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Last updated: March 13, 2023

Fetch TV is an Australian streaming platform that allows you to access numerous premium channels and watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other content through its innovative TV box instantly. Read this extensive Fetch TV review to know about its pricing, content quality, TV channels, streaming apps, and other features thoroughly.

What is Fetch TV all about?

Fetch TV is a one-stop-shop for all entertainment and sports lovers. This platform helps you access numerous online streaming services apps such as Netflix, Stan, Hayu, 10 All Access, SBS On Demand, using your internet connection.

Moreover, it broadcasts different channels and all these above-listed apps through an advanced TV box. Consequently, you can watch award-winning movies and blockbusters movies on several devices accordingly.

Salient features of Fetch TV

When you use the Fetch Mighty, an innovative set-top box, you can record and save 500+ hours of media content without any hassle. Fetch Mighty aside; you can benefit from an impressive Electronic Program Guide that lets you watch your favorite shows and other content available on different premium channels.

In addition, you can take advantage of remote control that offers all the required options in one place. If we discuss its user interface, it is straightforward and easy to use from subscribers’ point of view.

Above all, the main functions are listed adequately under logical sub-menus that makes the life of a user lot easier and stress-free. Furthermore, the bright blue light guides users that the device is connected to the internet and is up and running.

How much does Fetch TV cost?

As far as the cost of Fetch TV is concerned, it depends on where you buy your favorite streaming box from. Furthermore, there are three main types of Fetch TV box available in the market.

These three (3) Fetch TV boxes are known as Fetch Mini, Fetch Mini 4K, and Fetch Mighty. If you are planning to get Fetch Mini through Koga, you will need to pay $169. Likewise, you will pay $449 to get Fetch Mighty from the same retailer.

If you wish to buy a Fetch Mini box from the JB Hi-Fi retailer, you will pay $169. The same goes for the Fetch Mighty box as you will need to pay the same amount of $449 to the same retailer.

The other retailers such as The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Domayne, Joyce Mayne, and Dick Smith are selling Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty at the same prices to customers i.e. $169 and $449 respectively.

Lastly, the Fetch Mini 4K box is available at the cost of $199. It means you will have to pay the said amount i.e. 199 no matter if you buy it from Kogan, Dick Smith, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, and other retailers.

Apart from this, Fetch TV will charge a one-time activation fee of $1 that allows your Fetch box to work as a digital receiver, catch-up service, and a PVR.

What are different Fetch TV channels packs?

Fetch TV offers 4 premium channel packs you can obtain at the cost of $6/month. These 4 channel packs are Vibe, Knowledge, Variety, and Kids.


If you select Vibe pack, you can access different channels including MTV, ESPN, ESPN 2, EDGE, Spike, EGG, Comedy Central, etc.

When you subscribe to the Knowledge pack, you can watch Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, BBC Earth, etc. Similarly, the Variety Channels Pack allows you to watch BBC First, OXYGEN, and other premium channels.


Luckily, you can also use Fetch TV and get a Kids pack that helps your kids watch their favorite channels like Nickelodeon, NickJr, etc.  That said, few channels such as CNN, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang will stop offering its transmission on the Fetch TV box since April 24, 2021.

Special Interests

Special Interests is another valuable streaming option to watch media content based on the sports genre specifically. There are four (4) different packages available that help you stream your favorite sports under one roof.

If you are a UFC fan, you should subscribe to UFC pack to watch all the latest and exciting UFC fights on pay-per-view-basis.


Likewise, you can get an Optus Sport pack to watch UEFA Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, and other global sports events on your desired devices. In terms of pricing, Optus Sport is available at the cost of $14.99/month.


As previously discussed, the beIN Sports pack is another great option for sports lovers. Through this pack, you can access three different channels of beIN Sports and watch various sports like Tennis, Football, and Rugby. If you want to avail this pack, you will have to pay $19.99/month.

Horse & Country

Horse & Country is another sports-focused channel that enables you to watch equestrian sports. Apart from this, you can watch documentaries and other programs related to horse riding. You can subscribe to Horse & Country channel by paying $9.99/month.


Hillsong and ACC TV

Hillsong and ACC TV add value to your life in a different manner. If you are willing to watch content based on social values, you can add this exclusive channel to your existing subscription package without any cost.

If you buy Fetch TV outright through retail, you cannot get any channel packs pre-installed. That said, you will have to pay $6/month to get your desired channel pack accordingly.

In case you wish to use all these amazing 4 channel packs, you can pay $20/month straightaway.

