How to Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix Outside Australia

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This article will tell you how to watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia. The series is a success across the globe. But, the show is geo-restricted in some locations.  As a result, you will need the best VPN for Australia to bypass geo-restrictions and watch the show outside Australia.

From the amazing aesthetics to the powerful arcs of every character and how this show has been shot, it’s genuinely a feat accomplished well. And so, if you’re a fan of Peaky Blinder’s, you must know that the sixth and last season of the series is coming to Netflix on June 10, 2022.

Every country has its library of content that caters to that specific audience. Like, shows available in Australia might not be accessible to the audience in the UK.

So if you are interested in finding out how a reliable VPN service can help you watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your complete guide:

Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia – [Easy Steps]

Follow the given four steps to watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN like ExpressVPN because it provides steadfast speed, widespread access, superlative features to ensure safety, and a reliable connection.
  2. Once you have downloaded the VPN, connect it to a server in Australia.
  3. Now visit the official Netflix site and enter credentials to log in. Create an account in case you don’t already have one.
  4. You can easily watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia!
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Why Can’t I Watch Peaky Blinders On Netflix?

If you cannot watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix, the show isn’t added to the library available in your location.

To watch Peaky Blinders season 6, you should connect it to a reliable VPN and connect it to the local servers in Australia, where the show will be available from June 10, 2022.

Once the connection is established, you will be able to access Peaky Blinders season 6 on Netflix regardless of where you live.

Where Can I Watch The New Peaky Blinders?

You can watch the new season of Peaky Blinders on BBC iPlayer and Netflix. Peaky Blinders season 6 will be added to Netflix on June 10, 2022.

Is It Good to Watch Peaky Blinders?

Yes, Peaky Blinders is good to watch because it is one of the best crime dramas you really can’t afford to miss. The story is rich with a powerful storyline and powerful characters. The series has reached its conclusion in the new season, which you can watch from June 10, 2022, on Netflix.

What is Peaky Blinders Season 6 About?

Peaky Blinders is a series packed with unexpected twists and turns to fuel your appetite for the slow-burning crime drama. Based in the 1920s, the show had tapped into the darker times of British history, a time when the gangsters faced a melancholic yearning for power and hedonism.

The story revolves mainly around Thomas Shelby, a visionary who faced many obstacles throughout his life but overcame each turmoil savagely.

Like any other crime series, this one intensifies with each season – leading to the generous ending in its sixth and final season. Peaky Blinders is well-directed, giving you a glimpse into the complexities and anxieties experienced by every character.

Who is in the Peaky Blinders Season 6?

Here is a list of the talented cast members of Peaky Blinders Season 6:

Star Character
Cillian Murphy Tommy Shelby
Tom Hardy Alfie Solomon
Sophie Rundle Ada Shelby
Anya Taylor-Joy Gina Gray
Sam Claflin Oswald Mosley
Paul Anderson Arthur Shelby
Natasha O’Keeffe Lizzie Shelby
Harry Kirton Finn Shelby
Aimee-Ffion Edwards Esme Shelby
Kate Phillips Linda Shelby
Finn Cole Michael Gray
Ian Peck Curly
Ned Dennehy Charlie Strong
Emmett J Scanlan Billy Grade
Gregory Fitoussi Jean Claude
Packy Lee Johnny Doggs

When is Peaky Blinders Season 6 Coming to Netflix?

Peaky Blinders season 6 will be released on Netflix on June 10, 2022. You can use a VPN to watch the series on Netflix outside Australia.

What to Expect From Peaky Blinders Season 6?

The sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders will answer many questions raised in the finale of last season. Tom cheated on Lizzy, and once she discovers that she has a decision to make.

Unfortunately, other skeletons in Tom’s closet are coming out and he has one last time to gain back power, control and fulfill his political aspirations. Peaky Blinders season 6 will be released on Netflix on June 10, 2022.

Watch the trailer here: 

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia?

If you want to watch Peaky Blinder Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia, we suggest you continue reading to find out more about the three best VPNs to decide which one suits you best.

1. ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia

ExpressVPN is one of the top-rated VPNs to watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia. At the moment, ExpressVPN is available in 94 countries and 160 locations. Servers in five locations are available in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Sydney – 2 in Australia.


ExpressVPN took just a few seconds to unblock Netflix AU.

Apart from helping you bypass the geo-restrictions imposed by Netflix, ExpressVPN can help you unblock the geo-restrictions set by many other streaming services like getting HBO Max, unblocking ITV Hub, and Disney Plus in Australia.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN is compatible with various devices and operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, routers, etc. With these features, you can easily watch the best TV shows on Netflix Australia.

