Watch Best Shows on 9Now Outside Australia [2023 Updated]

Last updated: September 14, 2023

9Now is one of the best Australian on-demand streaming services. Its subscribers get a wide variety of highly entertaining, must-watch shows. And the best part is that this awesome content gets updated regularly. So if you’re looking for how to watch best shows on 9Now outside Australia right now in 2023, let this blog post serve as your ultimate guide.

To Watch 9Now in Australia, you will need to use a reliable VPN service to get around the site’s geographical restrictions. So, if you’d like to cancel your 9Now subscriptions, you can easily do it by subscribing to ExpresVPN. You don’t need to do much. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access 9Now, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access 9Now.

You can quickly download the 9Now app today to get your dose of top-notch entertainment. However, there is one tiny hurdle: the service’s streams are geographically restricted outside Australian territory to honor certain licensing deals.

You will be happy knowing  how much does 9Now cost outside Australia in 2023, you can enjoy streaming all the best shows and trending movies on 9Now from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Best Shows on 9Now Outside Australia in 2023? [Easy Steps]

But the good news is that you can simply use an efficient VPN to overcome 9Now’s geo-restrictions. And for this purpose, we recommend ExpressVPN because of its supreme quality and reasonable prices.

And once you are ready with your 9Now and ExpressVPN subscription, just go through our carefully compiled list of the exciting shows available on 9Now right now!


What are the Best 9Now Shows to Stream Outside Australia?

We have picked out the shows 9Now viewers love the most based on their IMDb ratings and critical acclaim. Check out the details of best movies and best shows below.

The Block (2003)

The Block (2003)

Directors: David Barbour and Julian Cress

Cast: Scott Cam, Dan Reilly, Shelley Craft, Keith Schleiger, Shaynna Blaze, Neil Whitaker, Darren Palmer, Alisa Fraser, John McGrath, and Lysandra Fraser

Genre: Game Show, Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 6.3

Number of Seasons: 18 (Episodes 817)

The Block is a fun reality TV show about couples who are in competition to revamp subpar buildings and convert them into luxurious apartments and houses. The goal of the contestants is to sell these refurbished properties at the highest possible price to get a chance to win the lavish prize of $100,000. You’ll enjoy the competitive spirit the unique concept of the show brings.

Family Law (2021)

Family Law (2021)

Director: Susin Nielsen

Cast: Jewel Staite, Genelle Williams, Zach Smadu, Lauren Holly, Bobbi Charlton, Victor Garber, Brett Kelly, Luke Camilleri, Eden Summer Gilmore, Brenden Sunderland

Genre: Crime, Drama, Comedy

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Number of Seasons: 3 (Episodes 30)

This drama features family members with many flaws who end up jointly, but reluctantly, working for their father’s legal firm in Vancouver. The main character Abigail must balance between dealing with her two half-siblings and demanding. In addition, she also has personal problems, having battled alcoholism. The show is a rollercoaster of emotions and thus an intense watch.

The Thing About Pam (2022)

The Thing About Pam (2022)

Directors: Adam Kane, Scott Winant, Logan Klebens

Cast: Renee Zellweger, Josh Duhamel, Gideon Adlon, Judy Greer, Sean Bridgers, Olivia Luccardi, Glenn Fleshler, Keith Morrison, Mac Brandt, Susanne Spoke

Genre: Crime, Comedy, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Number of Seasons: 1 (Episodes 6)

This mini-series explores the real-world murder of Betsy Faria and the circumstances surrounding the killing. Betsy’s husband is the prime suspect based on testimony from Betsy’s friend Pam, though he claims innocence. Soon gaps seem to appear in Pam’s retelling of how things unfolded. The show has a star-studded cast whose work you’ll marvel at throughout.

Manifest (2018)

Manifest (2018)

Directors: Romeo Tirone, Dean White, Michael Smith, Claudia Yarmy, Marisol Adler, and a group of other directors

Cast: Melissa Roxburgh, J. R. Ramirez, Josh Dallas, Luna Blaise, Matt Long, Parveen Kaur, Daryl Edwards, Jack Messina, Ellen Tamaki, Holly Taylor

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

IMDb Rating: 7.1

Number of Seasons: 4 (Episodes 62)

A commercial airplane suddenly appears again after going missing for over five years. The passengers and crew members were already assumed to have passed away. Now they all must find a way to deal with the changes that have occurred during their time away, plus some mysterious instances of clairvoyance. You’ll love this deep drama any day of the week.

