How to Watch Giro D’Italia in Australia [Simple Guide]

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Giro D’Italia, aka the grand Italian tour, is perhaps one of the longest-running cycling tournaments held every year in Italy. Aussie cycling fans can stream the leading cycling tournament, Giro D’Italia, on multiple devices through SBS On Demand and Kayo Sports within Australian territory as per their preferences. 

Continue reading this guide to discover how to watch Giro D’Italia in Australia.

Where to Watch Giro D’Italia in Australia?

Cycling fans can Watch Giro D’Italia in Australia via online streaming services or platforms such as SBS On Demand and Kayo Sports in Australia accordingly.

SBS On Demand

Viewers can also watch exciting races of Giro D’Italia on SBS On Demand outside Australia, SBS’s online video-on-demand service.  The best thing about the service is that you do not have to pay a single penny to stream your favourite sports event. Once you create an official SBS account, you can start watching Giro D’Italia on multiple devices instantly.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is a dedicated sports streaming service that lets you watch the famous cycling tournament Giro D’Italia in Australia as per your preferences. You can get its Basic plan by paying $ $25 per month. Furthermore, you can subscribe to its Premium plan, which is available at the cost of $35 per month. Both these packages offer a 14-day free trial for their new subscribers.  

What to do if I am travelling abroad?

If you reside or travel to countries outside Australia, you cannot access Giro D’Italia coverage on SBS On Demand due to geo-restriction issues. Therefore, you will rely on a VPN service that provides an Australian IP address. Thus, you can start streaming Giro D’Italia races from abroad by unblocking SBS On Demand accordingly. 

Besides, you can use a VPN service to stream numerous online streaming platforms like HBO Max in Australia, Hulu in Australia, etc., by masking your original IP addresses with relevant IP addresses. 

If you want to watch Giro d’Italia with a VPN service on SBS On Demand from overseas, follow these simple steps as mentioned below:


  • Download the VPN app on your devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • Login to your account using your credentials


  • Connect to an Australian server from the list of servers


  • Open the official website of SBS On Demand and login to your account
  • Start watching Giro D’Italia on different devices instantly

Other VPNs for watching Giro D’Italia outside Australia

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support to its users. Similarly, the service allows you to watch Giro D’Italia as per your preferences. Moreover, you can depend on the best VPNs other than ExpressVPN when it comes to watching Giro D’Italia outside Australia. These VPN providers include:

Surfshark – Affordable VPN for watching Giro D’Italia outside Australia


Surfshark primarily operates from the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and has a presence in 65+ countries, including Australia, through 3200+ servers worldwide.  Moreover, the service offers servers in several cities in Australia, such as Adelaide, SydneyBrisbanePerth, and Melbourne.

It means you can easily connect to any Australian server of your choice and stream Giro D’Italia by unblocking SBS On Demand from abroad securely. 

If you want to try out Surfshark, you can subscribe to its 2-year + 2 months free plan by paying AU$3.85/mo (US$ 2.49/mo)  along with a 30-day refund policy.

NordVPN – Another useful option for watching Giro D’Italia outside Australia


NordVPN is another reliable VPN service that allows you to enjoy Giro D’Italia coverage outside Australia. Additionally, the service works from Panama and provides 5000+ servers in 55+ countries globally. Apart from this, NordVPN offers 190+ servers in different cities in Australia like MelbourneSydneyAdelaidePerth, and Brisbane.

As a result, you can connect to its Australian servers from overseas and enjoy the broadcast of Giro D’Italia on various devices by unblocking SBS On Demand straightaway.

If you wish to use NordVPN, you can get its 2-year package by paying AU$5.39/mo (US$ 3.49/mo)  along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is Giro D’Italia?

An annual multi-stage bicycle race primarily held in Italy, but starting or passing through other countries as well, the Giro d’Italia is one of the most high-profile cycling events in the world. The first race was held in 1909.

How Many Seasons Does Giro D’Italia Have?

The Giro D’Italia cycling event has already been held 104 times. This popular cycling event began in 1909.

Who is the Current Giro D’Italia Champion?

Colombia’s Egan Bernal won the last season of Giro D’Italia in 2021. Bernal became only the second Colombian in history to win the Italian grand tour. 


You can watch Giro d’Italia 2021 via SBS on Demand and Kayo Sports in Australia. That said, you will use a VPN service to access these streaming services from abroad accordingly to watch Giro D’Italia in Australia.

Yes, you can watch Giro D Italia through SBS Viceland or SBS On Demand, depending on your choice.

Fortunately, you can watch Giro d’Italia 2021 without any cost on SBS On Demand.

Cycling fans in Australia can watch their favourite cycling event on TV through SBS Viceland or SBS On Demand.

Wrapping Up

Through our guide, you can watch Giro D’Italia in Australia through SBS On Demand or Kayo Sports under your budget. This way, you can enjoy streaming all the exciting races of the popular cycling tournament on various devices without any problem.

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