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Last updated: April 13, 2023

Australia’s premium pay-TV service Foxtel was launched only for Xbox users initially but later made its way to Telstra TV. Foxtel now started their cheaper alternative for the audience named Foxtel Go, which is available on Android and iOS as well.

To review Foxtel now, it is mandatory to mention that Foxtel Now provides you with some of the premium shows like Game of Thrones, AFL, NRL, and much more. 

As Foxtel Now is the stand-alone service of Foxtel thus, you can watch Foxtel Go outside Australia and enjoy your favorites in a timely manner.

Apart from this, you can watch all the exciting matches of the T20 World Cup 2022 via Foxtel Now in Australia on a wide range of devices.

Keep reading this Foxtel Now Review to know further about this top-notch Australian streaming service. 

What Is This Hype About Foxtel Now According To Foxtel Now Box Review?

Foxtel now has content similar to Foxtel Play. It is a combination of both live and on-demand shows along with premium movies. It is a streaming service that delivers great entertainment through its collection of TV shows, Movies, Seasons, News, and live sports, based on subscription.

Usually, the customer will need to have an existing Foxtel cable subscription, which means a Foxtel service technician would have to come to your home to install a Foxtel box and you will be paying a monthly subscription. So it takes a lot of money and effort to watch HBO shows in Australia legally. Members are only charged for the pack they chose and they could cancel it anytime.

But Foxtel Now is a single streaming service that works just like Netflix, without the need for any pay-TV subscription or any additional requirements.

It is a flexible way of accessing channels and contents at home or on the go. Their services can be used across Telstra TV, computers, phone, tablets, and gaming consoles. To watch all the Foxtel Now channel packs all you need to do is hop into the Foxtel Now app, sign up online and start enjoying the content. 


Since When Are Australians Enjoying This Streaming Service?

Foxtel now is an Australian internet television service owned by Foxtel and offers subscriptions to over 50 live channels and hundreds of videos on demand. This service was officially launched on 11 August 2013 as Foxtel Play. This streaming platform was established as a joint startup between News Corporation and Telstra. The success rate of Foxtel now can be analyzed through the best Foxtel now buffering statistics.

Subscription Packages Offered By Foxtel Now

Foxtel now channel packs depend on the interests of users. Foxtel Now costs normal users between $25 to $109 each month.

Channel packs come in three variants:

  1. Starter– User may buy solo
  2. Premium– User may buy with a starter pack 
  3. Exclusive– Only available to the users subscribing to every single package.

As there is only one starter pack available with a $25 asking price, if the user has an interest in content on any other packs then the monthly asking price can increase exponentially. For instance, if the user wants access to the drama pack, it will require payment of $40 per month with the starter pack plus drama for an additional $15.

What Can You Watch On Foxtel Now?

The content library of Foxtel Now is quite versatile. It covers everything from today’s hottest comedy to drama to old classic movies to documentaries to reality TV, lifestyle shows to kids show to loads of sports. Regarding television series, Foxtel now has not only limited series’ but series with multiple seasons which is a huge plus for many people.

At this point in the Foxtel Now Australia review, it is important to mention that you might encounter trouble guessing which pack includes which TV shows. However, there is a way to find out what’s where follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Users should sign up online for a 10-day trial.
  2. Users should add each available pack to their available subscription and need to explore the content.
  3. The Foxtel Now User Interference (UI) will show them which Foxtel channel each show belongs to.
  4. Users should remove unwanted packs from their subscription before the trial period ends.


How To Make An Account On Foxtel Now?

Starting with this streaming service is tricky, but review Foxtel Now covers it all exclusively for you. As Foxtel Now has merged with Foxtel Go including its streaming support, Foxtel GO is the free streaming portal especially built for traditional Foxtel users.

According to the most popular Foxtel Now Review, the company says that it has made the step to merge Foxtel Now and Foxtel GO to entertain their customers by giving them access to Foxtel Go superior features, for instance, previewing the screen to watch trailers. Other than that, there is an expanded kids homepage and support for Android 10 and iOS 13. One perk that the users of Foxtel now have is that they can watch their favorite shows and movies on Foxtel Go at no additional charge. 

Foxtel Now users can stream through Foxtel Go on:-

  1. Google chrome and safari browser by visiting this site https://watch.foxtel.com.au/app/#/login
  2. On Android devices via the Foxtel App 
  3. On iPhone/iPad via the Foxtel GO app
  4. On Chrome Cast via the Foxtel GO app
  5. On Apple TV via Apple Airplay

However, on the other hand, if the user is watching on a Telstra TV, on a Play Station 4, or a Foxtel Now Box, they can watch it via Foxtel Now App for aforesaid devices.

Do You Get A Brief Free Trial Period With Foxtel Now?

