Watch Best Trending Movies on 9Now Outside Australia [2023 Updated]

Last updated: September 14, 2023

To Watch 9Now in Australia, you will need to use a reliable VPN service to get around the site’s geographical restrictions. Many people outside Australia face difficulty accessing the 9Now streaming platform due to geographic restrictions.

It can be frustrating if you can’t enjoy the 9Now entertaining content. So, if you are wondering how to watch best trending movies on 9Now Outside Australia, you are at the right place. You can enjoy a 9Now Free trial as well as cancel 9Now subscription at any time with a few clicks. If you are struggling to find out the best VPN to access 9Now, you are at the right place to learn about 3 best VPNs to access 9Now.

You will be happy knowing  how much does 9Now cost outside Australia in 2023, you can enjoy streaming all the best shows and trending movies on 9Now from anywhere in the world.

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There is a solution to overcome this obstacle. You can bypass geographical restrictions and access the vast collection of trending movies on 9Now using aVPN. With ExpressVPN, you can bypass these limitations and unlock the boundless content of 9Now worldwide.

9Now offers a vast variety of content. To improve your streaming experience, I’ve compiled a list of trending shows on 9Now that you can enjoy outside of Australia. Also included detailed information about each show, making it effortless for you to select and watch according to your preference.

A Christmas Karen

A Christmas Karen

Writer: Jon Binkowski

Director: Lisa Enos Smith, Jon Binkowski

Cast: Taylor Burnett, Michele Simms, Ashley B. Jones and others

The show revolves around Karen, a middle-aged woman with a strong sense of entitlement. Her disconnected relationships and prejudiced views lead to a turning point in her life when she becomes the focus of an intervention by unconventional spirits. Through this experience, Karen embarks on a journey of self-discovery, learning important lessons about empathy, compassion, and the true essence of community.

A Glenbrooke Christmas

A Glenbrooke Christmas

Writer: Julie Sherman, David Golden, WolfeRobin Jones Gunn

Director: David I. Strasser

Cast: Antonio Cupo, Beau Daniels, Autumn Reeser and others

The film tells the story of Jessica Morgan, an heiress who yearns for a normal life away from her privileged upbringing. While visiting her mother’s birthplace, she meets Kyle, a firefighter, and finds herself drawn to him and the welcoming community.

Jessica secretly helps raise money to restore the Christmas bells while developing a bond with Kyle. As Christmas approaches, she must decide whether to reveal her true identity and confront the challenge of reconciling her desire for independence with her family’s legacy.

A Song for Christmas

A Song for Christmas

Writer: Joie Botkin, Betsy Morris

Director: Rich Newey

Cast: Kevin McGarry, Paula Boudreau and others

The story is about Adelaide Kay, a famous pop star who escapes from her controlling manager and ends up stranded in a small Pennsylvania town during winter. Taken in by a struggling family, she connects with Dillon, the eldest son. As their relationship grows, they face challenges and dilemmas, exploring the true meaning of the holiday season and discovering the importance of love, family, and personal growth.

A Taste Of Christmas

A Taste of Christmas

Writer: Kelly Peters, Amy Katherine Taylor

Director: Damián Romay

Cast: Anni Krueger, Nia Vardalos, Andrew Brodeur, Gilles Marini and Emma Myers

The film is about Natalie, who steps up to ensure that her cousin Francesca’s cancelled restaurant opening on Christmas Eve still takes place. Determined to prevent anyone from being alone on Christmas, Natalie works alongside Chef Stefano to make the event happen. Through their collaboration, they discover the true meaning of cooking and Christmas, emphasizing the importance of sharing love and joy with loved ones.

Charming Christmas

Charming Christmas

Writer: Karen McClellan

Director: Craig Pryce

Cast: Julie Benz, Ashley Leggat, Bruce Gray, David Sutcliffe, and others

The movie centres around Meredith Rossman, an heiress burdened by the pressure of increasing sales to prevent her cousin from taking over the family business. To assess operations, she disguises herself as Mrs. Claus and encounters Nick, a charming Santa Claus hire.

Nick inspires Meredith to embrace the magic of the holiday season, leading her on a journey of personal growth and the pursuit of granting meaningful wishes. The film explores romance, self-discovery, and the transformative power of Christmas.

Christmas à La Carte

Christmas à La Carte

Writer: Elizabeth Martin, Lauren Hynek

Director: Amy Barrett

Cast: HynekElizabeth, Lauren, Martin and others

The story revolves around Carly Hayes, a determined food correspondent who is allowed to host her own show. However, her plans take an unexpected turn when she is assigned to Angel Heights, a charming town, to help Grant Quinn reopen her family’s cherished diner.

Carly’s journey, captured in a holiday special pilot, follows her collaboration with Grant to revive the restaurant. As they work together, the reopening of the diner evokes fond memories within the town and opens Grant’s guarded heart. The film explores love, transformation, and the power of community.

The Christmas Ball

The Christmas Ball

Writer: Kimberly Daugherty, Brant Daugherty

Director: Brian Herzlinger

Cast: Brant Daugherty, Lana McKissack, Randy Wayne and others

The film follows Clare Fitzgerald, a lead ballerina who suffers heartbreak after losing her role in the Nutcracker ballet. She seeks refuge with her Aunt Bridget in England during the holiday season, where she meets Liam, a local professor and historian. Clare discovers the rich history of her family’s manor, which once hosted Christmas Regency balls.

With Aunt Bridget’s suggestion, they organize a ball as part of Liam’s presentation to preserve their heritage. As Clare and Liam work together, romance blossoms. The film explores love, Christmas traditions, and the significance of preserving one’s cultural heritage.

A Christmas Movie Christmas

A Christmas Movie Christmas

Writer: Kimberly Daugherty, Brant Daugherty

Director: Brian Herzlinger

Cast: Brant Daugherty, Lana McKissack, Randy Wayne and others

The film follows Eve, a Christmas movie enthusiast dreams of a perfect holiday experience with a movie-like boyfriend. On Christmas Eve, she and her sister Lacy make wishes to Santa and find themselves transported to Christmas Town, where they become the protagonists of their own Christmas movie.

As they navigate through unexpected challenges, Eve realizes that her extensive knowledge of Christmas movies may not be enough to fix everything. Determined to return to reality, Eve and Lacy seek an exit from their enchanting yet increasingly problematic cinematic Christmas world.


A Winter Princess

A Winter Princess

Writer: Erinne Dobson

Director: Allan Harmon

Cast: Brendon Zub, Chris McNally, Mackenzie Gray and others

The film tells the story of Carly, a princess who assumes a secret identity while working at a ski resort. They develop a strong attraction while organizing a lavish 50th-anniversary party with Jesse, the owner’s brother.

Complications arise when Carly’s twin brother unexpectedly appears, threatening to expose her true identity. The film explores Carly’s struggle to keep her secret while navigating her budding romance with Jesse, highlighting the challenges of balancing personal desires and royal responsibilities.


Christmas Ever After

Christmas Ever After

Writer: Tanner Bean, Katrina Mathewson

Director: Pat Kiely

Cast: Bill Marchant, Ali Stroker, Gita Miller and others

It’s about Izzi Simmons, a successful romance novelist facing writer’s block during her annual Christmas visit to a snowy bed and breakfast. A heartwarming love story unfolds when she meets Matt, the new owner of the B&B, who resembles the charming heroes from her novels.

As Izzi engages in the lodge’s festive activities, her creativity is reignited, offering her the chance to experience a real-life romance. The film combines themes of love, the Christmas spirit, and the power of finding inspiration in unexpected places.

What Else is Worth Watching on 9Now?

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