Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia [Updated April 2022]

Last updated: December 15, 2022

Netflix covers a wide range of web series and movies that are worth your attention. Below is a carefully curated list of Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia so you don’t get overwhelmed seeing so many options in front of you. All these movies are full of action and suspense, which can easily send chills down your spine. Check out the following list of the Best thriller Movies On Australian Netflix if you are a thrill adrenaline junkie too.

25 Best Thriller Movies on Netflix Australia

1. Shutter Island- (2010)


Credit: IMDB

What’s better than to start this list with Shutter Island? It is unquestionably one of the most impressive pieces of cinema ever made. You cannot completely comprehend the movie even after you’ve finished watching it and that’s the beauty of this beautiful cinema. If it is to select the top 3 Best thriller Movies On Netflix Australia shutter island will be the first among them. The story revolves around two detectives who investigate a mysterious disappearance on a unique island that was constructed to keep high-grade physic patients. You will find several unexpected turns of events that give your brain a literal roller coaster ride throughout the movie. You must watch this beautiful portrayal of Leonardo Di Caprio if you haven’t already.

2. Lavender- (2016)


Credit: Deadline

Lavender is a brilliant movie with lots of crazy events. The film is about a photographer. At the very beginning of the plot, the lead, a photographer is met with an accident that leads to memory loss. But through the photographs that she had clicked, she recalls events that had happened in her life. Later in the movie, the photos start disclosing some unimaginable theories that point to the fact that the photographer might have something to do with why no one in her family was alive. But did she actually kill her entire family? Can photographs really lie? You’ll never know unless you watch this beautiful movie. 

3. The Drowning- (2016) 


Credit: Roger Movie Nation

This movie has definitely earned itself a mention in the list of the Best thriller Movies On Netflix Australia but doesn’t just get ‘carried away’ by the name. It is much more than a plain jane thriller movie. You get a beautiful cocktail of suspense, drama, thriller, and a dash of emotions all in this one movie. The movie revolves around two people—a child psychologist and a young boy. The boy is convicted for murder by the psychologist and years later, when these two meet, things start going south. If you enjoy a strong plot, this one is for you.

4. The Invisible Guest- (2016)  


Credit: Scroll In

The Invisible Guest is a perfect amalgamation of supernatural and thrill. The main plot revolves around a man and his girlfriend. The protagonist dies in a hotel room and rises from the dead to reveal some spooky secrets. The movie is full of twists and turns. You will also be surprised with some spooky moments too throughout the murder thriller. Being just the right blend of horror, thrill, and drama, The Invisible Guest is undoubtedly one of the Best thriller Movies On Australia Netflix

5. 1922- (2017)  


Credit: Job Lo

Talking of thriller movies and leaving Stephen King out of the list will be an injustice to the genre itself. 1922 is a classic King movie every adrenaline junkie must not miss out on. The movie circles around a couple who enthusiastically purchase a piece of land and a farm. The lady becomes the legal owner of the property, and out of spite, the man plans something unspeakable. The worst part? He manages to get the son on board too. The movie is set in the year 1922 and hence, the name.

6. Calibre- (2018) 


Credit: Eye For Film

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and Calibre is a movie that stands by the idiom. The film focuses on two friends who have been there for one another all their lives. They take a trip to Scotland and land into some unexpected trouble. These tough times put their friendship to the test and the outcome is astonishing. Are your friends really who they say they are? The movie is a Netflix original and holds its name high in the list of Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia

7. Limitless- (2011)


Credit: NewYork Times

When you talk of underrated thrillers, Limitless is a must mention. With Bradley Cooper as its lead, this movie carefully combines two different genres, science fiction, and thriller, and somehow manages to pull it off. The plot revolves around a writer who comes across a drug that can enhance neuroception by increasing brain activity. The man then finds himself with insane potential especially in the field of finance. Leveraging that, he aims to rule the world, but the world isn’t that kind is it? Watch this movie to know what happens to the guy with a magic pill. 

8. In Darkness- (2017) 


Credit: Roger Robert

This Game Of Thrones fame Natalie Dormer starrer checks all the boxes of being a perfect thriller movie. Not only has she worked as the lead in the movie, but she has also written it. The movie is a treat to watch. She plays the role of a blind pianist who accidentally gets involved in a murder. The murder takes place in the apartment, and while she was the eyewitness, she is completely unaware of it. The movie follows multiple plot curves before finally meeting a bizarre ending leaving everyone second-guessing.

9. Secret Obsession- (2017)


Credit: Express(UK)

Secret Obsession is a treat for lovers of twisted romance. Twisted to the point where it becomes an obsession. The main character of the movie, Jennifer, suffers from a severe case of amnesia. She tries to recover, and her husband helps her in every way. She starts doubting things seeing that he’s a little too helpful. One thing leads to another and she finally discovers the truth. Will she run for her life or stay and fight back? Watch a secret obsession turn into reality in this Netflix thriller.

10. Rebirth- (2016) 


Credit: Rotten Tomattoes

The movie Rebirth takes the concept of the thriller genre to a whole new level. The movie is like a breath of fresh air as it takes a break from the same old murder mysteries. The plot is about a young man who becomes obsessed with his seminar on the topic of Rebirth. This fixation quickly turns into madness and from there on it’s a rabbit hole. This movie transforms you into a different world with its unique concept. 

11. Cam- (2018)


Credit: Cam

Cam has a different take on a conventional thriller movie. In the lead is a sex worker who is active in the webcam pornography world. Her webcam is hacked by a look-alike, and soon things take a wrong turn. If you think you knew all about the world of pornography this movie has a surprise for you. It is not listed as one of the Best Thriller Movies on Netflix Australia only for its plot but also for the beautiful portrayal by actors. 