World Packs

Surprisingly, you can get other international channels on your Fetch box by subscribing to World packs. This way, you can access five (5) other channel packs including Italian, Taj Mahal, Chinese, TVB Cantonese & Korean, and Pinoy too.


The Italian Pack allows you to watch Italian shows, movies, and documentaries across 4 prominent Italian channels on multiple devices. If you want to subscribe to the Italian Pack, you will pay $15.00/month.

The Taj Mahal Pack is accessible at the price of $15.00/month which allows you to watch different news and entertainment channels of India and other Asian countries.

The Chinese Pack is suitable for subscribers who want to watch Chinese movies and shows accordingly. They will need to pay $9.95 per month to avail the subscription to the Chinese pack.

The TVB Cantonese and Korean Pack let you stream news, current affairs, and other media content based on Hong Kong and Korean regions. You can pay $15.00/month to start using the TVB Cantonese and Korean pack.

Likewise, the Pinoy Pack enables you to watch Philippines news, Talk shows, movies, and other content on your screens. But, you will have to pay $19.95/month to use the Pinoy pack.

Can I watch sports on Fetch TV?

Interestingly, you can watch both ESPN and ESPN2 channels on the Fetch TV box that will help you stream international sports content 24/7 and 365 days throughout the year.

If you want to access sports content, you will have to subscribe to its “Vibe” pack. Furthermore, you can also choose special interest channel packs that allow you to access other premium sports channels like Optus Sport and beIN Sports. As a result, you can watch numerous international sports tournaments like UEFA National League, UEFA Champions League, etc.

Besides, Fetch TV does offer dedicated sports channel packs to its subscribers by the name of beIN Sports pack. As far as the beIN Sports pack is concerned, you can watch three sports channels like beIN Sports 1, beIN Sports 2, and beIN Sports 3 accordingly.

Here is the list of different sporting events you can watch using the beIN Sports pack:

  • Bundesliga
  • International Rugby
  • LaLiga
  • Serie A
  • EFL Championship
  • the Wallabies & All Blacks’ Spring Tours
  • 6 Nations
  • Davis Cup
  • WTA Tour

Lastly, you can also watch all the famous UFC fights live on your screens available on a pay-per-view basis. If we discuss the cost of the beIN Sports Pack, you will have to spend $19.99/month.


What shows and movies can I watch on Fetch TV?

Fetch TV has become a one-stop solution for Australian viewers who want to access content related to different genres like action, comedy, romance, thriller, suspense, horror, etc.

As already mentioned, you can access different streaming services apps like Netflix, Stan, Hayu, 10 All Access, SBS On Demand, etc. while using Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty box.

Therefore, you can watch a plethora of TV shows and movies on your screens including:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Vikings
  • Stranger Things
  • Chaos Walking
  • Super Intelligence
  • Bluey
  • The Dry
  • Dragon Rider
  • Pain & Gain
  • Doctor Who
  • Chernobyl
  • Parasite
  • Joker
  • Marriage Story


How can I subscribe to Fetch TV?

Compared to other streaming platforms like Stan, Binge, Shudder, and others, the Fetch TV subscription process is a bit different. If you want to know how to activate the Fetch TV box, follow these simple steps as described below:

  • Go to the official website of Fetch TV
  • Provide your personal details such as username, password, email, place of order, mobile number, etc. to create your official account


  • Choose your desired Channel packs to continue your subscription process


  • Enter your credit card information to continue the subscription process


  • Once you confirm your credit card information, your official account will be created
  • Now, you will receive an activation code on the mobile phone number you provided earlier during the subscription process
  • Enter the activation code to sign into your official Fetch TV account and start watching all your favorite TV channels and media content


Does Fetch TV have a free trial for its new users?

Unfortunately, Fetch TV does not provide a free trial feature to its new users. In reality, you will need to buy either Fetch Mini, Fetch Mini 4K or Fetch Mighty box depending on your budget.

What are various Fetch TV provider bundles?

This is another good thing about Fetch TV that it can be easily bundled with numerous ISPs. These ISPs include Dodo, iPrimus, Optus, Westnet, Internode, etc.

If we discuss the Fetch TV bundle with Dodo, you can avail its NBN50 Unlimited monthly plan at the cost of $75/month. However, you will need to pay $219.90 at the end of the first month that includes setup and modem charges.

Likewise, you can get its NBN50 Unlimited yearly plan by paying $924.90/year. Interestingly, you can Fetch TV bundle with iPrimus. For that reason, you will need to subscribe to its Standard Plus plan by paying $75/month. But, you will have to spend $145 at the end of the first month that includes the setup cost and standard modem charges.

