Amazon Prime Video Australia 2022 – What Should You Know

Last updated: March 13, 2023

Amazon Prime Video is an online video-on-demand streaming service like Netflix, Disney Plus, Stan, Binge, etc., that lets you watch a multitude of shows, movies, and documentaries under your budget.  However, due to geo-restriction, it is only available in the UK and US. But if you wish to watch your favourites on American Amazon Prime in Australia, then all you need is VPN.  

The best thing about Prime Video is that it is already available in 200 countries, including Australia globally. Besides, it helps you watch some of the most famous sports leagues like EPL on multiple devices hassle-free. 

Furthermore, it has some other attractive features like affordable pricing, original content, compatibility, simultaneous streams, offline viewing, etc. We have compiled a guide for the best Amazon Prime VPN which let you know about the most suitable VPN that works satisfactorily in all terms. 

This detailed review will let you know how Amazon Prime Video Australia has competed with other media streaming giants on numerous fronts like pricing, content, additional features, etc.   

What is Amazon Prime Video all about?

Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video is a brainchild of Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. It is a streaming video-on-demand service that rose to prominence when it obtained The Grand Tour’s streaming right.

The Grand Tour is a famous show that has featured iconic figures like Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. Apart from The Grand Tour, you can watch a plethora of TV shows, movies, and documentaries on your desired devices. You can also watch sports events like the English Premier League through Amazon Prime Video subscription.

That’s why Prime Video is competing with other media giants like Netflix and Stan in Australia successfully.


When did Amazon Prime Video arrive in Australia?

Amazon Prime Video is a relatively new entrant in the Australian online media streaming industry. The service made its debut in June 2018. If we talk about its strengths, in particular, you can access a multitude of TV shows, movies, documentaries under your budget.

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost in Australia?

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you also get the subscription of Prime Video automatically. It means you do not need to subscribe to Prime Video separately. The Amazon Prime monthly package is available at the cost of AU$6.99/month. Similarly, Amazon Prime yearly plan is accessible at AU$59/year.

Besides, you can also enjoy a lengthy 30-day free trial  upfront once you subscribe to Amazon Prime. You can also enjoy the 3 simultaneous streams feature that helps you watch media content on multiple devices at a time.


What type of content can I access on Amazon Prime Video Australian Library?

Luckily, you can watch various TV shows, movies, and documentaries based on different genres such as action, comedy, drama, suspense, science-fiction, psychological thriller, romance, horror, etc., using the Australian Prime Video library.

Here are some popular shows, movies, and documentaries you can watch on Prime Video while residing in Australia:

Top movies available on Australian Prime Video library

  • Brightburn
  • Looper
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Arrival
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Knives Out
  • Sharknado
  • Mean Girls
  • The Lighthouse
  • Coming 2 America
  • Jumanji
  • Hustlers
  • Love Actually
  • Transformers: The Last Knight
  • Forrest Gump
  • Mission Impossible
  • Late Night
  • Little Women (2019)

Best original movies available on Prime Video in Australia

  • Sequin in a Blue Room
  • The Invisible Man
  • The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee
  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
  • Cinderella (2021)
  • The Voyeurs (2021)
  • Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (2021)

Top-quality TV shows you can stream on Australian Prime Video

  • Fleabag
  • Goliath
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Mozart in the Jungle
  • The Grand Tour
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Modern Love
  • The Tick
  • Jack Ryan
  • Catastrophe
  • Forever
  • The Expanse
  • Tales from the Loop
  • Frank of Ireland
  • Upload
  • The Wilds
  • The Underground Railroad
  • Invincible

Famous documentaries you should watch on Prime Video in Australia

  • The Act of Killing
  • All This Panic
  • Citizenfour
  • Cartel Land
  • City of Ghosts
  • All These Sleepless Nights
  • Author: The JT LeRoy Story
  • Cropsey

New arrivals (movies and TV shows)

  • One Night in Miami
  • The Rental
  • The Stand (Season 1)
  • Jessy & Nessy (Season 1)
  • This is Us (Season 4)
  • Bosch (Season 6)
  • Cruel Summer
  • Nine Perfect Strangers
  • Bad Moms
  • All My Life
  • The Commuter
  • The Night Clerk

How can I sign up for Amazon Prime Video Australia?

