How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 from Anywhere

Last updated: November 30, 2022


Yellowstone season 4 has only recently been shown on Stan and Paramount. Fans eagerly anticipate season 5, which will air on the Paramount on the 13th of November 2022 and the next day on Stan in Australia. This blog gives you a lot of information about how to watch Yellowstone Season 5 from anywhere on Stan or Paramount Network along with other newest movies and TV shows.

But because of geo-blocking rules, you can’t access Stan outside Australia or this great streaming service of US-based Paramount Plus in Australia unless you pay for a VPN.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 from Anywhere – Quick Steps

Here are the steps you need to take in 2022 to use a VPN to watch Yellowstone season 5 from anywhere on Stan:

  • Sign up for a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Connect the app to an Australian server.
  • Join or subscribe to Stan or Paramount Network online.
  • Enjoy watch Yellowstone Season 5 from anywhere.

Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in Australia?

Suppose you’re in Australia and want to see Yellowstone. In that case, you may do so by subscribing to the Australian streaming service Stan or Paramount or downloading or renting the series from iTunes or Google Play. As you suspected, Stan is an Australian exclusive. A Virtual Private Network is required to access Stan or Paramount+ Outside Australia.

There are two different subscription tiers available for Paramount Plus. Monthly subscriptions to both bundles cost US$5.99 (with ads) and US$9.99, respectively (without ads). Both choices are included in the annual subscription that is part of the Paramount Plus plan.

What Channel is Yellowstone on?

Yellowstone will be available on the American Paramount Network and Stan. However, the service is geo-blocked in Australia and elsewhere other than US.

That’s annoying if you’re not living in the US, but using ExpressVPN will end your annoyance and let you stream Yellowstone from anywhere you want.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 from Anywhere for Free?

To watch the Yellowstone season for free, use the platform’s free trials. Yes, this is one of the simplest methods for watching any series for free.

For instance, for Yellowstone, see if Paramount Network or Stan offer their standard 30-day free trial period. Take advantage of the offer by signing up for the service and watching any show you want on the network.

However, you should be aware that living outside of the United States will automatically cost you the price of ExpressVPN to gain access to the series.

When is the Release Date of Yellowstone Season 5?

The first seven episodes of Season 5 will premiere on The Paramount Network on Sunday, the 13th of November, 2022. The remaining episodes will air at a later date. Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere on Stan from 14th November, 2022 in Australia.

The fifth season will have twice as many episodes as usual—14 total—and air in two halves.

Fans were anxious that they wouldn’t get to see new episodes of season 5 for quite some time when actor Gil Birmingham said in April that he hadn’t received the scripts yet.

What is the Plot of Yellowstone Season 5?

A major focus of Yellowstone is the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton, who owns the greatest ranch in the United States. Yellowstone National Park, the Wind River Indian Reservation, and real estate developers constantly threaten Dutton’s Montana ranch.

Taylor Sheridon created, wrote, and directed the show, which is set in the present day and illustrates the power battles that come with the ownership and management of multimillion-dollar land. In addition, when such a large sum of money is at stake, violence and even murder might emerge out of nowhere.

How many Seasons of Yellowstone are there?

Yellowstone now experiences four distinct seasons. In the United States, the season five premiere will air on Paramount Network on the 13th of November, while in the United Kingdom and Australia, it will air on Paramount+ and Stan  on the 14th of November. This season has the potential to be the last one ever aired.

How many Episodes will there be in Yellowstone Season 5?

The upcoming Kevin Costner starring season will feature 14 episodes split into two halves. In the new adventure, the Dutton will deal with a controversial election and try to defuse a blackmail situation involving two of their siblings.

Is Beth’s Story Ending? Here’s Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Recap:

Jamie and Beth’s animosity escalates, but Jamie seems to be less contentious than Beth. Beth is arrested at the end of Episode 3 and is in prison when the episode begins.

Jamie describes legal options that basically consist of waiting and hoping that the person who hit her isn’t prosecuted. Jamie says he’s embarrassed for “our dad”, whom Beth finds offensive. Beth instructs him to convince the woman not to, once she regains control.

Reasons to Watch Yellowstone Season 5: “It’s Going to be Bloody”

Yellowstone’s fifth season surpassed 12.1 million viewers, setting a new record by elevating the show to the top of cable television.

Fans will want more of Sheridan’s unique blend of violent melodrama, romance, and breathtaking snow-capped mountains. However, it is difficult to predict when a dynasty that is showing signs of aging will fall.

After John Dutton was elected Governor of Montana, he fired everyone and hired Beth as the new chief of staff. Oops! At this rate, the Duttons will be in the White House by the end of Yellowstone’s ninth season.

According to Kelly Reilly, nothing will stop this family from saving the family ranch, and “it’s going to be brutal.”

Is season 5 of Yellowstone the Last Season?

Season 5 of Yellowstone is planned for some time in 2022 or 2023; this may be the series’ final installment.

The creator of the acclaimed neo-Western series Yellowstone, Taylor Sheridan, has not yet announced if the next fifth season will be the last. There is some evidence to suggest this is the case, especially in light of where the show’s key characters end up at the end of Yellowstone Season 4.

Is Jimmy Coming Back to Yellowstone in Season 5?

