How to Watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia

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The D’Amelio Show season 2 is about to return to Hulu. The docuseries digs deeper into the lives of Charli D’Amelio, her sister Dixie D’Amelio, mom Heidi D’Amelio and dad Marc D’Amelio. The Australian admirers of The D’Amelio family are eager to know how to watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia.

The docuseries is a front-row seat to Charli and Dixie’s crackups over internet hate, their vies with anxiety, and how they helm their PR all while loving what they do.

However, geo-blocking of Hulu is a killjoy since you can’t access the service outside the USA. To access Hulu in Australia and other regions, you must use a US IP address to bypass the restrictions. A virtual private network (VPN) will mask your location and connect you to Hulu seamlessly.

Watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia – Quick Steps

Follow these steps to watch The D’Amelio Show Hulu series.

  • Download a VPN and purchase its subscription (ExpressVPN is highly recommended).
  • Log in using your details.
  • Connect to the US server.
  • Subscribe to Hulu.
  • Find The D’Amelio Show on Hulu.
  • Watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia.

Where to Watch The D’Amelio Hulu series?

You can watch The D’Amelio Show on Hulu exclusively. Currently, Hulu streaming is only accessible in the USA. If you want to stream Hulu content in Australia or other regions outside the USA, you will require a fast connecting VPN.

What is The D’Amelio Show on Hulu about?

The D’Amelio Show on Hulu chronicles the lives of acclaimed social media celebrities Charli, Dixie, and their parents, Heidi and Marc. The docuseries offers an insight into The D’Amelio family’s lifestyle as social media influencers and their responses to all the praise and trolling that comes with fame.

From day-to-day routine to emotional fluxes, from family bonds to public relationships, the show highlights everything about The D’Amelio family.

When is the release date of The D’Amelio Show Season 2 on Hulu?

The D’Amelio Show release date is Wednesday, 28 September 2022. The first season of The D’Amelio Show Hulu series premiered on 3 September 2021. Per the statement by Dixie, this season will be different from the last one.

How many episodes are in The D’Amelio show?

There are eight episodes in the second season of The D’Amelio Show. Season one of the show also had eight episodes. Episodes 1 and 2 will premiere on The D’Amelio Show release date of 2022. While other episodes will air weekly.

Is the D’Amelio show still filming?

The D’Amelio show concluded filming prior to The D’Amelio Show release date in 2022. It is yet to be confirmed if the show will return with the third season. More will depend on the ratings of The D’Amelio Season 2.

Did the D’Amelio show get Cancelled?

It is not confirmed if The D’Amelio Show cancelled its release. Some past events are associated with canceling the following of Charli D by thousands of fans in hours. This was a backlash to some ungrateful and arrogant gestures of D’Amelio girls in a YouTube video.

How did the D’Amelio family get famous?

The fame of the D’Amelio family started with viral dance videos of Charlie D’Amelio on TikTok. Her videos sought fans’ attention in June 2019. Charlie reached over 100 million followers and became the most followed TikTok user in March 2020.

Dixie D’Amelio also followed her sister’s footsteps, and she is the eighth most followed TikTok influencer.

Which TikTok made Charli famous?

Charli D’Amelio‘s viral TikTok was a duet with the user move with joy.” She follows simple dance steps. The viral video garnered over 5 million followers in the next 5 months.

Who is in the cast of The D’Amelio Show?

The D’Amelio Show cast crew includes:

  • Charli D’Amelio
  • Dixie D’Amelio
  • Heidi D’Amelio
  • Marc D’Amelio
  • Noah Beck
  • Quen Blackwell
  • Madi Monroe
  • Larry
  • Chase Hudson

Who is Queen on the D’Amelio show?

Charli D’Amelio is queen on the D’Amelio Show. She is a social media influencer whose life radically changed overnight after her TikTok went viral. She is the most followed teen on the social media platform.

What else do we know about The D’Amelio Show?

The D’Amelio Show focuses on Charli and Dixie’s mental health, family bond, and teenage entanglement. It is a rundown of upcoming projects, album debuts, and live performances of D’Amelio girls.

The D’Amelio show season 2 continues how the family handles their span-new fame. The D’Amelio Show Hulu is the family’s journey to a bigger screen.

Is there any trailer for The D’Amelio Show Hulu series?

Yes, here is The D’Amelio show season 2 trailer released by Hulu.

Is there a Tested VPN to Watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia?

ExpressVPN is a tested VPN to watch The D’Amelio Show Season 2 in Australia. We tested the VPN to unblock Hulu in Australia, and its performance exceeded our expectations.

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What Should I Watch on Hulu in Australia (January 2023)?

There are lots of new shows and movies to watch on Hulu in Australia, but since the platform is geo-restricted, you will be required to have a reliable VPN first to access Hulu in Australia.

Following are the movies and shows that are new and upcoming on Hulu Australia in January 2023:

The D'Amelio Show Season 2


You can watch the D’Amelio reality show on Hulu from anywhere with ExpressVPN.

Yes, there will be season 2 of the D’Amelios.

No, the D’Amelio Show is a family-rated reality show.


The first family of TikTok is returning for a new season on Hulu. Australian fans of the D’Amelio family, prepare to watch The D’Amelio Season 2 in Australia.

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