Differences between Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty

Both Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty boxes allow you to watch your favorite premium channels and media content including shows, movies, and documentaries.

However, Fetch Mini looks like a smaller and affordable streaming box as compared to Fetch Mighty. The Fetch Mini box offers media content in SD quality.

On the contrary, Fetch Mighty as the name suggests helps you watch content in 4K streaming quality. Besides, it comes with an impressive 1TB internal hard drive that lets you store media content of different TV channels for up to 500+ hours easily.

When you use the Fetch Mini box, you cannot avail such a feature but you can still watch various free-to-air channels of your choice straightaway. Besides, you can add various channels as add-ons to your existing monthly subscription plan.

How much data does Fetch TV consume?

As you might know, Fetch TV is an IPTV streaming service. Therefore, you need to have a reliable broadband internet connection that provides a certain speed that allows your Fetch TV box to broadcast different channels alongside media content without any buffering or freezing issues.

If you want to stream Fetch and Fetch HD services without any trouble, you will rely on an internet connection that offers a 3Mbps download speed. You can stream Fetch TV content up to one (1) hour using 1GB of data.

If you want to watch Fetch TV shows, movies, and other sports content in HD quality, your Fetch box will use 2.5GB of data per hour approximately. Similarly, your box will consume 6.75GB of data per hour to broadcast media content in 4K quality.

How many devices are compatible with Fetch TV?

Fetch TV supports only a handful of platforms and devices including:

  • Android (Phones & Tablets having Android 5.0 or later)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini)

Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Fetch TV

Fetch TV does allow you to access more or less 100+ channels on your screens hassle-free. Besides, the Fetch Mighty box helps you record 6 different channels at the same time. The story does not end here as Fetch Mini, a comparatively low-cost box is suitable for viewers who do not want to benefit from the TV recording feature.

Furthermore, you can enjoy numerous additional features at no additional cost no matter if you use Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty box. These features include:

  • Availability of 30 movies every month based on different genres
  • Rotten Tomatoes reviews about movies and TV shows are available
  • You can buy or rent your favorite movies from 5000+ titles

However, there are some downsides associated with Fetch TV like other streaming platforms. Pricing is an area where Fetch TV has to work if the platform wants to improve its current customer base significantly.

Furthermore, Fetch TV only provides its channel packs on monthly basis. Likewise, its users cannot access their desired channel packs on yearly basis. As a result, they cannot avail any discount whatsoever.

In short, Fetch TV’s pricing strategy needs to be consumer-centric because they are already spending a handsome amount of money to accomplish their media cravings.

Is Fetch TV better than other online streaming services?

As already discussed, Fetch TV is an excellent platform ideal for streaming sports, movies, TV shows, documentaries, news, and entertainment channels accordingly.

In contrast with Netflix, Stan, Binge, and Kayo Sports, Fetch TV looks like a much better option. Through Netflix and Binge, you can watch TV shows, movies and documentaries on-demand on various devices.

But again, both these services do not offer sports streaming facility to their users. If we talk about Stan, the service has recently introduced an exclusive Stan Sport add-on for their sports-loving subscribers.

Still, Stan is nascent in the area of sports offering but on the other hand, Fetch TV box is beating all the other services by a big margin. That said, Fetch TV has a lot to do pricing-wise because it may issues while retaining and improving its existing customer base in the future.

How can I watch Fetch TV outside Australia?

Like other online streaming services, Fetch TV follows the concepts of geo-restrictions. It means you cannot access its media coverage outside Australia. If you want to access Fetch TV from abroad, you will need to use a premium VPN service.

By doing so, you can mask your actual IP address with another Australian IP address and spoof your online location instantly. This way, you can watch Fetch TV outside Australia on your desired devices.

If you are willing to use a VPN to unblock Fetch TV from abroad, follow these simple steps as mentioned below:


  • Download the VPN app on your devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS
  • Login to your account using your login credentials


  • Connect to an Australian server from the list of servers


  • Open the official website of Fetch TV, login to your account
  • Start watching all your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports content on your desired devices


Fortunately, you can install Fetch TV yourself. However, you will need to connect your Fetch TV to your TV Antenna and your internet to Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Overall, the whole installation process is simple and does not need any rocket science.

No, you cannot get Foxtel Now on Fetch TV. Moreover, Fetch is in direct competition with Foxtel and Foxtel Now. Hence, there is a strong likelihood that you will never get Foxtel on Fetch TV.

No, you cannot get Kayo on Fetch TV as the same goes for Kayo in this scenario. Kayo Sports is a brainchild of Foxtel, a competitor of Fetch TV.