Jimmy Hurd Strom, a former series regular played by Jefferson White, has temporarily left the show as he moves to Texas’s 6666 Ranch to establish a spinoff. Season 5 will see the promotion of several recurring characters.

There, he takes up roping and falls in love with Emily, a veterinary technician; the two later move in together when he returns to Yellowstone. Jimmy is staying in Yellowstone and will very likely appear in Season 5.

Who is Leaving Yellowstone for Season 5?

Season 5 will be John Dutton’s last at the Yellowstone Ranch. John Dutton has repeatedly shown that he will go to any lengths to keep the ranch afloat. He is willing to make an unpopular choice if necessary.

According to Yellowstone’s latest featurette, John is set to leave his loved ones for the first time in his kids’ lives, and it’s all because of his new, better work.

Who is in the Cast of Yellowstone Season 5?

Those who have caught up on the most recent episodes of Yellowstone are aware that a fifth season of the show will not include participation from all of the original cast members. The principal actors in Yellowstone are:

Sr. No. Cast Characters
1. Kevin Costner John Dutton
2. Luke Grimes Kayce Dutton
3. Kelly Reilly Bethany Dutton
4. Wes Bentley Jamie Dutton
5. Cole Hauser Rip Wheeler
6. Kelsey Asbille Monica Long Dutton
7. Brecken Merrill Tate Dutton
8. Gil Birmingham Chief Thomas Rainwater
9. Forrie J. Smith Lloyd Pierce
10. Denim Richards Colby Mayfield
11. Ian Bohen Ryan
12. Ryan Bingham Walker
13. Finn Little Carter
14. Mo Brings Plenty Mo
15. Wendy Moniz Lynelle Perry
16. Jen Landon Teeter
17. Kathryn Kelly Emily

What Else do we Know about the Yellowstone Series?

In Yellowstone, an American family surveys property they’ve owned since the end of the Civil War. Yellowstone gives its viewers something familiar and classical to enjoy while also shaking things up to give them a fresh perspective and food for thought.

It has the timeless quality of a tale about a ruler guarding his realm against invaders. This, in addition to the petty infighting and betrayals within the family, lends the series an air of Shakespearian drama and demonstrates the universality of the human dramas it depicts.

What is Yellowstone’s IMDb Rating?

Yellowstone was rated 8.7/10 by IMDb. 136,599 users contributed to this average ranking.

What is Yellowstone’s Rotten Tomatoes Rating?

According to Tomatometer, 83% is the average score, and 72% out of 100 is the average Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Is there any Trailer of Yellowstone Season 5?

Yes, the teaser for Yellowstone Season 5 has finally made its debut. Following John Dutton’s election as governor, the Dutton family will be relocating to Helena, as shown in the extended trailer for Yellowstone Season 5. The new trailer suggests that Season 5 will be very well received.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 from Anywhere?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Yellowstone Season 5 from anywhere on Stan/Paramount. When you connect to a server using ExpressVPN, Paramount Plus, your IP address is replaced with one from that server.

The new IP address will make it appear that you are connecting from a country where Stan/Paramount is available.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 from Anywhere

ExpressVPN is the best option to unblock Paramount content from anywhere. ExpressVPN works with many devices, including desktop computers, gaming consoles, streaming devices, and smart TVs, thanks to its user-friendly apps and Windows.

ExpressVPN, with its massive server network and 25 locations within the United States, is our top choice for Paramount Plus VPN. ExpressVPN has more than 3000+ servers located in more than 105 countries.


We observed that the New York server had the best performance, despite all of its servers being geared for Paramount Plus streaming.

During our tests, we achieved a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 Mbps, both more than adequate for HD video streaming.

However, the Chicago server is the slowest and should be avoided at all costs. ExpressVPN’s Media Streamer (Smart DNS) feature enables the VPN service to work with platforms and gadgets that don’t normally have VPN support.

ExpressVPN also allows access to US-only content on services like accessing American Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in Australia when travelling abroad.

It costs about AU$ 10/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free (12-month plan: 49% off, and three additional months are FREE) and allows for up to 5 devices simultaneously per account. Also included is a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.

With such security features and affordable prices you can get Peacock, and watch ESPN+ in Australia.

Yellowstone Season 5


Seasons 1-4 of Yellowstone are currently accessible on Stan, and season 5 is scheduled to premiere in early November 2022. You can watch all season in Australia with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Yes, beginning on the 13th of November, 2022, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time, Yellowstone Season 5 will be available to stream exclusively in Canada on Paramount+ Canada. Season 5 will become available to stream on Stan in Australia on the 14th of November at 10 am Australian Eastern Time (AET).

Yes, Lily Costner, Kevin’s daughter, makes an appearance in the film. Lily, 35, is an actress in her own right, following in the footsteps of their famous big sister Annie. Season two, episode seven, featured the exceptional singer’s performance on a track titled “Heaven’s Gate.” Lily has appeared onstage with her father several times.


With any luck, this blog will assist you in accessing the best content that Stan and Paramount have to offer all over the world by utilizing a premium VPN service such as ExpressVPN. With this service, you can watch various channels, such as sports, news, cartoons, and much more.

When using Paramount in a country other than the United States of America, make sure you have the most recent version available to avoid encountering any error codes associated with Paramount. I hope you know how to watch Yellowstone season 5 from anywhere on Paramount and Stan.

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