How To Watch Hulu Australia? (All You Need To Know)

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Wondering if is Hulu available in Australia?

Unfortunately, Hulu is only available to US customers due to geo-restrictions policies. But you can easily watch Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN by following the quick steps provided in this guide.

Hulu is another well-known American over-the-top streaming platform co-owned by Walt Disney. Disney owns a significant stake in Hulu, which was introduced in late 2007.

Hence there are currently no plans for an upcoming global rollout. Meanwhile, most of Hulu’s original shows are broadcast on the Disney Plus Star channel in other countries and cater to an older demographic.

For instance, The Handmaid’s Tale, a long-running and well-liked series on Hulu, broadcasts new episodes on SBS On Demand in Australia. Not only this, but it has access to earlier seasons of Dollface on Stan.

Even the world’s biggest sports event FIFA World Cup 2022 has been streamed on Hulu+ Live TV.

So follow this guide to learn how to unblock Hulu outside the US without hassle!

How to Watch Hulu in Australia? (4 Quick Steps)

Follow these quick steps to get Hulu in Australia:

  • First, subscribe to a reliable VPN. We suggest ExpressVPN.
  • Open the VPN app on your streaming device.
  • Connect VPN to the US New York server.
  • Head to the Hulu app or website.
  • Enjoy watching Hulu.

Watch Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Note: After connecting to the VPN, you must first sign up for Hulu to watch its content. The free trial of Hulu Australia is for 30 days and is available to all new subscribers, after which it costs 9.40 AUD (6.99 USD) per month.

How to Watch Hulu in Australia – Video Tutorial

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia?

So you are also wondering why it isn’t Hulu in Australia. Hulu is a geo-restricted streaming service because it has to follow content distribution policies to avoid penalties. That’s why if you ever try to access it in Australia, the following message will appear on your screen:

“Hulu isn’t available to watch in your location.”


A VPN enables you to access restricted regional platforms by simply changing your IP address. In the case of Hulu, we’re connecting to a US server.

Therefore, you can also watch American Amazon Prime and get American Netflix in Australia with a VPN!

Watch Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

How Can I Subscribe to Hulu in Australia?

Probably wondering how to sign up for Hulu in Australia? Follow the simple steps that explain how to get Hulu in Australia.

You need a payment method to sign up for Hulu in Australia. Because attempting to purchase a Hulu subscription by a non-US payment method may result in an error. Therefore, it is recommended to subscribe to Hulu using the credit card of a friend or relative in the United States.

Following are the three different ways to Sign Up for Hulu in Australia:

Sign up on Hulu via the Website

  • Launch the ExpressVPN app and connect to the New York server.
  • Visit the official website of Hulu and click Sign up for Hulu only.


  • Select the price plan and enter your personal information.

enter your credentials

  • Next, enter your friend’s credit card information and US zip code on the billing information page.

add billing info

  • Finally, click Submit to complete the subscription process.

Sign up on Hulu with a Gift Card

To sign up on Hulu with a Gift Card, follow these simple steps:


  • Choose your card and finish the transaction by making a payment. You should get the code within a few minutes.

choose your coupon

enter your gift code

  • You’ll be required to use a US zip code to create a Hulu account.
  • Begin watching Hulu Australia.

Sign up on Hulu with a Credit Card

Are you worried about how to use a credit card for Hulu Australia sign-up? The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the official Statespay website.
  • Establish a profile. That will set you back at approximately AUD 5.74(3.95 USD) per month.

statescard form

  • After paying for Hulu with StatesPay, you can access the service’s content by signing up for a VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to a United States server (the recommended server is in New York) and enjoy watching Hulu Australia content.

Not only this, but you must be wondering how to cancel your Hulu subscription. Luckily, the cancellation process is easy and takes only a few minutes because it entirely depends on your device.

How to Pay for Hulu Australia? [Different Methods]

You can pay for Hulu in Australia via two different methods: using StatesPay and Paypal.

Use StatesPay for Hulu in Australia

Below are easy steps to define how to use StatesPay for Hulu in Australia

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN and connect to its New York server.
  • Visit StatesPay website
  • Create your profile.
  • The Approximate cost will be AU$5.74/month
  • Here you Go! Enjoy watching Hulu.

