How to Get Hulu on Android in Australia in 2021

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Hulu is one of the most famous streaming services available in the market. What makes this US-based streaming service different from the other video-on-demand streaming platforms is its impressive media content library that helps you to watch a multitude of popular TV shows, movies, and documentaries on a variety of devices.

Besides, you can experience numerous enticing features like simultaneous streams, offline viewing, compatibility, content diversity, watch party, etc. that take your streaming experience to a whole new level.

Continue reading this post to know how to get Hulu in Australia on Android in 2021.

How to get Hulu on Android in Australia – 5 easy steps

Interestingly, the task of getting Hulu on Android is not much difficult. If you want to know how to get Hulu on Android in Australia, here is what you should do:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service ( our recommended choice is ExpressVPN)
  2. Download the VPN app on your Android devices
  3. Sign into your ExpressVPN account and connect to a US server
  4. Open the Hulu Android app, login to your account
  5. Now, you can start streaming all your favorite movies, shows, and documentaries on your Android devices

How a VPN unblocks Hulu on Android

A VPN masks your actual IP address with another alternate IP address, which will in this case the USA. As a result, you can easily spoof your online locations and unblock Hulu on your Android devices straightaway.

When you access Hulu media content on your Android devices with a VPN that provides a US IP address, you can bypass the geo-restriction limitations imposed on Hulu without any hassle.

This is how you can watch The Handmaid’s Tale, Family Guy, Castle Rock, and other popular Hulu shows in no time.

Best VPNs to Get Hulu on Android in Australia

For the sake of your convenience, we have created a list of the best VPN services that helps you to unblock Hulu as per your preferences. These VPNs are:

1) ExpressVPN – Our #1 recommended VPN to watch Hulu on Android


ExpressVPN is a BVI (British Virgin Island) based VPN service that offers 3000+ servers in 90+ countries worldwide. If we discuss its presence in the US specifically, you can connect to any server of your choice from the list of 20+ servers.

In terms of security and privacy, ExpressVPN does provide various features like internet kill switch (network lock), DNS leak protection, 5 multi-logins, lightway protocol, 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN protocol, WebRTC leak protection, apps for other platforms and devices, etc.

As far as ExpressVPN’s speeds are concerned, you can watch any show or movie on your Android devices at excellent connection speeds. When we tested ExpressVPN speed after connecting to its US server, we were surprised to know that it offered 52.1 Mbps on a 65 Mbps connection.

If you want to use ExpressVPN for unblocking Hulu in Australia, you will need to subscribe to its 12 months + 3 months free package by paying $6.67/month alongside a reasonable 30-day money-back guarantee.

2) Surfshark – Cheapest VPN to watch Hulu on Android


Surfshark is another BVI (British Virgin Island) based VPN service you can try to unblock Hulu on Android in Australia. Furthermore, the service provides 3200+ servers in 65 countries across the globe.

Apart from this, Surfshark offers 500+ servers in all the major cities in the US. Similarly, the provider does have numerous privacy and security features in its armory that can protect the digital footprints of its subscribers instantly.

These privacy and security features are internet kill switch, dedicated IP address, DNS leak protection, cleanweb, whitelister, WireGuard tunneling protocol, unlimited simultaneous connections, apps for other platforms and devices, camouflage mode, etc.

In terms of speed, Surfshark is another reliable VPN service because it offered 45.7 Mbps speed while connected to its US server on a 65 Mbps internet connection.

If you want to try Surfshark, you will have to pay $2.49/month to avail its 2-year plan alongside a 30-day refund policy and 7-day free trial available on Google Play Store for Android users.

3) NordVPN – Reliable Hulu VPN with the highest number of US servers


NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN service that provides 5400+ servers in 55+ countries throughout the world. Besides, the service offers 1900+ servers in all the leading cities in the US.

The best thing about NordVPN is that it offers a comprehensive list of security and privacy features to its users including internet kill switch, double VPN, obfuscated servers, DNS leak protection, apps for different operating systems and devices, 6 multi-logins, WebRTC leak protection, etc.

On the speed front, NordVPN provides decent connection speeds in general. When we tested its speeds after connecting to its US server, we were able to get a speed of 44.6 Mbps on a 65 Mbps internet connection.

If you want to use NordVPN to access Hulu’s exclusive media content including top-notch shows or movies in Australia, you will have to pay $3.30/month to get its 2-year plan along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Can I watch Hulu on my Android without the app?

Luckily, you do not need to install the app on your Android mobile phones to stream Hulu hassle-free. You can just visit its official website, sign into your account and start watching all your favorite shows or movies instantly.

Hulu app not working on Android phone – What to do?

If you are facing streaming issues while using the Hulu app on your Android mobile phone, you should uninstall the app. Similarly, you can reinstall the Hulu app on your Android phone to see if the app is working properly or not.

If the problem still persists, you should check the Android OS version running on your phone. This is because you should install the latest version of Android OS i.e. 5.0 or above if you wish to stream Hulu on Android stress-free.

Similarly, you should install the latest Hulu app to overcome these annoying streaming hassles. Likewise, you can clear the data and cache using the app’s settings menu to remove the temporary files. This way, you can improve the performance of your Hulu app considerably.

What Android OS version do I need to have to run Hulu?

When it comes to streaming Hulu on Android smartphones, you must be using Android 5.0 or above versions. This way, you can watch Hulu on your Android mobile phone without any glitches or other issues accordingly.

How much mobile data does Hulu use?

As far as mobile data consumption of Hulu is concerned, it depends on your streaming activities. If you want to stream 4k quality media content, you will be using 7 GB of data per hour approximately.

Similarly, when you use your mobile data according to recommended settings to stream Hulu, you consume 1.3 GB of data per hour. Likewise, you can stream Hulu content in standard quality by using 0.5 to 0.7 GB of data in an hour.

Luckily, you can save your precious mobile data internet by reducing the video quality of any show or movie. For that reason, you will need to select the Data Saver option. As a result, you can continue watching any show or movie in lower video quality.

Wrapping Up

Fortunately, you can stream Hulu on Android devices while residing in Australia, provided you have a VPN in your arsenal. If you go by our logic, we would recommend you to go with ExpressVPN.

By doing so, you can unblock Hulu without any hassle and watch all your favorite media content accordingly.

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