As for the features, ExpressVPN is packed with superlative features like Split tunneling and MediaStreamer that provide you with steadfast streaming with the utmost protection.

In addition, characteristics like AES-256 Encryption guarantee military-grade protection that keeps your IP anonymous and far from malware and hackers.

ExpressVPN’s speeds are fast on its Australia servers. We tested the Melbourne server and it delivered an average downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps and an uploading speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


ExpressVPN is available at a 49% discount if you choose the 12 + 3 months free plan that is offered at AU$9.81/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) . In addition, you can transfer payments via PayPal, Credit card, or even Bitcoin. Choose ExpressVPN for its secure connection, premium features, and high affordability!

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2. Surfshark: Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia

Surfshark is an incredibly feasible option for anybody wanting widespread access and premium features. It has over 3200 servers, with 91 servers in 5 Australian locations – Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.


Surfshark’s Australian server unblocked Netflix AU without any hassle.

Apart from Australian Netflix, Surfahark will help you access US streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in Australia, while also giving access to UK-based platforms like BBC iPlayer and Sky Sports.

It is proven to be compatible with many operating systems and devices; Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. Moreover, you can connect the VPN to unlimited devices simultaneously and have unlimited bandwidth simultaneously.

Superlative features like AES-256 Encryption, Kill Switch, and Split Tunneling make the experience super fast and secure. Private DNS is yet another feature that makes your streaming experience better.

You can also benefit from other features like Camouflage Mode, IKEv2/IPsec Protocol, NoBorders Mode, and CleanWeb.

As a result, you can also watch the best Horror movies on Netflix Australia.

The speeds were great on Surfshark AU servers. We tested the Adelaide server and it delivered an average download speed of 85.48 Mbps and an upload speed of 48.42 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


There was a speed drop of almost 15%, which is not bad at all.

Surfshark is the most affordable VPN on the list. It is available for only AU$3.66/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) , and you can make the payment through your credit card, Bitcoin or PayPal.

Watch Peaky Blinders with Surfshark30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

3. NordVPN: User-Friendly VPN to Watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia

NordVPN is one of the largest networks of servers as it has over 5500 servers available in 60 countries, out of which 190+ are available in 5 Australian locations – Melbourne, Perth,  Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Although you can look at the list of options while connecting to select a country, we suggest you choose the Melbourne server.


NordVPN took only a minute to unblock Netflix Australia.

NordVPN helps you bypass the geo-restrictions of Netflix Australia and other streaming services, like streaming Hulu,  HBO Max,  Sky Sports, Stan Sports, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer in Australia, etc.

NordVPN is not just a VPN that offers widespread access, it ensures compatibility with many operating systems like iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. Moreover, you can connect NordVPN to five devices simultaneously and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Some features provide users security and protection from malware and hackers. Features like AES-256 Encryption, Kill Switch and Split Tunneling keep your IP secure and anonymous while you navigate online and stream Peaky Blinders Season 6.

In addition to this, other features elevate the experience to another level, like dedicated IP, Onion over IP, Camouflage Mode, and Double VPN. Using these features, you can safely access the best movies on Netflix Australia safely.

NordVPN’s speeds are fast. We tested the Adelaide server and it delivered an average downloading speed of 86.18 Mbps and an uploading speed of 42.13 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


We found NordVPN’s speeds on its AU server to be great!

NordVPN costs only AU$5.13/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) , which you can transfer via PayPal, Bitcoin and credit cards; therefore, if you are looking for a VPN that can give you access to the variety of TV shows available on Netflix (US) library, opt for NordVPN.

Watch Peaky Blinders with NordVPN30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee


Yes, Peaky Blinders Season 6 was released on BBC iPlayer in February 2022. It will now be released on Netflix on June 10, 2022.

Billy Grade betrays Thomas Shelby in Season 6. Episode 5 of the season confirms that Billy is the black cat.

Oswald Mosley is the villain in Peaky Blinders.


Peaky Blinders Season 6 will be available on Netflix on June 10, 2022. The series will be giving the fans closure and an end to the incredible characters that have gained mainstream popularity. To watch Peaky Blinders Season 6 on Netflix outside Australia, you have to subscribe to a VPN that will give you a secure and private connection.

We recommend ExpressVPN for this due to its top-tier features and breakneck streaming speed. So get a VPN and enjoy!

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