No, you cannot access Netflix free on Fetch TV. If you want to use Netflix on Fetch TV, you will have to subscribe to Netflix first. As a result, you can start watching Netflix media content on Fetch TV accordingly.

The best thing about Fetch TV is that it helps you to record, rewind and pause your favorite pay-TV channels hassle-free. Moreover, you can record one Pay-TV channel while streaming the other pay-TV or free-to-air channel as per your preferences.

As previously discussed, you can record your preferred Pay-TV channel as part of your six-channel recording facility.

When you use Fetch Mighty, you can easily record up to six (6) different channels simultaneously. Besides, you can watch the seventh channel at the same time.

It will not be a wise idea to use a second hand Fetch TV box. There are chances you may not be able to reconnect it through an ISP. In addition to this, the customer support of Fetch TV cannot assist you in this regard.

You can use Fetch TV with Telstra provided you have subscribed to Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty bundles. Once you have activated the Fetch TV box, you can easily use Fetch TV with the famous broadband provider without any hassle.

You can watch Fetch TV on your Android smartphones or iPhones by downloading its free app from Google Play Store or App Store respectively. Once you have paired the Fetch TV app with your smartphones or iPhones, you can access Fetch TV content on them instantly.

No, you cannot get HBO on Fetch TV because Foxtel has obtained exclusive media rights to HBO in Australia.

No, you cannot get HBO on Fetch TV because Foxtel has obtained exclusive media rights to HBO in Australia.

No, Disney does not have any intention to make a collaboration with Fetch TV. Therefore, Disney Plus will not be available on Fetch TV in the future.

Frankly speaking, Fetch TV does allow you to access its media coverage, including channels and content, for a few days. Once the said time is over, you will receive a message on your screen indicating your TV has been locked.

Yes, Fetch TV does use internet data because all of Fetch’s channels are broadcasted through broadband internet connections. Hence, these channels do use internet data.

Channels aside, other apps like Netflix, Stan, Hayu, 10 All Access, Prime Video, etc. also use internet data.

You can use the Fetch TV box with any ISP provided you have bought the Fetch TV box outright. When you buy Fetch boxes from retail shops, the box can easily work with any internet service provider.

In case you have bought a Fetch box from internet providers such as iPrimus or Dodo, your box will only work with these providers.

If you want to use a replacement Fetch remote, you will have to visit Fetch TV’s official website and sign into your official account. Once you have logged into your account, you can go to “Account Settings” and select the “Hardware Replacement” option. Through the “Hardware Replacement” option, choose the “Remote Control” option to get a replacement Fetch remote.

Unfortunately, you cannot add or remove apps on Fetch TV yourself. All the apps provided on the Fetch TV box are controlled or managed by Optus or Fetch.

You can reset your Fetch TV box by going into Settings>Device Info>Options. At this point, select Fetch TV Box Restart. If you cannot access the Settings menu, you should turn off your Fetch box and wait for 30 seconds. Now, you can turn on your Fetch box after 30 seconds.

If you want to turn off subtitles on Fetch TV, press the Text button available on your Fetch remote. This way, you can turn off subtitles on your Fetch TV instantly.

In case you have bought a second-hand Fetch box, you cannot unlock it if it is locked.

You can watch free-to-air TV on the Fetch box by plugging your free-to-air antenna cable into the back of the Fetch box. Now, you can scan the channels available for streaming to see if these channels are shown in your Electronic Program Guide.

Fetch TV does not come with any channel pre-installed. However, ISPs that provide Fetch box offer one channel pack at no additional cost.

No, you cannot access Binge on Fetch TV to watch all your favorite HBO and Foxtel exclusive media content on a wide range of devices.

As Foxtel is Binge’s parent company, you cannot watch Binge on Optus Fetch TV because Foxtel is a competitor of Fetch TV.

As far as Fetch TV’s ownership is concerned, it is operated in collaboration with Malaysian Pay TV network Astro All Asia Networks. The Malaysian Pay TV network does have 75% ownership of Fetch TV.

Wrapping Up

Fetch TV is a complete entertainment hub where you can find some of the most popular Australian streaming services under one roof. Moreover, you can explore numerous international channels including Indian, Chinese, Italian, and others accordingly.

If you prefer to watch international sports content, you should turn to Fetch TV as it helps you access popular sports networks like beIN Sports and Optus Sport.

While reviewing Fetch TV, we were impressed to know that Fetch TV is an impressive Pay-TV streaming platform that offers various streaming apps and premium channels all in one place.

If you are looking for a single set-top box where you can access your desired entertainment and sports packages along with on-demand purchases, Fetch TV turns out to be a great choice.

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