Use Paypal to Pay for Hulu in Australia

Below are easy steps to define how to use StatesPay for Hulu in Australia

  • Get ExpressVPN and connect to its New York server.
  • Create a Hulu account and select PayPal as your payment method.
  • You need to have a PayPal account in the US for this to work. In this situation, be careful to make or employ a friend.
  • Visit Hulu and select PayPal as your method of payment.
  • That’s it! Watch Hulu shows in Australia.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Hulu in Australia? [In-depth Analysis]

We short-listed the following 3 VPNs as the best to watch Hulu in Australia after rigorous testing of over 50+ VPN providers against our pre-set benchmark.

Let’s dig into their description:

ExpressVPN: High-Speed VPN to watch Hulu in Australia


By connecting to ExpressVPN’s US server, you can easily Unblock Hulu

ExpressVPN is our recommended choice to watch Hulu in Australia because of its remarkable features. It offers 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. These include 25+ servers in multiple US locations.

Furthermore, fast speed is a must-have for streaming, and ExpressVPN is at its best. It provides a blazing-fast download speed of 89.38 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.66 Mbps. But the Atlanta server showed poor connectivity and thus was not recommended for watching Hulu in Australia.


ExpressVPN Speed on 100 Mbps Internet Connection

ExpressVPN works well with all mobile or desktop devices, including Android and iOS. Besides, with its DNS Media Streamer, you can enjoy Hulu on Apple TV and other smart TV. It is also considered one of the best VPNs for Netflix because of all its amazing features.

Regarding privacy and security, ExpressVPN is packed with an internet kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, IP leak protection, split tunneling, and no logs; with all these amazing secure features, you would be able to unblock CentroAmerica TV along with HBO Max in Australia.

The subscription plan of this VPN starts from AU$ 9.53/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can connect it to 5 devices at a time. In case you want more details about this provider, make sure to go through the ExpressVPN review.

Because of all these features, ExpressVPN is also considered the best VPN for Hulu among all.

Recommended US Servers: New Jersey, New York, Miami, Chicago

Pros and Cons of ExpressVPN


  1. Unblock Hulu in Australia
  2. Unbeatable Consistency


  1. Sky-high price

Watch Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia


Watch Hulu Australia with Surfshark!

Surfshark is the best budget-friendly VPN because it provides services at a minimal cost. It has all essential features at just AU$ 3.56/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) . There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Surfshark plans.

Surfshark has a network of over 3200+ servers in 65+ countries. Out of this collection, 600+ US servers work well with Hulu in Australia.

Surfshark is not only cheap but also a secure VPN. Split Tunneling, DNS Leak Protection, Cleaning-web, Automatic Kill Switch, and Whitelistier are the top privacy and security features of Surfshark; with these exceptional security features, you will not only get Hulu, but you can get access to CW and Peacock tv in Australia.

Talking about speed, Surfshark offers super-fast downloading speed, except for the Ashburn server. Even our speed test shows a download speed of 88.14 Mbps and an upload speed of 83.72 Mbps. 


Surfshark Speed on 100 Mbps Internet Connection

Surfshark is the only provider in this list that offers unlimited simultaneous connections. You can connect it to Windows, smartphones and tablets, mac, Roku, and game consoles.

Recommended Servers: Dallas, Seattle, New York, Denver, and Chicago

Pros and Cons of Surfshark


  1. Circumvent geo-block of Hulu in Australia
  2. Limitless simultaneous connections


  1. Shoddy customer support service

Watch Hulu in Australia with Surfshark30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

NordVPN: Largest Server Network VPN to Watch Hulu in Australia


We access Hulu shows and movies using NordVPN US servers

NordVPN is the largest server provider as it offers 5310+ servers in 59+ countries. This network comprises 1970+ US servers, allowing you to access Hulu from anywhere.

NordVPN clocks download speeds of 86.49Mbps and upload speeds of 79.42Mbps over 100Mbps connections.


NordVPN Speed on 100 Mbps Internet Connection

NordVPN implemented advanced security and privacy feature at the backend. Some notable include advanced tunneling protocols, AES 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and strict zero-log policies.

The high-speed and security advantage is that you can access Hulu in Australia without losing bandwidth. However, Manassas and Salt Lake City servers are the slowest and should be avoided.

Moreover, NordVPN allows six multi-logins per subscription. It is available for AU$ 4.99/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) with a 30-day refund guarantee to try it without risk.

Recommended Servers: Saint Louis, Denver, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Washington, DC.

Pros and Cons of NordVPN


  1. Access to Hulu and other streaming platforms
  2. 30 days money back guarantee


  1. Browser extensions are below-par

Watch Hulu in Australia with NordVPN30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

Which Devices are Compatible with Hulu?

