Wall Dark Room

Brought into the world as an eighteenth-century ruler, Louis (Brad Pitt) is currently a bicentennial vampire, narrating his story to an enthusiastic biographer (Christian Slater). The man is emotionally shattered after the demise of his family. He meets a vampire (Tom Cruise), who convinces him to choose immortality. He does not have to die and can be his partner. At last, Louis takes steps to leave his savage creator. Interview with the Vampire is an old, yet one of the best horror movies on Netflix Australia.

16. Orphan- (2009)


Credit: Movie Fone

Wrecked by the loss of their unborn child, Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard) choose a adopt a child. While visiting an orphanage, the couple feels attracted to a young girl (Isabelle Fuhrman) named Esther and decides to adopt her. When dangerous events start to happen, Kate starts to speculate that there is something evil sneaking behind their little adopted child.

17. The Shinning- (1980)


Credit: Mental Floss

This movie is about a family that takes refuge in a rather secluded hotel for the colder time of the year. Before they could even settle in, the head of the family feels taken over by an evil presence, while his clairvoyant child sees horrendous visuals from both past and future.

18. Annihilation- (2018)


Credit: Roger Roberts


This movie is one of the best horror movies on Netflix Australia. A biologist (Lena) sets on a mission to find out what happened to her husband inside Area X – an evil and baffling wonder that is growing across the American coastline. They uncover a whole new universe of totally different creatures, however hazardous, that endanger both their lives and their mental stability.

19. Overlord (2018)


Credit: Cinapse

American paratroopers drop behind lines to enter the church and obliterate a radio transmitter. As the troopers approach their objective, they start to understand that there’s more going on in the Nazi-involved town than a basic military activity. Advancing toward an underground lab, the men coincidentally discover an obnoxious establishment and soon find themselves against an army of the undead. 

20. Train to Busan- (2016)


Credit: Variety

This movie stands out on the list of the best horror movies on Netflix Australia for being in the Zombie genre rather than demonic or evil. This story is about Seok-Woo, an up-and-coming hard worker who barely makes time for his little daughter. To focus on his career better, he decides to leave his daughter with his mother living in Busan for a while. As the father-daughter duo board a train to Busan, national news channels are flooded with the news of a zombie outburst. The otherwise occupied father must do everything to protect his daughter against this zombie infestation.

21. The Witch- (2015)


Credit: QZ

Movies about witches are rarely made these days and this one made its place in the list of best horror movies on Netflix Australia for all the right reasons. It is the story of a family who believes that a witch has cursed their family as things quickly start going south. Misfortune and horror befall the family but they must unite and stand against the curse. 

22. Wounds- (2019)


Credit: Roger Roberts

This story is about a friendly bartender who finds a phone left behind at his bar and in hopes to trace the owner, he brings it back to his home. As he starts going through the phone to reach out to its original owner, he encounters some truly disturbing things. He decides to not pay much attention to it until strange things start happening in his home. Can he get rid of this seemingly normal yet possessed mobile phone?

23. Us- (2019)


Credit: NewYork Times

Adelaide Wilson comes back to the home where she was brought up as a child. Her husband, child, and a little girl also join her. Due to her experience, she suspects something awful is about to happen. Her terrible feelings become a reality when four concealed outsiders dive upon the house, driving the Wilsons into a battle for endurance. When the covers fall off, the family is frightened to discover that every assailant takes the presence of one of them. 

24. IT Chapter 2- (2019)


Credit: Nerdist

IT Chapter 2 is among the best horror movies on Netflix Australia. The clown Pennywise returns after 27 years to threaten the town of Derry, Maince, again. The childhood friends had now grown up into adults and went on their separate ways. Mike Hanlon calls his other friends when people begin to vanish. The Losers overcome their feeling of terror and decide to kill the shape-shifter Pennywise. But this time, he is more powerful than before.

25. May The Devil Take You- (2018)


Credit: In Review Online

May The Devil take you is a horror project by Timo Tjahjanto. It has legitimate moments of terror. This movie is about a girl Alfie who is offended by her rich dad for quite a long time after her mom’s ruthless mishap. She receives a call informing her about her father’s illness. When she visits the clinic, she comes to realize that her stepmother needs her signature for auctioning off an old, deserted provincial house. Alfie visits the old house after unusual happenings in regards to an apparition. She discovers a terrible mystery about her father. May The Devil Takes is also listed in the best horror movies on Netflix Australia

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