How Much US Paramount Plus Cost In Australia [Price & Plans Guide]

Last updated: February 1, 2024

How much Does Paramount+ Cost in Australia

Want to know US Paramount Plus Price? The Paramount+ cost in Australia depends on the subscription plan you selected. For a monthly plan, you’ll need to pay AUD 8.99/month ($4.99).

Paramount Plus is a streaming service like Binge and Netflix. Previously known as CBS All Access, Paramount Plus features the best TV shows, movies, and sports events like Chiefs vs Ravens AFC Championship Game and Barcelona vs Manchester United. Thus it is a complete fun package for subscribers.

It is good news for Australian viewers that Paramount Plus is now available for streaming in Australia. However, only a handful of content is available on Paramount+ Australia compared to the US Paramount Plus library.

So if you want to stream US Paramount Plus in Australia, you have to connect to the best VPN service for Paramount Plus, such as ExpressVPN and Boom!

Before subscribing, it is essential to know Paramount+ monthly and annual subscription options in Australia. This article will help you to know about Paramount Plus subscription costs based on the type of package you select. A comparison of Paramount+ price and plans with other streaming devices is also given.

Read this article to get insights into how much is Paramount Plus in Australia.

How much does Paramount+ cost in Australia?


To provide you with details of Paramount Plus cost, different Paramount Plus Plans are compared. It is available in monthly and annual plans, and the price also varies according to ad-free or no ad-free. You can also cancel the Paramount+ subscription anytime whenever you want.

Here is a comparison of different plans.

  • Monthly Plan: The monthly plan cost varies according to your choice of withstanding commercials or not. Concerning the commercials, Paramount Plus cost differs. If you select a monthly plan, you’ll need to pay AUD 8.99/month.
  • Annual Plan: If you want to enjoy discounts, we recommend selecting the yearly plans. The cost of the annual plan with commercials is AUD 89.99/year.

Does Paramount Plus have a free trial?

Before its launch in Australia, Paramount Plus confirmed that new subscribers could enjoy a free seven-day trial. However, after the expiry of the Paramount+ free trial, subscribers will be charged according to the type of plan they choose for Paramount Plus.

In addition, if you have Amazon Prime, you can also enjoy Paramount Plus for free for one to two months. You’ll only need to pay the initial subscription and verification cost of $0.99 (AUD 1.33).

How does Paramount+ compare to other streaming services?

We’ve provided Paramount Plus costs in Australia compared to other streaming services to give you more insights into the Paramount+ price and plans.

Paramount+ cost compared to Netflix

For one stream, Netflix is among the leading streaming services, costing you around $9.99/month (AUD 10.99). However, the cost is $15.49/month (AUD 16.99) for the two streams.

The premium plan of Netflix costs you $19.99 (AUD 22.99); however, you can watch Netflix in Australia on four devices.


On the other hand, Paramount library is available for less than $10/month even if you select its premium service. If you are in the US, the Paramount Plus bundle with Showtime costs $14.99 (AUD 20.20).

Paramount+ cost compared to Amazon Prime

Another streaming service is Amazon Prime, which is available in bundle options too. Amazon Premium subscription with all perks, such as Amazon Prime Video and Amazon music, is available at $12.99/month (AUD 17.50).


Students also get special discounts and have to pay only $6.49/month (AUD 8.74) to stream Amazon Prime. People with an EBT card must pay just $5.99/month (AUD 8.07). It also offers a 30-days free trial.

In comparison, Paramount library is available for AUD 8.99. Yet, the options available on Amazon Prime are much more than Paramount Bundle. If you have Amazon Prime, you can also enjoy Paramount Plus for free for one to two months by paying just $0.99 (AUD 1.33).

Paramount+ cost compared to Disney Plus

Disney Plus is another content-filed library that provides extensive entertainment options for reviewers. It offers a Disney bundle for just $13.99 (AUD 18.85). Using the bundle, subscribers can unblock Disney+ to enjoy ESPN Plus and Hulu along with Disney+.


The monthly and annual prices of Disney Plus are $7.99 (AUD 10.77) and $79.99 (AUD 107.78), respectively, which is almost similar to Paramount Plus.