According to reviews, Foxtel Now channel packs are available for their new users as a trial for free of cost with no obligation. You only need to sign up for the free trial while registering online. If the user is not interested anymore or feels that Foxtel Now is not for them, they could easily cancel through their Accounts settings before the package of free trial ends and access is removed.


A free trial of Foxtel Now comes with a channel pack unlocked, which means that the User can access all Foxtel Now Channel Packs and access shows on-demand during their free trial journey on Foxtel Now.

Users can customize the packs that suit them by selecting ‘my account’  and personalizing it before their first billing cycle begins. As soon as the free trial ends, the billing period will start automatically for the packs chosen and the users do not need to do anything if they want to watch Foxtel Now. It will automatically charge according to the packs selected and the corresponding price monthly at the end of the trial period. Channels for Foxtel Now starter pack review is very positive, especially during the pandemic as it has facilitated and entertained their customers in these tough times.

What Is The Data Usage Statistics Of This Streaming Platform?

Foxtel Now is a streaming service that’s being widely used all across Australia. However, with high-quality content comes high data expenditure. If you are watching your shows in Standard Definition-SD, an hour of streaming will take up almost 1.4GB of data. However, if you are streaming in High Definition-HD, an hour will add up to about 3.4GB of data expenditure. 

There is a loophole to save your data, you can stream in low quality which will significantly bring down your data expenditure to 470MB. However, Foxtel Now Lagging is a common complaint if you watch in low picture quality. 

Various Features That Make Foxtel Now Standout From The Crowd

Foxtel now presents you with a wide variety of streaming options. One of their major selling points is the ability to stream Game of Thrones without the need for a traditional cable package.

Foxtel Now owns exclusive broadcast rights to HBO’s content in Australia. This means they can stream shows like Succession, Lovecraft County, Raised by wolves, the undoing, and much more.

So if you’re willing to pay for all the packages, then the vast Foxtel library is open for your entertainment.

Along with that, you have the option to watch live sports events which makes Foxtel stand out in comparison to its competitors like Netflix or Stan.

Sports fans will be more than happy with the huge selection of shows and matches available to stream. Kids also have a dedicated section, with several family-friendly movies and TV shows available to stream, including their favorite cartoons.

Regarding movies, Foxtel Now’s selection is marvelous, with a vast number of fairly recent releases available to stream. Movies like The Invisible Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Way Back, The Gentlemen, Joker, and Birds of Prey are only a few taps away, while the service also offers several classics and fan favorites, such as Blade Runner, Independence Day, Lost in Translation, Braveheart, and much more. 

There are numerous ways to stream on Foxtel Now like using a browser, Google Chrome, or Safari on Mac. In this app, the watch history is bookmarked so that you can carry over from your previous watch if you stopped in between. Another interesting option is the Telstra TV 3 box which is available on selected Telstra broadband plans which offers the very latest streaming tech including universal voice search in multiple services which lets you find content everywhere from Foxtel to Netflix to premium content on Telstra TV box office. 

Which Are The Compatible Devices To Stream Foxtel Now?

For people who like to stream on their phones, tablets, IOS, and Android, Foxtel Now has transferred their responsibility to the Foxtel Go app which can be used by Foxtel Now subscribers and on satellite/cable channels. Foxtel Go is a greatly enhanced, fast, and reliable way to stream live channels or watch on-demand.

This app now includes casting support, too, so that you can send video from the device directly into your TV if you have Chrome cast functionality or Google Chrome cast device, or an Apple TV. If you own a PlayStation 4 gaming console, you can download the latest Foxtel Now app for the device and start streaming right from your PlayStation TV’s menu.

With Foxtel Now, you can stream with up to five devices simultaneously, which is way more than Netflix or Stan.

Upside And Downside Of Streaming On Foxtel Now?

The Pros

  1. It features Foxtel’s premium shows, sports, and movies available for streaming whenever and wherever. 
  2. 10 day free trials include all channel packs 
  3. There is no deadlock contract. Users can cancel Foxtel Go anytime, downgrade and upgrade their package anytime without any difficulty and charges.
  4. Customers of Foxtel Now do not require cable connected to their homes. Foxtel Now operates through the home’s broadband network (mostly Wifi, depending on the device chosen to use). So there are no additional charges of installation.
  5. Customers who have a classic Foxtel subscription service also get free-to-air channels. Foxtel Now does not include free-to-air channels. On the other hand, if the customers have an antenna plugged directly into their TV, on their Foxtel now set-top pod (it has its digital tuner), they will still get all the free-to-air channels.

The Cons

  1. Additional premium shows and niche channels like sports are only available on top of the base back regardless of the preference.
  2. Need to take on other packages to get kids and doco packages.
  3. It requires reliable and fast broadband which is more than a norm in Australia; anyone who has less than fast and reliable internet service will be frustrated.

