How To Cancel PBS Subscription [An Ultimate 2023 Guide]

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Wondering Can you cancel your PBS Subscription anytime? Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime there is no inbound rule.

Either you are here to cancel PBS free trial or cancel it due to the PBS subscription cost. We hold the answers to your queries.

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) provides a wide range of PBS shows and movies, Children’s educational shows, current affairs, music, and arts, as well as PBS cooking programs.

Anyone residing outside of the US is unable to access PBS without the use of a trustworthy VPN. If you have traveled outside the US such as to Australia then you must use a VPN to cancel your PBS subscription.

How Do I Cancel My PBS Subscription? – Quick Guide

The good thing is that you can easily cancel a PBS subscription.

Because we know how challenging it may be to understand how to cancel a PBS membership, we’ve made the procedure simpler for you by adding easy steps:

Method 1: How do I Cancel PBS Membership via phone or email?

It can be really challenging to figure out how to cancel your PBS membership, despite how simple it is to join up for one. However, you should be aware that for security purposes, only your station has access to your membership information and billing information.

You’ll need to email or call your local station because memberships are only kept locally. If you need to change your information or get in touch with your local station, we advise visiting their website first. The following options are also available for contacting PBS:

  • Telephone: (703) 739-5000
  • Email Address: mailto:[email protected]
  • Mail Address: Public Broadcasting Service 2100 Crystal Drive. Arlington, VA 22202-3785

You will also get this email procedure while canceling your SonyLIV subscription.

Method 2: How do I Cancel PBS Subscription through Amazon?

You have the option to cancel PBS subscription on Amazon if you signed up for a membership there. Through their website, you can navigate to Amazon Payments.

  • To access your account, please sign in.
  • After you click on the menu button, click on the words “Amazon Pay” and follow the instructions.
  • Please click on the words “Merchant Agreement” in the list of options.
  • You can find PBS Foundation by scrolling down until it appears and clicking on it.
  • Please locate the word “details” and click on it.
  • Scroll down until you reach the “Cancel” tab and click on it.
  • Upon clicking the button, a pop-up box will appear. You will be given the option to “Confirm Cancellation”.
  • In the event that you successfully cancel your subscription, Amazon will send you a confirmation email.

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Note: You should typically receive this email in no more than a few minutes. It may, however, take up to 24 hours for the email to actually be sent, so it’s best to hold off until then and enjoy PBS shows.

How Do I Cancel My PBS Subscription on iPhone in Australia?

If you are here to cancel PBS free trial on your iPhone. We can show you the simple steps to do so.

Easy steps to cancel a subscription on your iPhone or iPad:

  1. Get a VPN and connect to the US server.
  2. Open the PBS App Settings.
  3. Tap your name.
  4. Tap Subscriptions.
  5. Tap the subscription (PBS).
  6. Click Cancel Subscription.

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NOTE: You might need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button. If there is no Cancel button or you see an expiration message in red text, the subscription is already canceled. 

These steps are quite similar when you cancel a Sling TV subscription on your iPhone.

How to Cancel PBS on an Android Device in Australia?

Important: When you uninstall the app, your subscription won’t cancel.

Easy steps to cancel PBS Subscription on Android:

  1. Get a VPN and connect to the US server.
  2. On your Android device, go to PBS App in Google Play.
  3. Select the subscription (PBS) you want to cancel.
  4. Tap Cancel subscription.
  5. Follow the instructions.

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Tip: You will lose your future subscriptions if you have an app subscription that is withdrawn from Google Play. With the exception of a few situations mentioned in this article or in Google Play’s refund policy, you cannot get a refund for prior subscriptions.

Even by following a similar method, you can cancel your CBC Gem subscription easily.

How to Cancel PBS on Roku in Australia?

Until you switch off auto-renewal and unsubscribe, subscriptions continue to renew on their own. You may turn off auto-renewal and cancel your paid or premium subscription at any time if you signed up through Roku Pay or The Roku Channel.

  1. Get a VPN subscription and connect to the US server.
  2. Press Home on your Roku remote
  3. Highlight the PBS channel you want to cancel.
  4. Press Star(*) on your remote to open the options menu
  5. Select Manage subscription
  6. To unsubscribe, select Cancel subscription
  7. To confirm, select Cancel subscription
  8. Select Done

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Is there a better option than PBS?

There are many alternate options to watch in Australia other than PBS:

  • Stan
  • Voot
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu

Must be possible that these streaming services are not available in Australia. You can access them with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.


Yes, it is free to cancel PBS Subscription.

No, you cannot get a refund after canceling the PBS Subscription. Your subscription will continue till the end of the billing month even after cancelation.

After you cancel your PBS Subscription you will still be able to access its content for the duration you have already paid.


We really hope that this information would be helpful to cancel the PBS subscription from Amazon, Android, or iOS App. Not only this, but you can also cancel your CW subscription on multiple devices like Android, iOS, Mac, and even Paypal.

If you have any issues or require more assistance with the cancellation process, contact PBS through email at ( [email protected] ) or by the telephone number provided above (for an immediate response). You also have to follow similar steps when canceling TVNZ in Australia.

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