PureVPN Review (October 2020 Updated)

Last updated: October 8, 2020

PureVPN review summary: PureVPN is a safe VPN to use, offering AES-enabled 256-bit encryption and advanced tunnelling protocols. It maintains a clean privacy policy, audited by third-party firms. It lets you stream Netflix USA as well as six other Netflix libraries at an average speed of 15.56 Mbps on a 20Mbps connection. PureVPN also works with BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Stan, and 7plus. It has got a dedicated mode for P2P file sharing too. It’s available on almost all devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Kodi, Fire TV Stick, Samsung smart TV, and Android TV. You can connect up to ten devices to your PureVPN account at once. It’s modestly priced at $2.91/mo.

We did a complete review of PureVPN security, speed, IP/DNS leak, and checked whether it worked with Netflix, allows torrenting or not, and a few other tests in an effort to give our verdict if PureVPN is safe to use or not.

What Country is PureVPN Based in?

PureVPN is currently based in Hong Kong, but ever since the Chinese authorities have announced that it would introduce a new security law that is controversial and similar to the law implemented in China.

As a result, PureVPN may shut down Hong Kong headquarter citing security fears. PureVPN has also removed Hong Kong servers to maintain the online privacy of its users.

It agrees with the human rights watchdogs and activists that the New National Security Law poses a threat to their users’ online privacy. 

They are taking the time to evaluate their jurisdiction. We will inform our users about the new developments as it takes place.

How Many Servers Does PureVPN Have?

PureVPN has 2,000 servers in 140+ countries. These servers cover a total of 180+ locations worldwide. 

You can either connect to these servers by selecting the name of the country or by the name of the cities. On each server, you will find symbols like P2P, Virtual, Phone/Message, etc.


These symbols will let you know if they are best for streaming, torrenting, or unblocking websites.

Is PureVPN Good for Torrenting?

PureVPN is quite good for torrenting and P2P file-sharing purposes. To download torrent with PureVPN, you will need to change your preference by clicking on the ‘Change Mode’ option on its app.

You need to click on File-Sharing so that you can only find servers that are P2P supported.

Is PureVPN Safe to Use?

PureVPN is perfectly safe to use. The reason why I say this is because PureVPN uses AES 256-bit encryption which provides the highest level of anonymity.

This means, PureVPN not only masks your IP address but it encrypts your data through a secure tunnel. If any third-party tries to sneak up on your data, they would only find encrypted codes that are impossible to decrypt.

256-bit encryption is also useful against cyberattacks and combats against malicious attacks.

This encryption is also used on its protocols like OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2, SSTP, and L2TP/IPSec. If you’re using a tablet, mobile, or a computer, be assured that you will have a secure connection and the data is transmitted securely.

Additional Security Features

Have a look at the additional security features that PureVPN has to offer:

Split Tunneling: This feature splits your internet traffic. You can route some of your traffic through a VPN tunnel that remains invisible to your ISP, while you can route your other traffic through your ISP network. You can turn ON this feature from the Settings menu and it will ask you to enter the websites that you wish to hide their online traffic from ISPs.

Internet Kill Switch: It prevents your original IP address from being seen by your Internet Service Provider whenever your VPN connection drops. The first thing PureVPN asks when you open its app for the first time is to enable Kill Switch. It disconnects your internet when suddenly your VPN is disconnected. You can enable this feature from the Settings menu and then Advanced Option.

IPv6 Leak Protection: This feature protects your IP from being exposed to the public. With the state-of-the-art encryption algorithm, your identity is secured when you connect to PureVPN servers.

Dedicated IP: This is an add-on feature that assigns you a personal IP that only belongs to you. That IP address isn’t shared with other PureVPN users but it costs $0.99/mo for a single IP on top of the regular subscription. You can get PureVPN dedicated IP only for these regions United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malta, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

Does PureVPN Hide IP Address?

Yes, PureVPN hides your IP address and prevents from any DNS leaks. It doesn’t have any viruses or malware on its installation files as well.

It tested for any IP/DNS leaks and viruses. Here are the screenshot for it:

IP Test

I connected to the France server and tested for IP leak using this website. I found that there wasn’t any IP leak.


DNS Test

When I tested for DNS leak, I did not found the leak either.


Virus Test

Virus Total scanned PureVPN Windows installation file for any viruses or malware. I did NOT found any viruses or malware either.


Does PureVPN Keep Logs?

PureVPN does NOT keep any kind of logs whether it be connection logs or activity logs. In fact, PureVPN is one of the few VPN companies that has performed an independent audit of its logs by Altius IT (US-based Independent Auditor).

The report suggests that it:

“Did not find any evidence of system configuration or system log files that independently or collectively track a person’s online activity.”

Information that PureVPN collects:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Payment Method

Normally, PureVPN uses third-party payment processors except for a few payment processors. It passes on the information to the processer without keeping any record of it.

To make yourself truly anonymous, it has also introduced Coin Payment and Gift Card as well.

Information that PureVPN does not collect:

  • Original IP Address
  • VPN Server IP Address
  • VPN Session Timestamps
  • Browsing Activity
  • DNS Requests

In a nutshell, PureVPN does not know what you are browsing over the internet, anything you upload or download. It won’t be able to identify at what time you connected to their VPN server or which IP was assigned to you.

Even if PureVPN is compelled to share user information, it simply cannot do that because they have nothing to share.

Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

Yes, PureVPN works with Netflix and easily unblocks the US library along with 6 other Netflix libraries. This means you can watch 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV shows with PureVPN.

The Netflix libraries you can unblock are the US, Australia, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, and the UK. 

I tested using the PureVPN Netflix server that connects automatically and finds a suitable US server. I was able to stream ‘Norm of the North: Family Vacation’ without a problem:


Also, PureVPN was also able to unblock BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Stan, 7plus, and other streaming services. Here is a screenshot of me streaming ‘The Choir’ on BBC iPlayer.


To find out other VPNs that easily passed our Netflix test, then here’s a list of best Netflix VPNs to look at.

How Many Devices Does PureVPN Support?

PureVPN app is available for all devices. These include Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux, Fire TV Stick, Kodi, and all types of Android TV.

If your device isn’t compatible with PureVPN, you can install PureVPN Chrome and Firefox extension. It is also compatible with VPN enabled Routers as well.

With a single PureVPN account, you can use it on 10 multiple devices simultaneously. 

PureVPN Windows App

There are a lot of features in the PureVPN Windows app that you should know before using it. Once you open the app, you will find a ‘Change Mode’ option that asks you for what purpose you need to use PureVPN.

You can choose options like streaming, internet freedom, security and privacy, file sharing, and dedicated IP. 


If you choose ‘streaming’ option, you will find PureVPN regular servers and also an important option i.e. Popular Websites that will help you connect to streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, BBC iPlayer, etc.

PureVPN Android App

On its Android app, you will find 3 main options at the top i.e. Quick Connect, Countries, Popular Websites. To find the fastest server that is nearest to your country, click on Quick Connect. 

But if you want to connect to a regular server of your choice, then choose Countries option and select any server.


The popular website option is the same as the Windows app. Just select any streaming site and it will connect you to the best server that unblocks it.

How Do I Download PureVPN?

Follow these steps to download PureVPN on any device. I used an example of PureVPN on Windows:

Step 1: First you need to subscribe with PureVPN

Step 2: Download and Install the PureVPN Windows app


Step 3: Open PureVPN app and enter Username/Password


Step 4: Select any server i.e. US server and connect to it


Step 5: Once connected, access any blocked website or stream securely on the web

Is PureVPN Fast?

Yes, PureVPN is really fast and is optimized for streaming as well. Most VPNs would only focus on security but forget how valuable it is to provide a good streaming experience. PureVPN can do both!

I tested 3 different PureVPN servers for speed i.e. Australian server, Canada server, and US server. My original speed without a VPN was recorded 20 Mbps.

US Server (Columbus)

This server speed was above average. My internet speed was only decreased by 22%.

Speed Test TypeSpeed Test Results
US Server Ping101 (ms)
US Server Upload4.32 (Mbps)
US Server Download15.56 (Mbps)
Speed Decreased by22%

Australia Server (Sydney)

This server speed was also fast. My internet speed was only decreased by 25%.

Speed Test TypeSpeed Test Results
US Server Ping123 (ms)
US Server Upload3.87 (Mbps)
US Server Download14.92 (Mbps)
Speed Decreased by25%

Canada Server (Vancouver)

This server speed was good but not fast. My internet speed was only decreased by 30%.

Speed Test TypeSpeed Test Results
US Server Ping132 (ms)
US Server Upload2.79 (Mbps)
US Server Download14.38 (Mbps)
Speed Decreased by28%

How Much Does PureVPN Cost?

PureVPN price is quite reasonable. It also offers a 7-days free trial on its Android and iOS app by entering your credit card information.

Have a look at PureVPN pricing plan:


As you can see, the most reasonable of plans is the 2-year plan that costs $2.91/month that helps you save 73%.  

You make payment through Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX), PayPal, Alipay, Bitcoin, Skrill, Mint, and more. Payments that are made through any cryptocurrency are non-refundable. 

What makes PureVPN likable is its ‘No Questions Asked, Risk-Free 31-days Refund Policy‘. But first, they will try to resolve your issue before forwarding your refund request.

If you want to cancel PureVPN or do not want auto-recurring payments to be deducted, you can contact help@purevpn.com.

Is PureVPN Customer Support Responsive?

The customer support for PureVPN is highly responsive. You will find a 24/7 live chat support that will help you solve every problem that customer encounters.

Other than live chat support, you will find resources that will help you solve your problem without bothering the chat supports. These are:

  • Setup Guides
  • Troubleshooting
  • FAQs
  • Ticket

You can connect with PureVPN through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Do I Recommend PureVPN?

Yes, I definitely recommend using PureVPN.

PureVPN is doing everything it can to gain users’ trust. From conducting an independent audit of its logs to announcing the removal of its Hong Kong servers, it shows that PureVPN truly cares about users’ online privacy after all.

Having fast speed with over 2,000+ VPN servers, it makes a perfect VPN for unblocking streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc, and giving users’ an excellent streaming experience.

It doesn’t leak an IP or DNS as shown in the tests, nor does it has malware installed in its downloadable file to sneak up on users’ activity in private.

All in all, PureVPN is perfectly safe to use because it uses the strongest encryption and has a Kill Switch feature that protects your identity even when the VPN connection drops.

Still, if you want to know more about other VPN reviews and to choose which one suits you best, check out our list of best VPNs Australia.

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