The content library of Disney Plus has more options than Paramount Plus but later gives a free trial option for seven days. Hence you can enjoy all the best movies on Paramount+ free of cost using its free trial.

Paramount+ cost compared to HBO Max

Another streaming platform is HBO Max, which has an extensive library of phenomenal content. It is available in the annual and monthly plans, and the costs of these plans are with ads for $9.99 (AUD 13.46) and ad-free for $14.99 (AUD 20.20)


However, you will require a virtual private network to get HBO Max in Australia because it is geo-restricted. With a VPN, you can connect to a US server and unblock the streaming service.

Paramount+ cost compared to Sling TV

Comparing pricing with Sling TV shows that it is more cost-effective. It offers more channels and shows, and its package starts from $35/month (AUD 47.16) for 42 channels.


However, if someone does not want to pay this much, he can opt for other options like Paramount Plus. Like HBO Max, Sling TV is also geo-restricted, but you can watch Sling TV in Australia with the help of a VPN.

Hulu and Disney bundles are other packages with more content on sports and entertainment. Although the prices of these streaming services are more than Paramount Plus, the content availability is also much more.

You’ve to pay more for quality; thus, the cost of all the well-known streaming services is high compared to Paramount Plus.

Cost Comparison Table of Paramount+ in Australia

Let’s compare the Paramount+ cost in Australia with other streaming services to get a better idea:

Streaming Service Monthly Price Simultaneous Stream Free Trial Period
Paramount+ AUD 8.99/month 3 screens 7-day free trial
Netflix AUD 10.99/month 2-4 screens N/A
Disney+ AUD 10.77/month 4 screens N/A
HBO Max AUD 13.46/month 3 screens N/A
Amazon Prime Video AUD 17.50/month 2 screens 7-day free trial
Sling TV AUD 47.16/month 1-3 screens 7-day free trial

Which is the best alternative to Paramount Plus?

If you think Paramount Plus isn’t worth the investment? Why not try other streaming platforms that best suit your tastes? Below we’ve selected two perfect Paramount + alternatives that you should consider:

1) Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the best alternative to Paramount Plus. Because the options available on Amazon Prime such as Prime Video and Amazon Music, only for AUD 17.50, are much more than Paramount Bundle.

Moreover, it lets you enjoy Paramount Plus as an additional Prime Video channel through an Amazon subscription account. You’ll only need to pay the initial subscription and verification cost of $0.99 (AUD 1.33). If you’re a binge-watcher, this plan is best for you in terms of price and hassle-free streaming.

2) Disney+

The next best alternative is Disney+. The monthly and annual fees for Disney Plus are about the same as Paramount Plus, i.e., AUD10.77 and AUD 107.78, respectively.

For the same price, Disney+ offers a wealth of entertainment options. There’s also a Disney+, ESPN Plus, and Hulu bundle for just AUD 18.85. This bundle allows subscribers to enjoy the content of three different streaming services at one price.

FAQs – Paramount Plus Price

Paramount Plus is worth it in Australia as its decent content library presents some exclusive shows, live sports, and great originals. A Paramount Plus subscription will give you access to many blockbuster movies, live sports, and hit series.

If you have an Amazon Prime account in Australia, you are fortunate as you’ll not need to pay for Paramount Plus, and you can enjoy it for free. Only you’ll need to do one-time verification of Amazon Prime on the Paramount Plus website. After the verification, you can visit the Paramount Plus website or App to sign in.

You can access Paramount+ on any number of devices. However, you can only use up to three devices for concurrent streaming on Paramount Plus.

Yes, Paramount Plus works in Australia since August 2021. However, the Paramount Plus Australia catalog is nothing compared to the US version of the platform. To get the US version of Paramount Plus, you need a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN.


The article features how much is Paramount Plus compared with other streaming platforms. The US Paramount Plus cost in Australia differs according to the package you choose. It will cost you AUD 8.99/month, whereas the annual plan is available for AUD 89.99.

Subscribe to any of the above-described Paramount+ prices and plans, and enjoy Paramount+ shows like 2024 Grammys and Wolf Pack Series. However, remember that to get US Paramount+ subscription in Australia, you will need the help of the best Australian VPN.

Happy Streaming!

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