If you want to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video while residing in Australia, here is what you should do:

  • Open the official website of Amazon Prime Video
  • Now click the Start Your 30-day Free Trial option


  • Click the “Try for Free” option


  • Click “Create your Amazon account”


  • Provide your name, email, and password to complete the Amazon account creation process


  • Once you have provided the required details, click the “create your Amazon account” option
  • Enter a one-time password that you would receive in your email inbox to verify your email address


  • Enter your credit or debit card information to finish the signup process successfully


Once you have added a payment method, you can start a generous 30-day free trial and watch your favorite shows or movies on your desired devices.

Can I avail a free trial feature while using Amazon Prime Video Australia?

Unlike Netflix and Disney Plus, you can enjoy an incredible 30-day free trial feature while residing in Australia. This way, you can check the hidden benefits of Prime Video like compatibilitydiversified content including original TV shows and movies, etc. 

How much data does Amazon Prime Video consume?

Data consumption highly depends on streaming quality. It means your video-on-demand service will use a large amount of data when you watch content in HD or UHD quality. Otherwise, it will use a low amount of data if you stream content in average or lower quality.

As far as Prime Video data consumption goes, it uses 270 MB data/hour if you watch content in lower quality on your Android mobile app. Moreover, Prime Video consumes 900 MB data/hour if you watch content in SD (Standard Definition) quality

Usually, Amazon Prime Video uses 3GB data/hour if you stream content in HD (High Definition) quality. Lastly, it consumes 7GB data/hour if you prefer to watch shows or movies in UHD (Ultra High Definition) quality.

The above scenario suggests that the more you stream content in high quality, the better the speed of your internet connection.  

Devices Compatible with Amazon Prime Video Australia

Prime Video supports numerous platforms and devices including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TVs
  • Telstra TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets
  • Gaming Consoles

Salient features and major disadvantages of Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video does offer numerous exciting features to its subscribers. However, like every other service, it has some cons that you need to know. Here is the list that includes Prime Video’s salient features and disadvantages:

Salient features


As already discussed, Prime Video is compatible with different platforms and devices. Therefore, you can watch all your favorite content on different devices in Australia accordingly.

International existence

Amazon Prime Video is also available in countries other than Australia. The service has followed the footsteps of Netflix on this front. This is one of the major reasons why Prime Video is offering its services in 200 countries worldwide.

Offline viewing

Like Netflix, you can also download TV shows or movies on your mobile devices to watch them offline later. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to the Android platform only.


Watch Party is available in the US region only

Prime Video has recently added another feather in its cap by adding the “Watch Party” feature. This feature helps you stream shows or movies along with your friends virtually.

Sadly, Australian users cannot avail this amazing feature on their Prime Video accounts.

User interface should be improved.

Surprisingly, Amazon has not made efforts to improve its official website. It would have been a lot easier for users to subscribe to Prime Video if Amazon had created a dedicated Prime Video website.

However, we expect that Amazon will develop a separate website for Prime Video’s existing and new users in the future.

Is Amazon Prime Video a good choice than other streaming services in Australia?

Prime Video is giving tough competition to Netflix, Stan, Binge, and other streaming services in Australia. Apart from this, the service is beating some popular foreign streaming services on different fronts like pricinginternational existencecompatibilityoriginal content, etc.

Unlike Disney Plus and Netflix, Prime Video has a useful free trial and a simultaneous stream feature in its armoury. Above all, the pricing strategy is conducive for users because they need to pay $6.99/month.

The story does not stop here as Amazon Prime subscription allows you to enjoy other additional services like Twitch Prime, Prime Music, and Prime Reading. Twitch Prime is a gaming subscription service ideal for getting free games and in-game content. 

Through Primer Music, you can listen to millions of songs trouble-free. If we discuss Prime Reading, you can access an extensive collection of books, comics, and magazines online.

