How To Cancel BBC iPlayer Subscription And Delete Its Account [Easy Guide – 2023]

Last updated: December 5, 2023

Searching how to cancel a BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia?

You can cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription anytime by logging into your account and selecting the Delete Account option from your profile page. Since BBC iPlayer doesn’t work in Australia, you’ll need the best VPN for BBC iPlayer with a UK server to cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia.

BBC iPlayer is a UK-based streaming service that offers various movies, shows, and documentaries. Though it is a geo-restricted platform, you can easily use a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer in Australia.

And who can blame both British ex-pats and Aussies for their BBC iPlayer obsessiveness with great shows?

Here in this guide, we’ll go through every step of how to cancel a BBC iPlayer subscription on different devices.

So, let’s find out how to cancel the BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia.

How to Cancel BBC iPlayer Subscription on Desktop?

Here are the steps you need to follow to cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription on a desktop:

  • Launch ExpressVPN and connect to a server in the UK.



  • Click on the “Settings” tab from the top right.


  • Choose “Personal Details” from the drop-down menu. You’ll see the “Delete Account” option, so click on it.

cancel-your- bbc-subscription

  • The system will request your password. Fill it in and choose “Continue” to cancel the BBC iPlayer subscription.


Don’t sign in to your BBC iPlayer account because your information won’t be deleted immediately. The system provides a few days for those who’d want to reactivate their account. After a few days, BBC iPlayer will erase your information and send a confirmation email.

In case you want more details about this provider, make sure to go through the ExpressVPN review to find best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

How to Cancel BBC iPlayer Subscription on iOS?

To cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription on your iOS device:

  • From your Apple ID profile, tap the icon with your name.
  • On your profile page, click the subscriptions menu.
  • Browse through the list and click BBC iPlayer.
  • Click the delete account button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your reason for deleting your BBC iPlayer account on iOS and click Next.
  • Re-enter your Password to confirm that you want to cancel the subscription.
  • Once you click the “Cancel” button, BBC iPlayer will immediately cancel your monthly subscription.

However, BBC iPlayer will only permanently delete your account if you don’t sign in to your account for 30 days.

How to Cancel BBC iPlayer Subscription on Android?

Canceling a BBC iPlayer subscription on an Android device is straightforward, and here’s all you need to do:

  • Go to the Google PlayStore app on your Android device.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon next to the search bar on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Check BBC iPlayer from the list of Subscriptions.
  • Tap on BBC iPlayer and choose “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Provide a reason for canceling your subscription. You can also choose to Skip this step.
  • Complete the process to cancel the BBC iPlayer subscription.

Can I Permanently Delete My BBC iPlayer Account Without a Password?

However, you can’t delete your BBC iPlayer account without a password because the process requires you to be logged in.

Luckily, below are some methods that help you delete your account if you don’t remember your BBC iPlayer password.

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Method 1: Resetting your BBC iPlayer password

Resetting your BBC iPlayer account is the easiest and first method you must try. This method works on all your streaming devices, so choose your favorite one and follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the official BBC iPlayer website.
  • The login screen should have a “Forgotten Password” tab; click on it.
  • Enter the Username and email” you used when creating your BBC iPlayer account section.
  • Tap “Send an email” to have a reset password link sent to your email address.
  • Click the link sent to your email to create a new password.
  • Create a password that’s easy to remember and sign in to your account.

With a new password created, log in to your BBC iPlayer account and follow these steps:

  • Go to “Settings” on your dashboard.
  • Choose “Delete Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Provide a reason to delete your BBC iPlayer account.
  • Then hit “Delete Account.” That’s it, and you’ve successfully deleted your BBC iPlayer account.

Method 2: Contact the BBC iPlayer Customer Service

You can ask BBC customer service to cancel the BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia without logging in. Here’s how to go about it:

  • From a web browser, go to the BBC iPlayer support page. Fill out an online form explaining why you want to cancel your account.
  • Select the best option explaining why you need to delete your account.
  • Fill in the remaining fields with your name, email address, and age.
  • Finally, the comment section allows you to add any other relevant information about your account.
  • Submit your form if satisfied with the provided information and wait for a response through email.

Method 3: Send an Email to Cancel BBC iPlayer Account

Sending an email is another way to cancel BBC iPlayer account in Australia without a password.

The BBC iPlayer email support is available at the “Help & Support Centre.” Write the BBC team a message explaining your issue and why you wish to cancel your account. Finally, press the “Send” button and wait for a confirmation from BBC iPlayer on your account cancellation request.


Potential problems you can face when trying to cancel a BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia are:

  • You’ll need to reset your password if you can’t remember it.
  • You cannot delete or access your account if you’re under 13.
  • You cannot get back your BBC iPlayer account if you delete it by mistake. BBC deletes all information for your safety.

No, BBC iPlayer will not charge you for canceling your account. However, you can’t get a refund if you paid your subscription and then canceled your account.

Wrapping Up

BBC iPlayer has a fantastic collection of content, from shows and documentaries to reality TV. However, you might want to cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription in Australia if you plan to take a break and don’t want to be charged.

Even subscribers make cancellation decisions when BBC iPlayer doesn’t work with VPN and they miss streaming BBC iPlayer on Roku or any other device due to some glitches, thus we recommend checking the fixes first and making things easy.

Moreover, this guide has shown you how to cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription. If you still want to change your cancellation decision, you can watch BBC iPlayer on iPad with ExpressVPN.

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