12. Berlin Syndrome- (2017)


Credit: Time Out

In an ideal world, a girl meets a guy, they fall in love and get married. But it’s not such a perfect world is it? Berlin Syndrome is a popular thriller movie available on Netflix where a girl visits Germany and falls in love with a young good looking guy. But much to her surprise, things take a wrong turn. She finds herself being hostage to a known face. Was she wrong to trust strangers in a new land? 

13. The Silence- (2019) 


Credit: Roger Robert

If you enjoy supernatural influence in a thriller movie, this piece is all you need to see today. In the movie Ally Andrews, a man who is deaf encounters a monster who cannot see. The beast has heightened hearing so things start getting real feisty when they both are in the same space. 

14. Hush- (2016)


Credit: Roger Robert

This movie is a jump scare classic and is not for the ones with a weak heart. No wonder Hush is known to be among the Best thriller Movies On Netflix Australia. The main plot revolves around a deaf writer. Things take a scary turn when she decides to move into a house deep in the woods.  A masked killer is on the loose and has his eyes on her. Will she outsmart him or her deafness will cost her her life? 

15. Bird Box- (2018)


Credit: Variety

Who doesn’t adore Sandra Bullock? Her acting in this recent blockbuster is breathtaking. The movie is worth being on the list of Best Thriller Movies On Australia Netflix, credits to its unique plot and excellent cinematography. The movie is set in times where the world is under a supernatural attack. An unseen monster is known to kill anybody that lays an eye on them. How do you kill something you can’t see? But most importantly, how do you live in a world where you can be killed at any time? Witness how Bullock, along with two kids, travels around blindfolded to find a safe place.

16. Good Time- (2017) 


Credit: Rolling Stone

Good Time is a great thriller movie that manages to keep you stuck to your seat throughout. In the movie, Edward Cullen and Robert Pattinson are brothers who attempt a bank robbery. Shortly, things go wrong and the younger one gets arrested. Now the elder brother must do everything to bail him out. To what extent will he go? Find out more on Netflix. 

17. Birdshot- (2016)


Credit: Variety

This movie was the official entry for Oscars in the category of best foreign-language film from the Philippines. The movie features a 14-year-old girl who lives on a  farm with her grandfather. Her grandpa teaches her the art of bird shooting. One unfortunate day, she mistakenly shoots down an eagle. Later in the movie, secrets are revealed about the eagle she killed and how her life gets turned upside down after the incident.  You can’t afford to miss such a movie straight out from the Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia.

18. Jacob’s Ladder- (1990)


Credit: Little White Lies

Have you ever played Silent Hill? Every person who loves the genre thriller has played it at least once. But do you know the inspiration behind this classic game? If you don’t, you must watch Jacob’s Ladder. It is a movie based in the ‘90s where a medic who works in the army starts seeing his brother in these random flashes of visions. He tries to get to the bottom of it and opens a can of worms. Watch things get really freaky in the classic thriller.

19. 3022- (2019)


Credit: IMDB

This movie deserves to be in the Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia because it gives us a glimpse of what the future could look like if humans don’t get their act straight. The plot focuses on astronauts living in the international space station watching over barren earth where everything is destroyed and no traces of life form is left. These people now have nowhere to go and limited supplies to sustain themselves. How long will it be till they start turning on each other? 

20. Contagion- (2011)


Credit: Edition CNN

Lockdown, Pandemic, Second Waves, Transmission! Isn’t everyone familiar with these words? Contagion is a movie that is a picturization of what the world is going through right now. Much like these times, the movie focuses on the spread of a deadly virus that is transferred from one person to another via touch. In a very short time, it infects billions of people. The movie has featured as the most viewed in the time COVID-19 pandemic thus making it one of the Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia

21. Crawl- (2019)


Credit: IMDB

In the mood for a monster movie? Starring Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper, the movie starts with the outburst of a hurricane, flooding the neighboring areas. The leads are caught in the eye of the hurricane but soon realize that they have a much ‘sharper’ problem in hand. This thriller manages to keep you hooked throughout. 

22. Freaks- (2018)


Credit: Last Thing Is EE

Freaks is absolutely one of the Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia if not the best. Featuring the story of a little girl and her abusive father, this movie is an emotional roller coaster. Having locked inside her house all her life, things take an unexpected turn when she steps out of her house for the first time. 

23. I Don’t Feel At Home in This World Anymore- (2017)


Credit: Roger Roberts

A depressed woman finds herself to be a victim of a burglary which triggers her buried emotions. She decides to go after her burglars and take revenge. But she isn’t alone. Her neighbor, although intolerable at times, walks with her, every step of the way. Sit back and watch them take on a bunch of criminals in this comedic yet full of thrills movie.

24. The Invitation- (2015)


Credit: My Favorite Horror

The movie starts with Logan unknowingly accepting a dinner invite from his ex-wife and her current husband. What seemed like a regular dinner party soon turns into the doorway to hell as Logan discovers something unusual. What freaky plans do these dinner party hosts have for their guests? Find out more on Netflix Australia. 

25. The Platform- (2019)


Credit: IMDB

If there’s any movie that precisely portrays greediness in our society, it’s the movie ‘the Platform’. Where everyone is for themselves, will a man alone be enough to change how things are done? The movie shows a beautiful portrayal of the world as a vertical prison, and the hierarchy of cells causing a dispute in available supplies. This thriller is definitely the Best Thriller Movies On Netflix Australia when it comes to symbolic representations. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to watch even more thriller movies, you should go for watch American Netflix in Australia with the help of the best Netflix VPN.

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