However, Netflix, Stan, and Binge do not offer such luxury to their subscribers. If you want to subscribe to Netflix monthly package in Australia, you will pay $10.99/month

Stan is another popular streaming service in Australia that allows you to watch various TV shows and movies. You will have to pay $10.00/month to get its monthly subscription plan.

Binge is relatively a newcomer in the Australian streaming industry but has grabbed local viewers’ attention on a massive scale. It helps you stream HBO content and other impressive shows accordingly. 

If you are willing to use its monthly package, you will need to pay $10.00/month. That said, Prime Video looks a far better option than Stan and Binge because you can obtain other value-added services without spending a single penny. 

How can I watch Amazon Prime Video Australia overseas?

Fortunately, you can still access your Amazon Prime Video account from abroad, provided you have a VPN service. However, only a handful of VPN services help bypass the geo-restrictions Prime Video imposes.

For your sake of convenience, we have come up with a list of the best VPN services that allow you to unblock Amazon Prime Video outside Australia.

If you want to know how to use a VPN overseas to continue enjoying Prime Video coverage on your preferred devices, follow these simple steps:

  • Select a reliable VPN service (our recommended choice is ExpressVPN)
  • Download and install a VPN app on your device like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS


  • Sign in to your ExpressVPN account using your login credentials
  • Connect to an Australian server from the list of servers, we connected to its Melbourne server


  • Open the web browser on your device, login to your Prime Video account, and begin streaming all the latest content

Watch Premier League on Prime Video in Australia

EPL 2021 season is in full swing as the popular soccer event already kicked off on August 13, 2021. Furthermore, the famous league will end on May 22, 2022.

Fortunately, you can watch all the nail-biting matches of EPL on your preferred devices through Prime Video using the abovementioned steps.

If you want to know more about EPL, go through the exclusive guide to discover how you can watch EPL 2021 season in Australia straightaway.


Is Amazon Prime Video worth it?

Amazon Prime Video is an excellent streaming service based on various factors like cost-effective pricingsimultaneous streamsoriginal TV shows and movies, subscriptions to other impressive services like Prime ReadingTwitch Prime, and Prime Music at no additional cost.

Is there a difference between Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program offered by Amazon in all the major countries worldwide. This program enables users to buy additional products or services that are unavailable in their native countries.

Whereas Amazon Prime Video is a video-on-demand streaming service. It is Amazon Prime’s streaming video component.

How do I get Amazon Prime Video on my smart TV in Australia?

As already mentioned, Amazon Prime Video is compatible with different Smart TV types. Hence, you can easily install the Prime Video app on your Smart TV and begin using the app accordingly.

Is Amazon Prime Video better than Netflix?

To cut the long story, Amazon Prime Video will take some time to beat Netflix on different fronts like original content, user experience, simultaneous streams, etc.

What channels are included with Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video subscribers can add more than 100 channels of their choice like Showtime, Starz, HBO, PBS, MLB TV, etc.

Why am I being charged for prime video when I have Amazon Prime?

You will have to pay the extra cost when you want to access Prime Video channels. These channels are not a part of your Prime Video subscription. Therefore, you have to pay additional money to watch content on these channels.

How can I cancel my Amazon Prime Video membership in Australia?

You can cancel your Prime Video subscription by following these simple steps:

  • Go to the accounts & settings section
  • Choose the “Your Account” tab, select the “Your Membership” option
  • Click the “Edit on Amazon” option
  • Choose “Cancel” from the resulting page to cancel your subscription successfully

Is Fox News on Amazon Prime Video?

Fox News is available for streaming on Prime Video. You can watch Fox News using your Amazon Prime Video membership hassle-free.

Wrapping Up

Amazon Prime Video Australia is an impressive online streaming service that lets you watch some of the most popular original shows like The Man In The CastleThe Grand Tour, etc.

You can also stream famous movies on Prime Video like Palm SpringsPitch PerfectMidsommar, etc. Overall, this online video-on-demand service is suitable for users who do not want to spend hundreds of bucks to fulfill their streaming desires.

It offers a generous 30-day free trial alongside 3 simultaneous streams feature that allows you to share your account credentials with your loved ones. In short, Prime Video lets you watch numerous shows, movies, documentaries, and much more all in one place without stretching your budget.

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