Hulu is compatible with all sorts of streaming devices. Here are the standard devices on which you can stream Hulu:

Hulu on Android Other sorts of devices
Hulu on iPhone Game Console (XboxOne, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch)
Hulu on Roku Amazon Fire TV, Fire Tablet, and FireStick
Hulu on Windows Chromecast
Hulu on Mac Linux
Hulu on iPad Smart TV ( Android Smart TV.)
Hulu on Apple TV LG TV (select models)
Hulu on PS4/PS5 Kodi

The following are the new and well-liked Hulu TV original series available on Hulu Australia. You can largely find Hulu movies and originals on Prime Video and Stan.

The bulk of recent Hulu originals lands on Disney Plus Australia, some includes; 10 Things I Hate About You, 127 Hours, Abbott Elementary, Alien, and Big Sky.

Best TV Shows on Hulu

The Immaculate Room (2022) The Croods: Family Tree: Complete Season 5
Welcome to Chippendales Christmas at the Drive-In
Fleishman is in Trouble Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne
American Music Awards 2022 Merry Kiss Cam (2022)
Death in the Dorms CMA Awards 2022
America’s Next Top Model Season 23 God Forbid: The Sex Scandal That Brought Down a Dynasty

What’s coming New on Hulu in 2023?

2023 will begin on Hulu with a brand-new selection of new and classic titles. See the complete list of additions to Hulu’s schedule for 2023 below;

“Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2023”
“Fantasy Island” (Season 2 Premiere)
“Will Trent” (Series Premiere)
“Death in the Dorms”
“House of Darkness”
“True Things”
“Koala Man” (Complete Season 1)
“How I Caught My Killer” (Complete Season 1)
“The Drop”
“Cooks vs. Cons” (Seasons 2-4)
“One Way”


How Much does Hulu cost?


Depending on the user’s requirements, there are different Hulu plans and packages. It offers its customers three plans which are:

  • The basic plan costs 9.40 AUD (6.99 USD) per month.
  • Hulu (No Ads) costs 17.47 AUD (12.99 USD) per month.
  • Finally, Hulu + Live TV plan costs 94.11 AUD (69.99 USD) per month.

The details of all three plans are as follows:

1. Hulu Basic:

Hulu Basic offers all the features for only 9.44 AUD per month, which is reasonable. But the drawback of this package is that it isn’t ad-free.

2. Hulu (No ad):

The Hulu bundle (without ads) costs 17.54 AUD per month. With this package, you can avoid advertisements that interfere with streaming. It’s a bit more expensive than the base package, but you can’t access live TV.

3. Hulu + Live TV:

This one is the best bundle of Hulu. It allows access to live TV with 50 hours of DVR Cloud storage for recording. Furthermore, the plan also offers Disney Plus and ESPN + content. This package is available for 94.11 AUD per month. However, this is not an ad-free package.

What are the alternative streaming services to Hulu?

Even though Australia does not have access to Hulu, the streaming business is nonetheless highly competitive. Find out which nearby options you might like.

Streaming Services Cost Free trial
Paramount+  AUD $13.47 7 days
Binge AUD $$16 14 days
Disney+ AUD $18.02 N/A
Amazon Prime Video AUD $10.50 30 days
Netflix AUD $10.50 N/A
Kayu AUD $41.33 7 days

FAQs – Hulu Australia

Hulu is a paid streaming service. However, it is not free in Australia but offers a one-month free trial. After the free trial period, you will be charged every month.

No. Hulu is not supported for subscriptions or access in Australia unless you run a VPN to bypass Hulu’s geoblocking.

Yes. Hulu is available on Disney Plus Australia. You can add Hulu (Basic) to your Disney plan for $19.99/month. But you will need a VPN as it is restricted to the US only.

Yes, using a VPN to stream local or foreign content in Australia is legal. So you can safely watch Hulu in Australia with a VPN.

No. Hulu is an American on-demand, subscription-based streaming service similar to Stan Australia. However, both streaming platforms operate differently. Hulu gives users early access to the most recent episodes of their favorite cable network television shows. It also emphasizes current television shows and original programming than documentaries and classic films (although those are not excluded from the platform).

Unfortunately, you cannot get Hulu for free with Amazon Prime. But some Hulu deals may help you save money.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after reading this blog, you will be able to know how to access Hulu in Australia. Hulu is another ideal streaming platform for watching high-quality content + Live TV. However, it is only accessible in the US due to a license agreement.

But now you can quickly get through this hurdle with the help of a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN and enjoy Hulu Australia shows without problems.

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