Detailed Comparison Of Foxtel Now With Competitor Streaming Platforms

These days you can find many subscription streaming options, so how does Foxtel Now stand out to the more traditional services such as Stan and Netflix?

To begin with, Foxtel Now is not just an on-demand streaming service, it is mainly focused on streaming Live Channels. This means you can tune into your chosen pack channels in high definition, just as you would on a Foxtel IQ box. Live Channels are still a huge priority to a large number of people and Foxtel Now delivers them.

Foxtel’s user interface cannot be left unseen. Clunky, slow, outdated apps are not what Foxtel Now is about. Its UX is cleanly separated into four tabs- Home, live TV, on-demand, and kids. Foxtel now interface is a huge plus point with the live TV section, as it cleanly breaks down content into categories and offers channel surfing without having to exit your live stream.

Can People From Outside Australia Use Foxtel Now?

Users can now watch Foxtel now from abroad in easy six steps. 

The good news is that it is possible to watch Foxtel Now abroad but it will be done with the help of an extra app called VPN (Virtual Private Network), it could be of any company. As its main objective is to provide its user’s online privacy and allow them to disguise their location and change it to elsewhere. It is recommended to set it to Australia to watch Foxtel Now.              

VPN services are 100% legal in Australia and all VPNs work by taking the data on computers, tablets, or mobiles and further encrypting it so no one can read it. The data is then sent through a private network tunnel and VPN applications send their request to their servers first and then it is sent to Foxtel Now servers in Australia.                                                                                                                       

Addressing Some Frequent Queries About Foxtel Now

Foxtel Go is a free service to their existing Foxtel customers. It is limited to compatible devices within Australia. However, there are ways to use this service outside Australia as well.  On the other hand, Foxtel Now is believed to be an attempt to compete with Netflix.

According to the positive Foxtel Now Box review, users can watch the same shows and movies on Foxtel now. But for the best experience users are highly recommended to watch Foxtel now on a compatible device, including genuine Android or the iOS Mobiles and the Tablets which has the capability to Chrome cast or Airplay to a larger screen preview, Telstra TV, Sony Android TVs, and Foxtel Now Box.

As long as the user of Foxtel Now has an internet connection, they can take Foxtel Now boxes wherever they want in Australia. All they need is just unplug it, pack all the related stuff, and could carry it with them. Because Foxtel Now Box is plug and play, installation is also very easy.

Users of Foxtel Now are not asked to input their Google ID. However, it is recommended to sign in and log in to have a good experience and make the most out of the Foxtel Now Box. As the User logged in with their Google ID can access the Play Store of Google and buy the movies as well.

As a Foxtel Now subscriber, users can still use the Foxtel Play application. Users can use either the Foxtel Now or the Foxtel Play branded applications. All these devices would be counted in the five registered devices. For instance, they might be using Foxtel Now on their PlayStation 4 and use Foxtel Play on their Samsung TV. It is highly recommended by the previous users of Foxtel Now that you watch Foxtel Now on a compatible device including PS4, Telstra TV, Sony Android TVs, or the Foxtel Now Box.

Foxtel Now recommends having a minimum of 3.0 Mbps or above while watching SD content or 7.0 Mbps while watching HD content.

If you are experiencing Foxtel Now buffering or delay in channel change times, this might be due to a slower internet connection. You are requested to run a speed test by going through your device’s settings. If speed is found below requirement, you must contact their internet service provider.

High Resolutions and HD wholly depend on the device of the user of Foxtel Now. Foxtel Now streams up to the quality of 1080p for Demand titles and up to 720p on linear TV.

How to Watch T20 World Cup on Foxtel Now in Australia?

Luckily, you can consider using Foxtel Now Sports plan to watch T20 World Cup 2022 live or on-demand broadcast on numerous devices like desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Smart TVs, etc.

As far as the price of Foxtel Now Sports package is concerned, viewers will need to pay $54 per month.

What’s The Final Word On Foxtel Now Australia Review?

Who should subscribe

  1. If you want to watch more content than the content of the package selected. Foxtel Now has a huge library of TV shows that easily outshines any other streaming service.
  2. If you have a huge craze for sports. Remarkably, the app offers live TV and sports coverage that it is competitors have never thought of.
  3. If you want to avoid signing up for a cable package. People love that they no longer have to go through the whole TV pay installation or contract signing process.

Who shouldn’t subscribe

  1. If you hate pre-roll advertisements. It would be quite common to see ads in free streaming services but when you are paying between $25 two $104, it feels quite annoying.
  2. If you want the fully equipped streaming app. The app lacks many features like individual user profiles and offline viewing. 
  3. If you only want access to pop and drama shows. The recently launched Binge streaming services offer much of the same HBO content and are more affordable in comparison with Foxtel Now.

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