Married at First Sight (2015)

Married at First Sight (2015)

Directors: Michael Fitzpatrick, Charlie Mysak, Kate Douglas-Walker, Jo Siddiqui

Cast: Cortney Hendrix, Dough Hehner, Jamie Otis, Jason Carrion, Logan Levkoff, Joseph Cilona, Nephtali Rodriguez, Gerrit Jones-Rooy, Pepper Schwartz

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 5.7

Number of Seasons: 2 (Episodes 22)

Married at First Sight is a reality show that deals with a wild social experiment in which absolute strangers agree to get married as soon as their first encounter takes place. This makes for an intriguing premise, as the cast members are all singles looking to settle down in life. You’ll be able to quickly relate to many of the characters and the unique situations they face.

Travel Guides (2017)

Travel Guides (2017)

Directors: Deelon Weerasinghe, David Gardner

Cast: Denise Scott (as the narrator), plus several regular Australians

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 8.4

Number of Seasons: 3 (Episodes 21)

This intriguing reality show follows different tourist groups who visit various places in Australia and overseas. Each journey is unique and full of fun. The cast combines their unique experiences and insights as part-time travel critics and provides a rating for the trips. If you’re into traveling, this super exciting show will keep you locked onto your screen for hours.

For Life (2020–2021)

For Life (2020–2021)

Directors: Russell Lee Fine, Jono Oliver, Guillermo Navarro, and ten other directors with one episode each

Cast: Nicholas Pinnock, Dorian Missick, Indira Verma, Joe Bryant, Tyla Harris, Christopher Mormando, Timothy Busfield, Tony Goins, Boris McGiver, Brandon Dirden

Genre: Crime, Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Number of Seasons: 2 (Episodes 23)

For Life zooms in on the life of a man named Aaron Wallace. Aaron is sentenced to life in prison but has not committed the crime for which he was convicted. During his jail time, he works to become a lawyer and fights cases for other inmates while trying to reverse his own sentencing. The show’s redemption arc is something to behold, especially if the crime genre is your go-to.

Below Deck (2013)

Below Deck (2013)

Director: Marc Cooper

Cast: Lee Rosbach, Rachel Hargrove, Kate Chastain, Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas, Rhylee Gerber, Ashton Pienaar, Amy Johnson, Nico Scholly, Fraser Olender

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Number of Seasons: 11 (Episodes 158)

Below Deck is a US-based reality program focusing on the circumstances of the crew of a luxury superyacht whose charter season is in full swing. The crew faces multiple challenges, both in their personal and professional lives, and must deal with them to make their clients happy. You’ll appreciate the teamwork aspect and the human element of this show.

Love Island (2018–2022)

Love Island (2018–2022)

Directors: Marty Denholm, Peter Leeson, Hayley MacFarlane, Ryan Vermeulen

Cast: Sophie Monk,

Genre: Reality TV

IMDb Rating: 5.6

Number of Seasons: 4 (Episodes 87)

Love Island Australia is a dating show featuring real Aussies looking for love. The show’s contestants are called “Islanders”. They reside in a luxurious villa cut off entirely from the world outside. The goal is to survive on the show by coupling up with someone to avoid getting voted off by peers. You’ll love the lengths contestants go to grab the elusive $50,000 prize.

Resident Alien (2021)

Resident Alien (2021)

Directors: Robert Duncan McNeill, Kabir Akhtar, Shannon Kohli, Jay Chandrasekhar, and others

Cast: Alan Tudyk, Corey Reynolds, Sara Tomko, Alice Wetterlund, Judah Prehn, Levi Fiehler, Elizabeth Bowen, Gary Farmer, Meredith Garretson, Jenna Lamia

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Mystery

IMDb Rating: 8.1

Number of Seasons: 3 (Episodes 38)

Resident Alien is a sci-fi drama about an alien whose spacecraft crash-lands on Earth. The alien is on a mission to destroy all humans. To stay below the radar, he assumes the role of a pathology physician after stealing the man’s identity. However, down the road, he must resolve the moral aspect of his destructive goal. The show will move and thrill you at the same time.

What Else is Worth Watching on 9Now?

Here is the most popular show list that is available on 9Now.


9Now is one streaming service that is never short of top-quality shows in diverse genres. From comedies to sci-fi to legal dramas, you can enjoy the top shows we’ve listed in this article once you subscribe to 9Now. And if you’re living abroad, sidestep 9Now’s geo-restrictions by using the power of ExpressVPN to watch best shows on 9Now outside Australia.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think of our picks of the top 9Now shows in the comments section below also, take a look at what the cost of 9Now looks like in Australia.

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